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Sun, Aug 21,2016 – Stats

A couple years ago, where was I? I had tried apple leaves for three weeks. Those little vector parasite nematodes were drilling out. I felt better every day as they left. It seemed all good. A year ago, where was I? I had tried pectin enzyme for almost a few months and a bunch more little nematodes had come out. I deduced they were hiding under biofilm. I knew from that channel that biofilm was largely pectin or polysaccharide. This year, it is the morning after the Tragically Hip Farewell conchttps://mike1baker.wordpress.com/2016/08/22/sun-aug-212016-stats/ert, maybe. Medical or apple leaves. Pick your poison, except that apple leaves are anything but poison.

Medicine has a 2.1% cancer cure rate. Can you see why? That is what I found out independently, but wasn’t sure of the actual statistics. Cancer is the second top killer. Heart disease takes the top spot, but I beg to differ. Apple leaves showed me that parasitic nematodiasis was the top killer. They, those nematodes, cause virtually everything I saw or could imagine. Dr MacDonald is one of the few who have made the endosymbiont borrelia connection to virtually every named disease.

Heart disease is the No. 1 fatal disease. It has been reported to have a 5 year survival rate of 5% for ADHF Acute Decompensated Heart Failure without medical intervention. It is great advertising for intervention like stints. Longer term survival is not increasing though. They do nothing to get the nematode root cause, just giving it more room to grow biofilm in a high flow nutrient rich environment. The problems seem simple to me but all medicine is baffled, and accidentally on purpose. It isn’t only that they do not know what apple loeaves are doing, but that they do not want to know.

Statistics are cherry picked for an agenda, and biased towards the sponsor. Otherwise, they won’t see the light of day. An example is deaths caused by medical error, the third leading killer. It won’t go away, but mention it and watch them squeam. It finally took an independent medical university to dig into it again to confirm what 18 year old statistics implied. They even found it was getting worse. It can be a source of wild cards to bolster any fatality statistics. One interesting theory is that the survival rate increases with early diagnosis by lengthening the time of disease due to earlier diagnosis. It is all a crap shoot. Even when diagnosed early, they can’t do anything. They buy time at the beginning that way.

It isn’t all that hopeless. There are apple leaves. They will lighten your nematode parasite load. Then you can get back to dying from accidents, doctors, weed killer laced groceries, and the wrecked environment. Or even doing something to try and stop it. It’s an out of control thing though, compounded by a news blackout. With a non existent diagnosis and such a simple treatment, you should start this second for the best results any way, statistically speaking. Nobody will. It is like accidents. You wait for the result first. They just don’t know that the accident has already happened after those known and unknown bug bites.

Sunday TV sure has changed. Used to be prime time bonanza Star Trek re-runs, Columbo, Marcus Welby, and the like. Now it is all political bickering. Now it’s like “How It’s Made” and “Political Weak (sicbnr) Review.” It’s the downside. How about “Sunday Blues?” There is a story on CBC about Cimavax, the Cuban anti cancer drug. That’s better news. It employs EGF reduction technology for tumour cells, but not regular cells. There is another story about intermediate care centers to take the load off hospitals. “Take a few apple leaves and call me in the morning” is what I thought would work better, but that has potential too. Lower wait times.

Mon, Aug 22, 2016 – Rio

Can we say it now? The conflab at the cesspool is over. Now for the aftermath. They are looking for volunteers to test a Zika vaccine. No word of nematode or the parasites underlying it. On a related note, I was talking to the smartest person I knew about the fact that medical error is the third leading cause of death. He shot back, “They were going to die any way.” I told him that the Johns Hopkins report took that into account and vetted it for publication. He asked “How?” I said he would have to dig into it all to keep the conversation moving. Since then, this Zika thing has resurfaced as if on cue with the Rio ground zero event over. As if to be Gumpian, they ended it with a soccer match to double down on stupid imitating the event that started the outbreak.

If they know nothing about the nematodes the virus resides endosymbiont to, pro or con, they know nothing. Like Lymerix, their vaccine will fail if it cannot smoke out the nematodes. They don’t even have to come from the same vector. There could already be a friendly biofilm from other vectors and their injected nematode(s). Malaria hasn’t been eradicated from the same type of vectors or mechanisms either. It is already resistant to artemesinin. There is a nematode smoking gun. If we are still having trouble getting around domestic vectors, how about a tropical one near the equator that is being exported dormant worldwide? Just add a domestic vector like in Miami or Wisconsin. As if on cue it is salmon spawning season. Dead salmon would make an excellent reservoir and source of human parasitic nematodes too. These intelligent disease hunters have no clue about that without experiencing apple leaves. I’d give them a score of 1/2% times number of days they learned on Applyme. Maybe 1/3% would be better. I am up to 784 Days or so now, but don’t take much anymore except a weekly maintenance dose. I still get the odd nematode that comes out of a new bite. I don’t know what they are, but at least I do know that they are exiting still. Some are from mosquitoes.

Back to my smart friend. I asked him if he knew about a reactor explosion on Jan 3, 1961? The SL-1 Accident. Naively, his argument was they would have told us about it if it was a problem. It was a problem and they haven’t told us. We are expected to know. I pointed out that Three Mile Island still is a problem, from March 1979, and they didn’t tell anyone. Fukushima Daini and Daichi, same deal. The people intimate to those situations are still missing 600 tonnes of nuclear fuel, and that is low. Now the overall takeaway here is that conventional wisdom clings to built in platitudes based on unconventional wisdom, or plain old conventional stupidity, borne of ignorance of the physics. Such is the case where apple leaves expose you to an whole new unknown area of undeniable repeatable nematode physics. If medicine does not know that, they have no root foundation and all their assumptions are void. It has absolutely nothing to do with how smart they are if they cannot vet their own opinions to include the physics of the all too real situation.

The physics of parasitic nematode infestation of all humans cannot be readily observed or detected when the nematodes have evolved to hide from the prying eyes of all research. Borrelia researchers became key. The borrelia spirochaetes themselves could paint a microscopic silhouette of the nematodes resident in tissue, but they remained hidden to all serum tests but not autopsy. Even then they were invisible. Dr Alan MacDonald finally found some of them in CSF, but only some. Not all. Apple leaves may not get them all either, but it is a start. They are the new normal to base all medicine, and particularly pathology, on. The New Square One. Otherwise, all medicine is reactive where it futilely misses the one target they must be proactive on. They have to burn down or even expose and extricate the bacteria shelter first.

It looks bleak with medicine according to Dave deBronkart. The change only comes when doctors get sick themselves, and start looking. Gregory Petsko also knows about the coming neurological crisis. Yet even they will have to know what I found with apple leaves, by extension if not personal experience, to proceed past that wall. Parasitic nematodes of a neural larva migrans type are behind a lot of that, and apple leaves can make them migrate out. That is the beginning where you perform brain surgery on yourself, or more correctly, by taking apple leaves to make your body do it. As the nematodes leave, you will get sharper if there hasn’t already been too much damage. Older people simply have had too many nematodes for too long in there.

Tues, Aug 23, 2016 – Your First Bug

Actually, your first nematode infected bug. You probably said “Goo goo GAH!” when it stung or bit you. You don’t remember. Apple leaves remember, and if the nematode is still alive, which is likely unless the location has been amputated or otherwise surgically removed, they have a long life, leaching off of you all that time. You would have to try it and see for yourself. So how would I know that without experiencing it for myself? It is like one of those Columbo questions. How would you know that without experiencing it yourself?

It actually took quite some time until I deduced that the first bug nematode must have been among the many that came out trying to get away from the apple leaf effect when I was eating them. They could cause some respiratory trouble with phlegm until I discovered that pectin enzyme like wine makers use could dissolve the biofilm faster, and even more nematodes came out. It broke down the polysaccharide from biofilm to simpler sugars that actually tasted slightly sweet. It turns out more nematodes were actually hiding inside that biofilm themselves. This took the whole thing literally to a deeper level, as if it could get any deeper than that.

Old warts raised up but did not let go. Bee stings and the stingers they left in there were tough, but eventually came out, with the nematode leading the way, then followed by the stinger a few weeks later. They were tenacious. Your own case my be different, but I can’t see why it would be. Maybe some quirk of your diet might make it different. It may be that your diet welds the nematodes in there so deeply that they are immune to apple leaves and pectin enzyme. I don’t know. You tell me. I just know what I saw, and I am still trying to figure out why.

If doctors do not know about this, I wouldn’t let them touch me no matter what their argument is. Their arguments are invalid to treat people without a large nematode presence inside of them. The doctors are on the level of blood letters comparatively, woefully ignorant of what is really happening. All of those insect vector nematode parasites have been wreaking havoc with their enddosymbiont poisons and/or pathogens of choice.

How do the apple leaves do that? At first I thought it could be a phage. Then I thought it could be that apple leaves chemically help the eosinophilic action of white blood cells, and they defeat the worm defences. You may have a different idea why. They sure work though. They did for me. Now is actually the ripe time to harvest apple leaves in the northern hemisphere here. Do your own quality control. Pick apple leaves that you feel comfortable eating. Of course, you don’t want any sprayed ones. They taste less bi9tter after being air dried because of the chlorophyll. They can be 98% moisture too by weight. A little dried leaves go a long way, like 100 mg of leaf powder. I crush and put mine in an old blender to powder them. Then I strain the powder. All of the leaf fibre works, including the powdered dendrites, or veins of the leaf.

You will have to be an ePatient, like Dave deBronkart. Doctors simply do not know, until a few more try it themselves. Eventually, enough of them will become victims of their own broken systems as the borrelia epidemic goes critical. Then they too will discover their first bug vector encounter as they desperately try to avoid themselves. It may be among the first hundred parasitic nematodes or so, or even later. The alternative is grim otherwise. They will discover their own peers’ advice is not always that well thought out. They will find a parrot gets over 90% accuracy with phonetics, but not the context.






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Sun, Aug 14, 2016 – In That Order

Two years and two weeks. I would hope any new worm is a new arrival from a new infected bug bite. Still keep a supply of apple leaves to fight a cold or flu of opportunity. I guessed about 4 infected bites or stings a year. That would be 240 nematodes over 60 years. Sounds about right. They won’t leave on their own. Because they are a worm I expect they are behind bacterial biofilm. It explains a lot. There are no real known treatments for either. There are target anthelmintics for worms, and target enzyme formulations for biofilm, but the worm species are only suspected since officially being discovered by Dr Alan MacDonald this year. Only apple leaves force them out alive that I know of. It is kind of pointless to try to get the biofilm and spirochaetes in it without getting the worm they are endosymbiont to. I found that some worms also hide in biofilm, and come out with biofilm reduction measures. To that end I invented AppLyme with pectin enzyme to get to them. The object is to get the wjole treatment under a hundred days for older people with more worms like me.

The farm model makes sense when you consider that the nematodes are the farmers. Apple leaves get rid of the worms gently compared to anti helminthic medicines by smoking them out. Killing the worms in situ can cause dangerous herxheimer reactions, and it is unclear if they can penetrate biofilm. Apple leaves penetrate biofilm a bit, but need help to be effective once they appear to break the amyloid coating of biofilm. To that end, I started taking pectin enzyme to dissolve the polysaccharide matrix most biofilm is made of. The worms seem to flee the apple leaves in the fastest way possible using existing access if they can, or taking the easiest way out. They leave their biofilm behind. As you expectorate that, you get a 10% or greater weight reduction. Being older, I estimated about 15% personally. I had that many nematodes and biofilm in me after 58 years of buildup. I had filariasis like lower leg swelling akin to ACA Herxheimer disease that is largely gone now. Apple tree leaves and bark were key to getting rid of that. Alas, it was too late for me after 24 years of that, and I still have permanent damage I deal with. The local medical opinion is that not only did apple leaves cause that, but that eyeglasses similarly cause near sightedness. The permanent damage comes from 3 years ago, predating my apple leaf discovery by a year.

The reason it took so long for me was intentional as I followed Du testing guidelines for new herbs. It is a Chinese traditional medicine procedure. The only data on apple tree bark and leaves is over 100 years old when it was used as an eclectic medicine remedy for fever and dropsy that mimics ACA Herxheimer disease. The presence of Herxheimer disease is a 100% definitive diagnosis of late stage tertiary chronic Lyme Disease, only occurring where Lyme disease is already established. Serology only can detect planktonic disease, which is moot for biofilming illness, and of course I was sernegative. The longer you have even one of the hundreds of types of Lyme Disease, the more likely it is seronegative. The common thread is borrelia spirochaetes that live endosymbiont to those worms. That also means Lyme Disease, or more correctly borrelia, is the top killer, while not only mimicking every other disease, but causing it. Pathologists know that borrelia spirochaetes are present in those diseases, as are the worms in cases where they have recently started to look. We are way ahead of even them.

I have had an epic battle here not only with the disease, but also the doctors we trusted to get to the bottom of it. I was misdiagnosed for 50 years, and it is even worse today still. My trouble started with an accidental encounter with a Yellow Jacket/wasp nest in the 1960’s. It all makes sense now. Those worms came out early, in the first month or two, after which my lifelong arthritis cleared up markedly, and continued to clear slowly afterwards. It lingered with the biofilm buildup. I have been the sentinel worst case patient although I did not know that at the time. I can tell you there is hope, and you can do it a lot faster than I did if you do it right to get rid of the nematodes and biofilm concurrently. Equivalent medicine would cost over a thousand dollars a month, yet would still not equal the curative effect for arthritis alone. As a side bar, it also cures the common cold and flu. It doesn’t treat symptoms but puts them into fast forward as it progresses mopping up the entire thing. To treat symptoms, drug stores have aisles full of that stuff. Buy the smallest size though. It will be gone before you finish that up.

I had some allergies that also cleared up over time. I was allergic to potatoes and tomatoes – nightshade vegetables. All gone now. There was a marked neurological effect initially, near instantly wiping out “Lyme Fog” I take it. Eye floaters disappeared as more worms drilled out of my skin over my joints, neck, and head. Skin conditions slowly cleared up. Basically, every place a bug could sting or bite. They must have come from those bugs. They came out of old bee stings, followed later by the stinger itself that was still lodged in there for 40-50 years. Unbelievable, I thought, but true. I would have to be seriously delusional to deny it. This is a whole new unknown medical model that really works. Doctors become the problem, not a help. Compare the two track records, and you stop counting at over a dozen lasting successes where medicine had none. The effect could only be described as Biblical in comparison. A miracle. Putting a name on it would be the Sapi MacDonald Evans Innes Shoho Theory Treatment, natural apple leaves, replacing anthelmintic therapy. It is safer, apparently not killing the nematodes in situ. Of course as always, your mileage may vary, but how badly do you want to live? I took the risk when it became clear there was no other safe alternative. You can read back 700 pages if you want because I covered most of it here from October 2014 after telling Dr Eva Sapi.

Cercarial_dermatitis_lower_legs_SwimmersWhy do I stick to this like a dog on a towel? This is huge, much larger than Lyme disease. It is everything, and medicine has missed it all. It relates to no less than the later 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology. Nematodes are the root, and apple leaves smoke them out relatively safely. You could do this tomorrow while it may take decades to do it with doctors if ever. Just be careful and go at a pace you feel comfortable with. Those Swimmer’s Itch worms will come out too. They’ve been living in there for decades undetected. Just imagine what else is in there and what they are doing. You’ll know what it is when it disappears too, eventually. Maybe you’ll start a blog. Been there, done that.

On another note, I have been watching videos about who owns the Federal Reserve. Kooky stuff. Nobody owns it or has to. It is like putting a donut on a fishing rod, and keeping it just out of reach. People don’t understand it is an imaginary construct having the power to create and destroy money as they will. They control inflation and avoid deflation by adjusting the money supply. Through quantitative easing they inflated away the financial crisis. When people try to do the same thing, they get poorer by inflating away the power of their savings and some assets. There is no fractional reserve incentive to promote growth when people try it. Minimum wage laws are an instant inflationary force with no delay. Ignorance of that keeps them poorer by a value trap of their own making.

Mon, Aug 15, 2016 – House of Cards

Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiOur medical systems are joined at the hip to the money supply since they have positioned themselves to be the top volume user of it. They destroy and create wealth for themselves, yet they cure nothing. Medicine is far too fragile technically to take over that slave master role when apple leaves are just one thing that can defeat it all. The history of modern medicine has actually run its course and is stagnant now that resistant superbugs have reclaimed the hard won turf. Medicine went all in on antibiotics and lost. They realize they are on the wrong track, but it is far too late. They keep valid only by using their established reputation and laurels, attacking any competing progress being made. It will be the largest wealth write off in all history. The stage has been set.

Overton_2013-08-07Medical science has simply missed a vector parasitic nematode infestation that apple leaves make obvious. If they don’t make it obvious for you for whatever reason, such as  possible smoker’s paradox, you always have all that medicine to fall back on. The trouble is, medicine doesn’t work. Everybody dies except Richard Arvine Overton. If medicine worked, we would all be expected to live far longer than 110 years if they were on the right track. Someone who smokes 15 cigars a day and mixes whiskey in his coffee should be long dead. That is conventional medical wisdom. With wisdom like that, they aren’t going anywhere. They also missed the fact that people are plugged up with 10+% of their body weight in bacterial biofilm where pathogens hide from doctors.

Maybe I should take a different approach. It is obvious I took a different approach from all medicine when everything they did made everything worse. I couldn’t believe a word they said after a while. Now I realize that all their treatment is geared towards the well being of the parasites, and not the humans they reside in. It is fitting that the medical symbol is a nematode or nematodes. Perhaps the parasites do like low fat foods. They do like excess hydration to leach nutrients out of your body. People should know that they are not alone, and that medicine has been redirected to treat the actual problem nematodes they know nothing about. Serology has made them shoot blindly. Apple leaves make it all too obvious. The brain washing fog nature of nematodes is the first thing to go. If the apple leaves work, you will know rapidly too. Then you can see for yourself that medicine is on the wrong track. Consider that the nematodes have them all brainwashed if they don’t break it with apple tree leaves and bark, like in Rev. 2-7.

A lot of the problem is that I am now a different animal with no nematodes. Doctors have never seen that, and since all their treatment and tests are designed for nematode populated patients, they become baffled. Maybe it is a fluke of quantum mechanics like the double slit experiment. Their observational bias does not allow them to see the two answers. They should see what Dr Alan MacDonald found out this year first. Moreover, that is just the tip of the iceberg that I found. If a professor of clinical pathology can’t rock their world, nothing can. He is still fighting his own battle with not only the disease, but the status quo too.

A new documentary, Under Our Skin 2: Emergence (available until August 19 – is that an apple tree at 23:38? At 51:15, what is that too? A deer sign and another plant…) is out for preview. The quick review of this rental video is that it is a review of the investigation into conflicts of interest at the IDSA and CDC. No cure is offered or mentioned. They are preaching to the choir here that all medicine, Lyme literate or not, is basically on the wrong track. Dr Alan MacDonald and Dr Eva Sapi, fellow borrelia sufferers and nematode hunters, are featured in it. I know apple leaves get rid of a lot of the iceberg parasitic nematodes. The endosymbiont borrelia bacteria thrive in smart people like doctors, professors, musicians, and engineers because they eat/feed off their dopamine rich brains. It is a plausible solution to a puzzle I’ve had for a while.

You gain hope, only to have it dashed next day in the recovery, and for totally unknown reasons. It could be another bug bite. It could be another nematode. It could be the weather. It could be food or a vitamin. Unknown reasons. Then the next day it could be temporarily opposite. It can change after just a rest. You become hypersensitive to changes in anything. What can you do though? You have to tough it out. There are no doctors to treat it in Canada even if you can get rid of all the nematodes.

Tues, Aug 16, 2016 – A Hard Place

It is a saying when you are caught “Between a rock and a hard place.” Both places are bad, and you don’t know which way to go. Naturally, you stick to the devil you know versus the devil you don’t know. You can’t pitch a tent on a rock. One thing for sure is everybody thinks they know better. No, they don’t. They can’t see the problems because they are unable to put themselves in your shoes. The situation is too complex for them to even comprehend what may be a problem until they are stuck in it and locked up so they can’t bail out. They can’t even think about it because they haven’t been there.

That is late stage tertiary chronic borreliosis. Imagine you are tasked to explain the problem to someone who doesn’t have that. The best way to start would be to chain them to a chair with at least a handcuff. They would probably complain about getting serious. Tell them you are serious, then walk away. Come back a week or two later. “Get it yet?” Listen to them for 5 minutes, then tell them “See you in two weeks! Maybe… if I don’t forget.” Then don’t show up. Make sure they have a computer to learn about it, and the current medical response. The next time you show up, tell them “Great! I have a doctor’s appointment for you! That will solve everything.” Let them get committed. Show up a couple months later. Take the handcuffs back and charge them rent. The strait jacket, straps, and locked door will make the cuffs redundant.

That was the norm and it hasn’t gone much farther than that. Hopefully the hard place isn’t that hard. Maybe it is better than the back rooms at the veterinarian, but they usually treat the sick animals a lot better. The doctors are over a hundred years ahead too since they know about the effect and prevalence of vector nematodiasis. The reason I’m so glum is the new documentary from the point of view of a patient. Canada and particularly BC is featured in it prominently. 100% of Canadian doctors have been shut down if they try to treat it. All patients are destroyed. There are no tests short of apple leaves, when nematodes drill out all over the place. That implies that the stages of borreliosis are in everyone who gets a reverse bug bite with a nematode parasite drilling out of it.  That means we are all dead, meaning every single person in Canada currently asymptomatic. The “eh-symps” like to flaunt it saying you need more Brussels sprouts in your diet, or 4 fat meals a day or such as if that will help. They think cramming people so full of food so they have to take residence on a toilet will cure all. Perhaps they have an infected bug bite or two sometime in their life, or are so dopamine deficient their parasites struggle. They’ll all get theirs, not that it will help matters much. unfortunately for the chronic borrelosis patient, we are the rare die hards.

Apple leaves reveal a world inside them here and now that they all had no idea existed, with a powerful anthelmintic effect whereby the worms drill out under their own steam. “How do you like them apples?” is another saying about bringing the problems home to the unaware. At that point, they start to understand a little bit, perhaps a few %, of the trouble, by walking a block in your shoes. Then they will realize they are on foot for as far as they can see. Those little worms must be what kills people. If they have endosymbiont borrelia, some of that borrelia must still be stuck in biofilm inside them until they can dissolve it. The nematode and biofilm make it chronic, or so the story goes now. Canadian doctors for whatever reason are not allowed to know that. I have a theory that apple leaves and biofilm reduction multiply the effect of an antibiotic hundreds of times, so they may inadvertently kill you from the herx of the spirochaete die off if they don’t go slowly. Think Ileus sepsis. CBD may be a replacement therapy.

If Leptospira is a nematode endosymbiont spirochaete, medicine has no idea about it. They say there is an extracellular membrane, which is actually the outside of the live nematode I suspect. That may be what we have to deal with here. It could offer a model for what happens with endosymbiont borrelia, and may provide additional biofilming capability in a simultaneous capacity while acting as a reservoir for borrelia. They could be co opted into the big picture and are more common. Perhaps they are inside many of the nematodes apple leaves smoke out if they live in a virtually invisible unknown worm. That could explain much of what apple leaves force out. The immunogenic LPS lipopolysaccharide outer membrane would protect the spirochaetes and is actually the outer skin of the worm. It explains why they can’t culture it. It is an animal that breeds and has a life cycle of its own. It is effectively smarter than any doctor too, so check off that box too. I have to thank Thomas Grier for making me look into leptospirosis and where the current science sits on that. In lake country would be another risk factor from canoeing, swimming, and such where aquatic biofilm could hide this.

Weds, Aug 17, 2016 – Worm Up To It

Many think mankind is at the top of the food chain, but when you think about it, nematodes occupy a layer above man by secretly leaching off of and living in them. They may even control all your decisions on diet. They fog up your thinking. They have hacked the human species for their own use. They have fooled all of medicine to their own benefit, and certainly not yours. The Lion may be king of the beasts, but even they have nematodes inside them from fleas, etc. Nematodes are the Kings of the King of the Beasts.

Nematode parasites use insect vectors like we use Uber or a taxi. Our response to the diseases they cause is to target Uber and Yellow Fever Cabs. It would be like shipping all their cars to Guantanamo, but without the nematode in them. If there was only a way to target the nematodes. They sure don’t like apple leaves anyway. In a lot of cases, nobody knows the nematodes behind it all even exist. In Leptospirosis, they call it an extracellular “membrane” like our skin is an extracellular membrane.

I think they make a biofilm to use as their own personal “brain” server. They make it out of materials they steal from the host brain and neurons. If you think that is far fetched, consider that your own personal server “brain” is made out of meat. What makes it “tick” is a subject of debate to this day. Nematodes just know it is good eating. They must know what buttons to switch because they have any part of their own existence switched off in doctors’ brains. Sneaky lil’ things.

They have been found in the cerebrospinal lymphatic system, or in spinal “fluid” to be exact. Some species of them cause multiple sclerosis. Apple leaves show you there are multiple different species if you have been bit by enough different infected vectors. Veterinarians know about them, such as the setaria digitata brain eating species of worm parasite. Others are slowly getting recognized, such as trichinella spiralis found in undercooked pork for example. T. gondii and N. fowleris are others, but there are likely even more unknown ones. Far from being as rare as they think, those are only the ones that have been categorized and studied if the multiple long lived nematodes fleeing apple leaves are any indication. Like the article says, these brain eaters aren’t science fiction, but a poorly understood scientific fact.

Nobody will believe it until they eat apple leaves and see these nematodes come out for themselves. I would be worried if they didn’t come out if I were them because how else will you get them out? Killing them in situ can cause a fatal herxheimer reaction if you kill too many at once, so anthelmintics are given slowly and carefully. With pharmaceutical anthelmintics, veterinary or human, you are shooting blindly, while apple leaves show you what is happening. It is a whole new revolution in medicine, and totally unknown to medical science, so be careful there too. Doctors like to commit people to show how smart they are. You will instantly know that they know nothing about all those microfilarial worms, not exactly reassuring. They do know about intestinal parasites, but when it comes to parasites of the skin, and other tissues like neurons, and brain, they are lacking. Those parasites are thought to be rare, but apple leaves demonstrate that they are anything but.

Any time a “new” disease comes along, you can’t help but wonder what nematode is behind it. Then you wonder what the vector is, or if you know that, if they are even looking for a nematode. Experience shows they dwell on the endosymbiont bacteria, and not the nematode behind it. I guess they will have to find out for themselves. You wonder if they will ever find out, because they are all too quick to write it off as an anomaly when it is actually the norm. Even vector parasitologists are all focussed on nematodes and their endosymbionts in distant tropical regions when they can’t even see what is happening right here at home. I wonder how much of a role that the nematode itself plays in tricking the host to misdirect it? After all, they have PWNed the doctors too.

Nematodes, while they may not be aware of it, have a much higher understanding and utility of physics than all mankind has. They graft into a functioning brain between snacks. They can signal through biofilms across the entire contents of a host. That is only what we know of them. There could be much more. However, we are also the patients, and it is hard to diagnose ourselves, yet made even more difficult by some nematode or nematodes trying to thwart our best efforts. I would hope that more doctors have taken the hint from me about apple leaves, and maybe even a few of them can break the story wide open. I know Dr Alan MacDonald and Dr Eva Sapi are trying. I hope apple leaves cut their brain fog like they did for me. We are after all, patients too. I suspected they found out because Dr Sapi said they are finding out so much new information now, they are having trouble keeping up with the research. That was a year or so ago. Then Dr MacDonald dropped the bomb this year about worms in spinal fluid. Thomas Grier keeps tabs on what they can let us know so far. Alan MacDonald made the veterinary connection with the Innes and Shoho paper of 1952, some 64 years ago. No one had cited it until he unearthed it.

The paper starts, “Beautyman and Woolf (1951) dealt with observations on a child in whom an ascaris larva was found in the brain along with acute poliomyelitis of the brain-stem.” They had discovered nematode  endosymbiont poliomyelitis. Shope in 1943 discovered a similar process with the swine lungworm. There are many processes yet to be discovered, including arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and borreliosis by using apple leaves for a hands on demonstration of nematodes populating your own body. The nematodes abhor the apple leaf powder and vacate themselves continuously. All sorts of medical conditions clear up as the various nematodes leave. By checking all the related cross references from the 1950’s, a picture emerges that this is fertile ground forgotten from veterinary human medical sciences. We contact many of these conditions by being around or consuming these animals and/or encountering their vectors. Apple leaves show undeniably it is a common story Worms have or have had the run of us all our lives, not to mention theirs’. Now you start to see why the medical researchers are swamped.
I don’t doubt there will be a lot more to be discovered. While this recent paper concentrates on filarial nematodes is various species of ticks, apple leaves point to infection from numerous biting and stinging general insect vectors in my estimation. This isn’t just a tick transferred thing. If that insect is infected and you get bitten, better take an apple leaf or two to nip it in the bud and smoke the nematode out. I am still looking for papers that match what I am observing, but the prior art is very scant or long forgotten like Innes and Shoho when they were overshadowed by the polio vaccine program and success. On a side note, apple leaves reverse mumps decades after the fact, it seems when a mump like swelling rapidly dissipates and a resident nematode species is smoked out. Just another incredible property of apple leaves to rewind all the diseases you may have encountered through life. They are retro-active acting in that regard, but cannot reverse some existing permanent neurological damage.
Many plants are anthelmintic in nature such as Annona muricata. I stick to apple leaves because you can see an unknown dermal parasite that they force out, and the wild trees are relatively common around here. You may say another plant that may cure cancer, but I found out it does a lot more than just  that. Prepare for a crash course on vector nematode parasitology with endosymbiont bacteria.They force the nematodes out alive. They are a unique anthelmintic that doesn’t kill the worm but forces it to leave.

Thurs, Aug 18 – Drawing a Blank

How do you draw a blank? Invisible ink? Could happen. Occasionally I delete off all the excess tabs in my browser after looking up a bunch of stuff. I would look back over them and get an idea to write about something. This time, not so much. That in itself is unique in that I was always thinking about something. The news has me tuckered out too. Just sick of it all. What can I say that hasn’t been said? They can’t tell us about real news because of national security.

Maybe that is the real story. All this redacted interesting stuff leaves us blank. We have our sneaking suspicions about what they redact, like covert spy operations and the like. They can’t throw us a bone. They can’t tell us much of anything now. Maybe without all those parasite worms apple leaves got rid of, everything is normally boring. There is nothing left to put the bug in your ear. It could be the calm before the storm though. You can just imagine if the CIA has been running everything.

How do you think about nothing? When you think about it, aww shucks. You are thinking about that. Doctors must be able to if they can deny the existence of vectored parasitic nematodes. They claim they are stumped. Nothing to see here. Move along now. What are they hiding? Likely, nothing. See? Is the square root of nothing still nothing, as is nothing squared? You can’t divide nothing by nothing, so the square root can’t be nothing. You can’t divide anything by nothing. That would be something that does not compute. There is the trouble with zero interest rates and the monetary system, amongst other things.

A vacuum is not nothing. It is loaded with dark matter and energy, and that is over 95% of our universe. Physicists can prove it is loaded with fields and complex mass matter that is dark. Genesis began with nothing but The Beginning shortly followed. Pretty soon, there were animals and apple trees and nematodes, purportedly the craftiest beasts of all. Never the twain could meet after that. We are more than joined at the hip, and the whole thing is so complicated, doctors know nothing about it. Maybe I taught you a thing or two about nothing. Maybe I sketched a blank. I’m not quite ready to work on a full drawing, but that could be close enough. It is very hard to do a good job of drawing a blank.

Blanks may not even exist. As soon as you have one, it blows up into something. Google has 3,060,000 hits for drawing a blank. Some help they are. You would hope it would be 0. Call it a Negative Turing Test. Drawing a blank is a sign there is no human there. Maybe the human is sleeping or doesn’t notice they have to fill out the Captcha. They may be visually impaired. There a several graphics of “drawing  blank” and they have multiple bytes. In our less than 5% of the universe that we physically occupy, you can’t really draw a blank that is not a play on words.

It is more accurate to say that you are stumped. Doctors are stumped. They are paid handsomely to dispense pharmaceuticals any way. In retrospect I could have tried to become a doctor. I would have a respected peer group devoid of true ethical considerations.

Fri, Aug 19 – Global Worming

Leptospirosis and Borreliosis are just a couple endosymbiont spirochaetes that live in worms, brought there by aquatic or insect vectors. The latter is known to be behind lyme disease and all sorts of other neurological, renal, cardiac, pulmonary, and other conditions. Yet the worm has escaped getting any headlines. It is akin to the Apollo Command Module, essential but out of the money shots until the end. The problems the two bacteria cause have been wrongly left out of sight because we assume our environment is so clean. As soon as you step outside or go swimming, that all ends. Vectors can bring it all home to you no matter how fastidious you are. Howard Hughes fear of germs was not crazy, but more informed, the more you are informed.

Leptospirosis has lost all of its sizeable thunder compared to borrelia. There are many vectors, including rodents, wild animals, farm animals, and biting and stinging bugs. Imagine the two combined together. Through biofilm, they would become pals. The risk to outdoor workers would be high in general, and can also be transmitted by contact with urine from animals or other vectors. You can’t avoid it. I would hope apple leaves get rid of nematodes harbouring that species too. Look up nematode leptospirosis, and the hits are overwhelming from farm animals and deer. Add rodents and pets, and it all comes home to roost. Biofilm would be a notorious culprit to hide it from all serology, as would the worms that it can be endiosymbiont to, making more biofilm that hides it further. It is a successful pathogen, eluding all modern medicine easily, requiring microscopy of biofilm itself to confirm, and some if not all species may share that with borrelia.

It could be behind a lot of the improvement seen from apple leaves, discovered to eliminate the elusive outer layer of biofilm and/or nematodes. I am one who believes the outer layer of biofilm is actually the “skin” or protective layer of those nematodes. Without that elusive nematode, biofilm can be dissolved by pectin enzyme and or raw spinach I found. They can’t reverse the permanent damage maybe, but at least they can eliminate those causes. Just remember global worming. A play on words, it is a good memory aid to the whole process. Like global warming, conventional wisdom fingers the wrong boogieman, actually nuclear bombs and CFC’s. If you are old enough to have lived with leaded gasoline too, that doesn’t help matters much either. You would be exposed to it everywhere cars drove and beyond as well.

Rats and Mice carry leptospirosis all over domestically and in the proximal outdoors, where it can be acquired by pets to transfer it home. Many insect vectors can carry it too. It is hard to say what percentage of worms exposed/shown by apple leaves are harbouring leptospira. If you row or kayak, you are at high risk, which to me relates it to Swimmer’s Itch. Trichbilharzia regenti, for the record, is a protozoan candidate for swimmers. Trichobilharzia occellata is the Duck Itch version. The WHO knows about it. Cross searching leptospirosis and lots of other terminology here including borreliosis yields fruitful hits. Tables 1-6 (Table 5 here) associated with that article offer the many diagnostics that the disease can have and/or mimic. The confusion can be understanding without intimately knowing patient history. Table 7 shows the treatment regimen, using any one of several different antibiotics. Microscopic Agglutination Testing, MAT, is needed to definitively diagnose it. It is a rare urinalysis test normally here. There is a BCCDC Fact Sheet on it.

Sat, Aug 20, 2016 – Roots & Blues

About 54 years ago, British players re wrote the blues and repackaged it for a mass audience with session players like Jimmy Page, who would add songs for bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and The Who. It was a smash commercial success. Jimmy Page turned down job offers from all of them for years until he finally got sick of making them all famous in the obscurity of the studio, and joined The Yardbirds. Alexis Korner also loomed large in that scene as a producer. They all grew out of skiffle. These were the real roots and blues of popular music that everybody tries to emulate in the hope they could all gain mass acceptance like Jimmy Page bands such as The Beatles, or Led Zeppelin. Fat chance.

Those bands would get a radio hit, but then they were stumped. No problem. Into the studio, and another Beatles hit would come out, orchestrated even. Jimmy and his Fuzz pedal were so busy, he continuously got jobs for fellow blues players Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck when his schedule became too cramped with the likes of The Who and Tom Jones. The Beatles flat out hired Eric Clapton, particularly George Harrison, for the double White Album after having the sergeant add some pepper. All from learning by lifting American Blues licks from the local record store. Made in Britain.

Yet they still can’t find the root. It is like medicine and disease. What is that sound? It sounds like a fuzzy worm to me. We see the British amp, but it is really a fuzz pedal. We see the spirochaete, but it really lives inside a worm. The whole effort has been misinterpreted and misdirected to target the wrong root cause. Nobody wants to know different because that is where the money is. We all suffer and go nowhere in achieving the real goal, to be bigger than the Beatles, like Led Zeppelin. Now is is finally getting discovered by a select few, like Dr Sapi and Dr MacDonald. Apple leaves have ripped the veil of obscurity away from the nematodes sheltering endosymbiont bacteria by forcing them out into the open.

Columbo Gotcha! 2015-01-10 19:41:08This model is successful by accident in everything people do. Only Columbo is able to solve the real crime as the real perpetrators do everything to blame something or someone else. In arthritis, they blame a perfectly functioning pain reporting system. Everybody blames coal and oil companies for climate change when it is really atomic bombs and CFC’s. All the top diseases, including medical error, likely have a worm misdirecting the blame for their nefarious deeds. They are so successful that all the money is being spent to fight exactly the wrong thing. Find some apple tree bark and leaves to fight everything for almost nothing.

You can argue that a crime has been and continues to be committed on people, and it is homicide. The misdirect has been put on the head of doctors, but who is really at fault? Everybody looks the other way for money. Like Columbo, I can prove where the real blame lies in the murder of people like Gord Downie. Relatively young, suffering from glioblastoma, can the worms causing it all be eliminated safely? Then what about the Bb Spirochaetes? He hasn’t got much to lose after tonight’s concert at 8:30 PM Eastern on the CBC in his home town. The trouble is that all medicine blows it at High Dough, the cost of expensive drugs, and people are brainwashed to believe they are guilty. Tonigbt, they’re going to shoot that movie once for the possible last time. That would be the real test of apple leaves and raw spinach or pectin enzyme if they could save him. It is too advanced to try Ivermectin or other anthelmintics that kill the worms in vivo, causing a fatal herx. I haven’t seen a cent from any cancer foundation. That isn’t how they work. They simply get sufferers to raise money for them and blow it on fruitless research ignoring vector parasite nematology. Even a handful of apple leaves make it clear they are all on the wrong track.

LeafsWell, are they psychoactive then? No. Other than the fact they skunk out live nematodes, and those nematodes stop affecting your brain, that is. What are they doing in there? Farming and Eating, it is known, likely with their endosymbiont borrelia flock. These little parasite worms cause nearly all fatal disease now, as they have for all history. The cancer societies owe Paul H. Duray all of their spare money, or they are frauds. I donated apple leaves so that they could make the breakthroughs required. Unfortunately, I am ahead by a century. It’s more than hip. And it’s more than tragic.

True story. My godfather was on the last flight prior to the Bill Barilko fishing crash in that plane. The pilot had a history of storing fish in the pontoons on fishing trips, and I guess they caught a little too many that time. Strangely, a 50 Mission Cap is a uniquely American Army Air Corps thing. Then there is the fact that medical error is the third leading cause of death. Maybe their diagnosis for Gord Downie is an error, since there is no Lyme Disease in Canada by medical certainty. Could be. By design and execution, the only things certain about medical science happen after they get involved. Only apple leaves can make you realize that. Unless you are Columbo.

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Sun, Aug 7, 2016 – 20/20

It is said that hindsight is 20/20. They didn’t mean the year but they were talking about the sharpness of vision. Foresight is lot less due to the difficulties of accurate prediction. We try to extrapolate from experience or what happened in the past. In finance, they claim that past performance is no guarantee of future results. On the other hand, there are many scientific observations that are repeatable. Doing the same thing with a controlled experiment and expecting different results is said to be a true sign of mental illness. Those types of things are predictable, while the variables in that experiment cause variation in the answer.

A nuclear reaction in pure components is scientifically predictable. Nobody really knows what will happen when the molten components mix with dirt, concrete, water, salts, and rock. It is reasonable to assume that some basics of the reaction will not be altered. A mosquito borne disease will be tough to contain, given our past experience with malaria and others for example. We could luck out though. The disease may be different enough that it could be containable. It isn’t a controlled experiment, and there are too many variables to ever really control it. It is now known that it is spreading outside of the predicted range, and outside of the usual parameters linking it to tropical travel. In hindsight, the only thing predictable about such things seems to be their unpredictability. A broken clock is still repeatable, being right two times a day.

Given the amount of identifiable scientific factors versus the unpredictable variables, what will we see looking back to the present from the year 2020? Only time will tell because there are too many unpredictable variables. We could still get nuked by a rogue nation before then. In 2011, after Fukushima, many did not suspect we would get this far. That doesn’t negate their concerns in the least though. It was predicted to be uninhabitable, and it still is. It will be in the future as far as we can tell. The news about it just gets scantier. It is an existential threat, and from what little news there is, the geology is getting more unstable as the waste groundwater accumulates around the molten reactor cores. I was recently told that it was 6000 miles away, so no problem. That’s a quarter of the circumference of the earth, and the jet stream comes this way sometimes. That isn’t so reassuring.

I learned about these things back in university in the 70’s around the time of the Three Mile Island incident. It was much worse than anyone let on at the time, and still is. That seems to be the norm where everyone downplays these incidents whenever they occur. Then the news goes away. Looking back, Japan could have been much worse. It is only three total meltdowns, or so they tell us. As time goes on, that isn’t exactly reassuring either. The hindsight picture keeps evolving in the fog of news that’s fit to print. The excessive tailoring makes it fit at the time. From engineering, I know that the reality hasn’t really been widely disseminated about long lived un-contained fission products, and the unknowns are also a concern. Calling it pollution helps somehow because that is a given understandable thing that doesn’t go away as well. Pollution like that is entropic though, and tends to cumulatively more as time goes on.

There will still be good times and bad times. Finality doesn’t register against our past experience. Worms are still transferred by bugs. The nematode endosymbiont borrelia will still eat neurons for decades. We will still be asymptomatic until we are no longer, and while asymptomatic, we will still wonder what the problem is. It’s like driving backwards with no rear view, and driving by ear. Predictably unpredictable with all the possibilities known and unknown. When will we get there, Dad? 2020? Like Dad would say, “When we get there.” He has no idea either. There may be a traffic jam, accident, or construction delays. A road closure. We will get there in due time.

Sunday Housecall is back after a long hiatus. Less protein from processed meats replaced with plant protein decreases your cancer risk 10%. Orthopaedic surgery risk for meningus tear may be greater than letting it slide with attempted physio. Resperitol from grape skins is a beneficial antioxidant, but at a level too high to get from wine. You would need ten bottles a day which would negate it.

One simple vector, but one complex problem in Zika, stands to preoccupy the public. The battle lines are drawn over the GMO mosquito to control Aedes egyptii. Not enough is known about the GM mosquito yet, or the consequences of it, other than that it is effective in controlling the mosquito population. The fight against the mosquito is split in the Florida Keys. Other existential threats of a higher priority are getting even less attention, not that attention will solve anything.

Mon, Aug 8, 2016 – The Internet

The internet was designed to withstand a nuclear war. What good would it be if nobody lives to read it? The premise was that any two nodes on the network of networks  could communicate. The weakness would be the availability of an electromotive force at any two nodes. It is a luxury of civilization and an open society. It wasn’t designed to withstand that sort of failure. It could be hardened to be sustainable with solar power someday, but again it will need people to survive.

There is a massive amount of information. You can look up published medical and scientific papers through search engines by being uniquely specific about your search terms. It requires you to ask the right questions. I know people who don’t know how to do that, so they are unable to drill down to an answer to their queries. If they ask a stupid question, the search engines faithfully obliges them with a stupid answer. How high is up returns links to a 1940 Three Stooges film.

The platform is there, but seniors were forgotten. Not any more says Honor, a home care startup that wants to do it right. Then there is the whole wearable technology arrival. The internet of “things” might arrive just in time to take root for an orderly end. Yet a computer glitch caused Delta airlines flights to be delayed worldwide. It was unrelated to the actual network it seems. It does show that there has to be a competent layer to utilize an internet, be it software or people. The last packets, like the first, may simply be of the “Hello” variety. Or they may be a couple artificially intelligent phone systems talking to each other in a loop until they each wait to speak to a customer service representative until the power grid bites it.

Why are we here at this juncture? The Sputnik Moment. Later, it was found the Soviets were lying about lots of things, but that prompted the whole misdirection and overbuilding of engineering on our side. By 1958, the decision had been made to make the most engineers. Environmental responsibility fell by the wayside. The Internet allows us to look back and see what happened before our time.

Tues, Aug 9, 2016 – Alzheimer’s Vectors

It is probably a bug that transmits a worm with endosymbiont borrelia. It is another form of borrelia, like MS, Lyme Disease, Glioblastoma, Meningitus, and others rooted in cerebrospinal nematodiasis. The spirochaetes are found in autopsy neural tissues and spinal fluid. It is just one manifestation of Lyme Fog in late stages, and the diagnoses is dependent on how far and where the borrelia has migrated.

What hope is there when all medicine still does not realize that this is the case with not only Alzheimer’s, but all of the top fatal diseases? If the borrelia progresses in the heart, brain, neurons, lungs, GI, pancreas, liver, kidneys, bones, and hidden in biofilm from the nematode that brought it there, eventually it can cause failure of that particular organ. The trick is to find the worm. Apple leaves show you where they are, or were, as they come out. If you are older, or have had more vector exposure, you will have more locations and risk from them. The worms take to your lymphatic systems like fish to water.

When I try to explain this to people, invariably they say that death is a fact of life. They can feel the effect as they get older. They may have already had medical interventions for stroke, heart, or other related diseases. None will likely survive long enough to know I was right, basically dead on the money. Anthelmintic treatment is the only way out. Otherwise, all the aforementioned diseases are fatal.

There is another problem in that you have to have the disease manifesting itself to a diagnosis, where it finally shows up symptomatically in the late stages. Until that point, you are asymptomatic, and although much work has been done to predict outcomes, the late stage is often the first hint of trouble. The hope is that apple leaves eliminate all stages by eliminating the root nematodes. Again, the problem is that the nematodes are largely invisible and unknown until then.

The hope is that we know these diseases are definitely a sequential cumulative progression over time. Apple leaves are early and proactive at alleviating the previously unknown root cause. It is akin to putting up the “Bridge Out” barrier on the roads of life leading to those diseases. Nothing else does that, or really could, until now. After discovering that nematodes were there, there are other anthelmintics, but the nematodes and types are still unknown due to their stealthy nature. Innes and Shoho tried with hundreds of slides of autopsy tissue to find a single setaria digitata nematode because they were looking at tissue that had already been damaged. The worms and/or their endosymbiont borrelia proxies had moved on. On the other hand, we know what’s eating you literally. The big revelation is that any of the top life threatening diseases must have a vector and a parasitic nematode mechanism. Don’t forget that.

That is why apple leaves make you know that all medicine is hopelessly on the wrong track, and quickly. When you go looking for what the things are that migrate out of old bug stings and bites, you will find almost nothing. You may cut to the chase and find this blog. It took me half a year to realize they were nematodes. At first, I thought they were actually the vector or spirochaetes, but not a nematode. Then there was a serendiptous find about filarial nematode spirochaete farmers. Why don’t they prescribe Ivermectin? Because it can kill people if the nematodes have migrated to the brain through the cerebrospinal lymphatic system. I suspect apple leaves make the nematodes migrate out the way they came by finding existing access. That is the risk. You do not want to kill the worms in situ because they may cause a fatal herxheimer reaction. It is pretty much a given that worms are making the biofilm to protect their flock, and even themselves as Apple leaves with pectin enzyme biofilm dissolver show. When I tried pectin enzyme on day 313, a second wave of about a hundred worms came out hiding in that biofilm.

So here we are at Day 742 or so. The Lyme Fog got blasted out by Day 4 in my experience. That was Alzheimer’s early stage I take it, along with some form of meningitus. Now I only take a small dose of apple leaf powder with pectin enzyme once a week if that to smoke out any new worms from bug bites. It could be from a mosquito, black fly, tick, dust mite, or spider, or some other unknown vector. If it had a nematode payload, it gets smoked out fast. It isn’t really a cure, being more like a gunshot wound. There can be permanent damage that is beyond what your own body can repair. At least the bullet migrates out the way it came in if you can get it before it migrates. It will make the floaters, at least one entopic phenomenon, migrate out of your eyes too. It may affect Scheerer’s blue field phenomenon, and make that go away too. Elimination of Floaters is the main one though.

If common knowledge is so common, why don’t doctors know about it? I suspect it is because our common knowledge is 7 times greater than those who do not accept the internet as a reliable source of common knowledge. By remaining with uncommon knowledge, they keep a leg up on us mere commoners, and that is preferable. I try to reason leveraging common knowledge anybody can look up if they have access to the World Wide Web. It brings uncommon kn0wledge into a new realm of commonality. The last thing a doctor wants to know is that they are hopelessly out of date, but that is a problem made by our own system of accreditation. It is common knowledge that nematodes cause disease, but uncommon knowledge that there are so many stealthy nematodes that were never discovered and documented, and that they “farm” endosymbiont bacteria to do it. Apple leaves open that can of worms, and it contains another can of biofilm with worms in it. The need for a new paradigm of medicine is obviated, but not accepted as valid in the least. Knowing is being forewarned, and apple leaves are the fastest known short cut I found to knowing that extremely uncommon knowledge. Don’t let the remnants of your Alzheimer’s at whatever stage, possibly from a vector acquired at a juvenile age, let you forget it.

IBM’s Watson believes we can do even better. But then Watson can do medical school by the $6000 worth of textbooks in 8 seconds. I suggest he do several seconds of veterinary sciences for pre med, but Watson already comes with medical resources of the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western University Medical School. Apple leaves could still show Watson a thing or two because they are unknown.

Weds, Aug 10, 2016 – Arthrogryposis

It occurs with Zika, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal. Now we have a link to a vector arthritis. Sound familiar? It sounds like vector borrelia to me, and it is only a few apple leaves away until they make a shocking nematode parasite discovery about it if they haven’t already, and are still writing it up. The mosquito vector can chalk up yet another one to the list of diseases  it can transport and spread. It gets all the ink while Lyme disease languishes in the background. Arthropods in general are behind most disease because they spread the parasitic nematodes behind it in my theoretical estimation. They are an efficient ubiquitous transport mechanism.

People are warming up to the idea of the GM Mosquito being introduced to control mosquitoes. That is the proactive approach. That usually fails, only lowering the risk of contacting the disease. The reac6tive approach for what you do once you get one of these arthropod diseases is unclear. It will start with the unknown nematode behind it after they fail trying to control the nematode endosymbiont Zika virus itself. It will be like arthropod arthritis. That hasn’t ever been defeated, save for by apple leaves possibly. Then you will know why. It is from a worm within a bug. University of New Haven seems to be the source of all the people working on that. Dr A B MacDonald has been making progress looking back through brain bank autopsies. I get the impression they are underfunded and underutilized as a resource against this huge borrelia endosymbiont tent. It is just starting to make headway from October 2014 when I told Dr Sapi about what I found with apple leaves.

Fast forward a year and a half, and just imagine what will happen by then if that is the time frame it takes from discovery to deployment. It was hidden in veterinary science for 136 years it turns out. Not apple leaves but a causative trypanosome parasite. The apple leaves skunk out all sorts of parasites, and they are all unknown. Lord knows what endosymbionts they have in them. Biofilm is a common pathogenic protective mechanism it seems too. Simply fingering any one of the nematode parasites behind various diseases would be a quantum leap forward in their understanding. I suspect there are too many variants of the apple leaf exposed varieties, and they are all microscopic bordering on macroscopic with many different sizes and behaviours. Some vectors may transport several different types. They seem to have a long lifespan in a human host.

Zika was off the radar for decades until now. It has likely been here historically in animal reservoirs before it was even named and recognized. International travel exchange spreads such things where oceans kept them remote. More travel, more disease propagation by hosts and/or imported vectors. Now the vector has become anthropophilic, or it likes man. Other vectors have risen to the fray, making specific vector controls like a GM vector possibly ineffective. Even knowing the trouble doesn’t help after a while. Aggressive measures against anopheles mosquitoes limited malaria until DDT was found to be a double edge sword. Now it is like whack a mole. Like filariasis, it is spread from person to person through the bite of an infected mosquito.

The news is losing credibility with its audience that spills over from their political bias. More than one candidate even uses that to increase their standing. It is almost like they employ artificial intelligence to reverse the media intent, and it is working. The inanity of it all makes the artificial intelligent response seem even more bizarre. Opponents get baited into more complex landmines repeatedly by the app. A mosquito trap is simpler to be effective that way, with human scented carbon dioxide bait. Both give the prey exactly what they want, in the worst possible place.

The disease itself isn’t artificially intelligent, but has multiple generations over time on its side. It has evolved to a successful deployed state while missing all attempts at detection. Apple leaves are a rare unpredictable response yielding a completely off the wall answer, and they expose previously unknown nematode parasite proxy complexes thriving and undetected.

Thurs, Aug 11, 2016 – Short Story

How could medicine be so wrong? They underestimated their opponent. A common cold defeats them, and apple leaves show why. A cold is actually a handful of different attacks on human systems such as eye, ear, nose, throat, breathing, and temperature regulation, and they all seem to take refuge in human biofilm buildup. There could also be a vector nematode with it, providing prophylactic protection of these bacterial and viral components.

You could make a movie out of a short story. Just make it believable. Call it fiction even though it is all true. This time the doctors would not be the heroes, but an average guy who discovers a new herb in a ditch. It treats nearly everything. Then he meets resistance at every corner. The story writes itself playing into what people always suspected. The twist is that the hero tries to keep it a secret. Then just imagine what happens. It would supply drama, an antihero cabal, an underdog getting crushed, and lots of ending possibilities and sequel potential. The danger is the short story would be too big.

A movie could be science fiction with space travel and magic aliens. Complete fantasy. Grounded references detract from that. Star Wars doesn’t have a Starbucks on the set. It has forests, mountains, and deserts though. It seems there are some rules. The watcher is detached. Droid robots are the first person witnesses and the story teller. You might have to scrap all that fantasy stuff and keep it simple. Real biological laboratories could be the fantasy sets. After all, it is a stretch that anyone is interested why the herb is working. It may be too unbelievable a reality where stealthy microscopic nematodes take the center stage, and every doctor is baffled when confronted with the reality of the things actually exiting their own insect bites and stings after living in them for years. The lay characters are on the same playing field looking for answers, but none are coming. Time frame is present day 2014-2016. Alien invasion has been done, but not from within.

One lay character could keep up the fantasy explanations, while the other grounded lay character keeps offering plausible explanations for what is happening. They must be near invisible nematode parasites if they were never discovered before this. Where did they come from and how did they get there? Why do the nematodes leave that cushy deal all so easily and where do they go? You could follow the journey of discovery, but it would take talented writing to engage the audience in such an unbelievable story, even with a reality base. Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain knew that fiction is obliged to stick to the possibilities, while reality has no such pre conditions.

When politics creep in, that would make it boring. You would have to avoid that pitfall of losing half of a potential audience. Yet medicine gets exposed to be a strange politic you can’t deny. They intentionally dance around cures to go for customers, and those who do not know that fact might be alienated. Play it so they can figure it out for themselves, realizing that all the haters are actually fighting the battle for the parasitic alien forces at their own expense, yet to line their own pockets. In a way, it is the same old story, corruption for money.

You could make it about a novice movie script writer who happens to discover the mystery herb. He looks to others with his idea only to find they too have discovered a different herb that blows their mind. The FDA claims their herb has no accepted medical use in the US. Dejected, he tries to go it alone, still trying to get to the bottom of what makes his different herb tick. He finds people want escapism, and he has that, albeit in a different way where they escape deadly diseases like the third leading cause of death, medical error. Nothing more real than that, he figures. It would be a movie about making a movie, and making it believable. Of course that has already been done, but the root subject would be all different. Seinfeld was a show about nothing that worked. Why? It turned out nothing was really something to the point that the characters themselves were the story. The way they approached anything that was normally nothing was the hook. Mine would be a show about something that should be nothing but leaves that taste a bit like apples. Instead, it just becomes a show about virtually everything as people find out for themselves what they do. The initial shock that they have been worm food all their lives gives way to greater revelations as medical issues they taught themselves to forget about slowly disappear along with the worms.

The third leading cause of death always gets protest from only one quarter: Medical professionals. They are the only ones delusional enough to fight the irrefutable facts because they are intentionally deluded. Their immediate support group are all in denial. Of course that smacks of a cover up and deadly bias. They don’t even realize it and laugh it off. Creepy. Since finding out in year 2000, it has only gotten worse. Nothing has been done to address it. Perhaps that would be a good opening sequence where a news reporter asks health professionals what they think of those studies. They hang themselves with their own comments, and show exactly why it is STILL the third leading cause of death. Some even blame the search engine.

The story makes it clear, and the herb goes further. There are really two leading causes of death and No. 1 becomes medical error. #2 is the multiple forms of parasitic vector nematodiasis underlying all former deadly illness and eliminated by apple leaves. The reason it doesn’t take first place is medical error in not knowing that already well documented, yet previously hidden (by medical decree alone), fact. Some doctors are finding out, but progress is slow. Witness their reaction to the JAMA 2000 statistic pegging the 3rd leading cause of death – medical error. They’re still in the dark 18 years after the data presented then.

Fri, Aug 12, 2016 – Vector Weapon

Add it all together, ignorance of medicine about vector parasitic nematodiasis making vectors the leading cause of death, plus regular medical error, and you have a perfect murder weapon. It was already exploited as a military weapon in WWII. Medical ignorance puts the icing on the cake because they have no idea what is happening, and no idea how to respond. Perhaps that is a better hook for a story line. All the big movies have a murder or two in there somewhere. Star Wars Episode 2 had  one such murder when they tried to assassinate Queen Amidala with a bug. Just put “natural causes” on the death certificate. It may not be as fast as lead poisoning, but they can’t do ballistics or fingerprinting on it. Police uniforms are infused with permethrin, so they already know about it. So are all the US Olympic Team uniforms.

It is very topical because of that. Rio is vector control central these days. The cat is more than out of the bag that vectors are at least bad for one illness. It is chasing mice around all over the place down there. Canada still thinks vectors are geographically restricted though, a dangerously obsolete notion. Perhaps another top killer should be considered, medical ignorance. Again, the story could have a plot line unfolding on the border where psycho tourists run rampant on murderous sprees. Too easy though. It wouldn’t sell the popcorn because it wouldn’t be original enough. Canadian ignorance of vector warfare, even though they invented it, is too well known. Outside of police and military PPE, the defence is non existent. The medical ostrich approach still exists, misdiagnosing everything. Consequently, medical error takes on a larger role. That would get popcorn sales back up, pursuing such a train wreck plot.

Set expenses would be minimal because you could use location shooting anywhere to take advantage of the decimated Canadian dollar. Americans would have to bring their own doctor, or simply return south for medical treatment. A veterinary theme would help, pointing out how veterinarians are over a century ahead worldwide. It could emulate Seinfeld being a show about “Nothing we know about” as we follow the hapless doctors through the comedy of errors and endless expensive prescriptions dictated by meaningless serology. The audience candy is that they are privy to a military defence strategy the doctors know nothing about.

Then the antidote gets introduced to the sneak attack. We follow victims though reversal of symptoms ranging from heart disease to cancer to encephalitis to dementia to nephritis to debilitating arthritis. Skin conditions and baldness clear up. Swimmers Itch from decades ago resurfaces and disappears finally. Kids steal some of the antidote and are also cured. Doctors get re introduced and true to form, are still clueless. Pan to a garbage can full of prescriptions back at CENTCOM while credits roll. The audience knows a secret. Doctors laugh it off as one-star Hollywood fantasy when it really isn’t. Nonetheless, “Vectors” becomes a minor box office hit. A scene where workers clean cobwebs out of hospitals and take them out with the prescription trash ends it.

The best thing is it could be all real. A motion picture about nothing known by exactly the people who are paid to know intimately. Talk about health care reform. Reform school would be more fitting, but leave that up to the audience to figure out for themselves. The older you are, the more education apple leaf anti helminthic will present to you. Short and sweet, unlike all the millions of hours of YouTube’s. Some are good, but largely they aren’t. Multiple movies with a running time under 100 minutes have been very effective and popular. Keeping it simple would be more effective. You could get around medical restriction by using a loophole to exclude all medical claims, with a disclaimer. They sell apple tree bark that is even more powerful when eaten, containing all the same components presumably. Your leaves may vary. Mine were tested by deer.

Focussing on vector nematode elimination puts you way beyond current medical technology. It doesn’t have to be weaponized to make it naturally effective regardless. There is no obstacle to total defeat of medicine currently, save apple tree leaves and bark. That link alone shows many trees beyond what they can treat. I stuck to the biggest one though. It alone seems to address it all. Eliminating the 4th leading cause of death would make you a hero. Anything better than that would make you a pariah. Apple leaves are just one thing that does that.

A new Star Wars is coming out, placed between Episodes 3 and 4. Would Vectors have sequel-prequel potential? Absolutely. Prequels would have up to 136 years of veterinary science backing them up, grounding them in reality. Would sequels have doctors selling pencils and apple leaves on the street? I doubt it. They will struggle to keep the status quo, and that would be a fertile story premise to follow intently. Government bureaucracies will keep it all going with the bottomless revenue stream, immune to all protest. New and Improved. Only the 4th leading cause of death! The injustice of it all may work for the same reason professional wrestling still packs an audience in. “Bugs and Drugs” may get more audience than Vectors 1. Again, it would all be in the script flow. Familiar cast would keep it short enabling newcomers to catch up on the story by also seeing the original at the same time. Release the prequel before the sequel? Maybe, and that would be a unique twist. The trouble is that it is all too real where there is no way that it should be. It would be too much of a stretch even for Hollywood. The truth is too strange to be fiction. It would demand an unbelievable level of cynicism from the audience. The same thing causes people to deny the fact that supermarkets are full of weed killer laced food, and that we burned gasoline with lead in it for half a century. We still suffer the consequences, but don’t want to know about it. Linking some of that to the vector increase won’t help.

The possibility is there, but keeping the story simple to start is prudent. Basic natural blanket vector attack, total decimation, clueless response, heroes save the day, worms flee the roost where they have hidden for decades, all in spite of the extremely well funded botched response mechanism. Survivors flee the botched responders to save their skin. Audience leaves happy only to realize it is all too real with the exception of the heroes. Audience picks up the slack. Fun for all ages, PG rating.

How about a time travel theme? The heroes are time travellers, from a different time. At the end, you finally realize they came from the past, not the future, when they step back into their steam powered time machine with vacuum tube electronics, muttering “Sad but true. All that technology, but they’re Idiots!”

Sat, Aug 13, 2016 – Tricked by Money

Why do things get worse instead of better? The promise of antibiotics was short lived, as predicted by the discoverer, Sir Alexander Fleming. Parallel technologies like phage therapy were abandoned to chase the money. Old fashioned microscopy in pathology has been replaced by serology, but it misses multiple biofilming illnesses with false negatives. People are riddled with nematode parasites, yet they still go completely undetected or undiscovered until now. Far from being welcomed, the discovery is down played to protect an out of control well moneyed snipe hunt bloated with paralysing bureaucracy.

What is money, other than a fungible proxy for goods and services? Two and a half centuries ago, German Goldsmith Amschel Mayer Bauer created a fraudulent gold certificate printing scheme that was so successful, the crime became the norm, and is now known as Fractional Reserve Banking. Eventually, all heads of state were sucked into the scheme and signed an exclusive deal for him to control the money supply. All he had to do was prevent a run on the bank. The line blurred between greed and necessity. Everybody was compelled to look the other way since they all had skin in the game. A whole pseudo science, economics, was created to legitimize the fraud.

Now the bulk of money has wrongly baited medicine into a corner where they missed the whole reason for their own existence. It reminds one of the old problem. If you owe the bank a million, you are in trouble. If you owe the bank a billion, the bank is in trouble. Medicine owes the bank a trillion. They have to keep killing people the old way to save the bank. There would be no problem if apple leaves were in the one to ten thousand dollars a month range, or more, preferably. Who said money doesn’t grow on trees? If you need help paying for this non medication, call 1-800-etc. for help.

What about ethics? That kind of became moot from the get go with “debt backed” money as we know it. Now that medicine is money, and will be discovered to be a total shell game of questionable validity, either they have to take a loss, or keep up the illusion. A child can see the debt backed health care scheme is a house of cards. Just imagine how that will play out. It could be a plot within our script, trying to reconcile the actions of medicine fighting being exposed for making a huge mistake. They might pile on, making all plant leaves illegal. Bauer himself said that he didn’t care who made the laws as long as he had the exclusive power over money. He never met our out of control health care system, even bigger swindlers with an even bigger hammer, life itself. It was bound to happen when it all became what it is based on a fundamental lie. One pill could take the whole thing down. I just happened to find it like snagging a thread that unravels the whole sweater.

It is the only known treatment for the real hidden third leading cause of death. You could say abstinence would work too, but people are addicted to it. Luckily, it also treats that addiction. I can’t claim that it cures that, but at least it helps where nothing else does. That third leading cause of death, medical error, knows no borders, which simply fence off the cover up fraud (the CDC does not have a category to report medical error) and statistical alteration. It may treat every other cause of death too, but that’s a long story. Just look at how the third leading cause is doing with that. You can look it up.

Why fight it when it is a waste of time and effort? This juggernaut has become too big to fail, and it already has failed when it becomes a medalist for cause of death. The fact that we are even thinking about that is a damning review of their performance by their own yardstick. The whole point is that they should be on the bottom of the list. You can argue that they get the worst cases by design, but then what do they have to offer? They offer medicine, but disease has largely become resistant. They offer one medal winning cure. A permanent one. They say you can’t believe everything on the internet, which is true because their entire knowledge basis, all medical journals, are on the internet. Everybody can catch them hiding the truth now, but they largely just do not know it. The spotlight is overdue.

Do no harm. Given what is happening, how can apple leaves do harm comparatively? Insects leave permanent nematode parasites, and they are found in autopsies. They are also found in every single patient, nurse, and doctor before apple leaves smoke them out. Other species of nematode may still be immune to apple leaves. Other anthelmintic medicines may get those. Only the health care system can justify their existence, or the endosymbiont spirochaetes and biofilm they bring with them. Why can’t they concentrate as much effort on getting rid of them as they do on hiding medical error?

Unfortunately, our medical system is also the source of the postulate that eyeglasses cause near sightedness. Similarly, fruit and apple tree bark and leaves have been rumoured to have absorptive qualities for heavy metals. You would have to assay them to be sure, but high levels in the soil did not mean high levels in the tree by analysis. Apple trees actually repel heavy metals then. Why would the tree fibre smoke them out from tissues? It is another mystery that has already been looked into in Serbia where some of the orchards have heavy metals in the soil, but has never been followed up in people. If they also skunked out heavy metals, those would spike in serology of waste body fluids at the time. Like eyeglasses, apple leaves might get tagged for making you blind and producing heavy metal laced urine with metal phobic activity.

Is the whole issue bogged down in analysis paralysis? Medically, yes. The third place medal for leading causes of death is a symptom of that. Overtreatment and overmedication, or just the wrong medicine or procedure, gets administered with a less than desirable outcome. Eventually, one of those side effect bullets will have your name on it. Just don’t demand it and tempt fate. People should know about it and keep calling them out on it. When they were first told that they were conservatively estimated as the third leading cause of death in 2000, they did nothing and it got even worse. Apple leaves have kept the doctor, plus hundreds of nematode parasites, away for me. Consulting the computer first also helps to know what your own symptoms say for a first opinion.

The number one and two leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer at about 600,000 a year each. Those are CDC numbers, so some of the 250,000 from medical error could be hidden in there due to a higher likely hood of treatment or procedural error. Both are known to be associated with borrelia to a large extent, so by extension, also associated with likely nematode parasites with endosymbiont borrelia. Apple leaves address getting rid of many nematode parasites. The 4th leading cause of death at about 160,000, lower respiratory illness, may also have a nematode and medical error component behind it. 5th place is accidental death, which may again hide some medical error. This is a shortcoming of the CDC reporting system that was never corrected in 2000. The argument could be they were going to die anyway. It’s a feature, not a shortcoming.







Sun, July 31, 2016 – Year Three

Year 3, Day 1. That is better than saying Day 732. Some would just say it is futile doing a countdown to the day pollution gets us all. People have been sweeping it all under the rug and someday it will hit the roof. SNAFU was an acronym coined for such things, and we bide our time in a SNAFU election cycle determining the best way to keep it all hidden from people. We all eat weed killer laced food under a canopy of sprayed ozone replacement waiting for molten nukes to make it all uninhabitable. There is no other track to divert the train from the wreck. It wont be a dramatic as Tom Lehrer, likely.

Apple leaves, and the tree bark too, can help you as much as any medicine will. For anything. I’m not lying. You will see. Try them. I didn’t put all those nematodes and biofilm there. The apple leaves don’t either. It is either that or at present, you and your worms will All Go Together When You Go. Eventually, the worms will make it painful. If they cause endocarditis or a heart attack, it may be more rapid at least. If you think you have it bad, consider the fate of all your poor lil’ worms living in you for their entire lives. They are little animals too.

Well, it surely sucks to be them when the apple leaves evict them too. It is either them or you. Sad to say, but true if you are a worm lover. It’s natural after all. You get bit by bugs with worm parasite complexes in them, and die from it, naturally. To put it6 in more modern terms, worms have hacked our systems since Gen. 3 in The Bible, and likely before that because they are in most vertebrate wildlife too, until they start eating apple leaves anyway. Medicine feels that if it is borrelia, there isn’t much that can be done, but tbey do not know about apple leaves. Instead, they are just rediscovering anthelmintics again to try and get the same result. Better to let the patient deal with the toxic die of than to see exactly what is happening when apple leaves force the nematodes out alive. Doctors went to school to earn that right. Otherwise, I figured they’ll go broke when apple leaves are better than the equivalent of blind carpet bombing.

I have a couple years testing under my belt and know the effects and side effects now. Then I look at the alternatives. Antibiotics are not recommended for long term because they kill all biotics, even the ones your body needs to function. Anthelmintics kill the worms and can cause a fatal herx reaction. The list goes on. Nothing compares to biotic friendly apple leaves that I know of. Those worms that everybody has missed hate apple leaves. Doctors side with the worms that keep them in business. Well, that’s bidness, I guess. If you enjoy being live worm and doctor food, you won’t like apple leaves either. That seems to be the honest take away.

If doctors don’t know about worms, consider that everybody there is riddled with the things in their hospitals and waiting rooms. They just don’t know. Pollution of the environment is so bad now it is a total blackout on the news, and everybody is misdirected by a meaningless election in the US, to be followed by another one somewhere else. People are blinded to all of that. It is a mandatory reshuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic, post iceberg. What can you do though? I think that is the general idea. They want to avoid a survivalist shoot out. You could look it up, but nobody is looking. They don’t want to know while they plan their escape to Canada where their guns go a long way. It’s a hedge against meaningless for all sides. The fire has to be better than the frying pan.

Mon, Aug 1, 2016 – 3rd Leading Cause

Still going on Year 3 , Day 2. Waiting for updates on science for other ways, if any, to monitor nematodes, and cringing waiting for Zika to go viral from Rio. If it is like other mosquito borne chronic diseases, there is likely a nematode involved, but you won’t hear that anywhere, because they are virtually unknown outside of human autopsies, unless they take apple leaves. Then surprise, what are all these things?

Instead, I wonder if in millenia when if some race comes across the intact lunar landing sites, then come across a highly radiated and desolate Earth, what will they think happened? At least I lived in interesting times, and was able to solve a large piece of an age old puzzle nobody else could solve for all history. It will all be moot post Fukushima. By then all the other reactors will have gone super critical in blackouts, cooling system unmaintained as well. It will be like the book On The Beach, without a bang up ending beginning though. It doesn’t seem to cut it to say that’s life, because it’s really the end of life. If only apple leaves were discovered earlier, perhaps the failure of mankind as a species would have been avoided.

Medical error is the third leading cause of death. That’s low after you find out what apple leaves do, and realize medicine knows nothing about it. It is also in the US where the system was vetted, and not in Canada where the subjects make their own report cards. Both systems are snake oil salesmen not interested in cures. It rapidly becomes obvious when you take apple leaves and the worms start coming up all over the place. Those are the worms of chronic disease and biofilm, yet they don’t want to know. They have a pharmaceutical for that to leave you partially satiated until the meltdowns and UV-b get us all, like a band aid over a dagger. Of course, that is if their system doesn’t make a mistake, which they do with alarming frequency.

Talk to a healthcare professional about it, and it is like asking a red handed caught criminal to try their own case. They are all blissfully ignorant of that fact. There are all sorts of internal mechanisms the rank and file know nothing about. The patient failed the lethally wrong treatment. They phone you up in the middle of the night to tell you how they never see anything about that.

Tues, Aug 2, 2016 – Adding It All Up

What can you do? Avoid hospitals. If you can’t, I hope they get the cast on the right limb or accidentally remove a kidney. I would rather take apple leaves. Less risky. A gram of that cure is better than pounds of their ointments and pills. Understandably, they don’t like something that makes them nothing, other than making it look like a sham.

I have gone over how veterinarians have known something was up since Dr Evans in 1880. 136 years ago. There was an update in 1952 with Innes and Shoho, 64 years ago. This year it was Dr A B MacDonald. Mankind likely hasn’t got the better part of a century to wait let alone a decade. Maybe they will find the missing reactor cores by 2020 in Tokyo. Then what? Well, hindsight is 2020 as they say. If you are going to ignore a nuclear catastrophe, better to have it half a world away.

This week, the Games will start. Apparently, you can’t use the “O” word to describe them. Official sponsors have to be protected. How about The RiOMG instead? Olympian Microcephaly Gathering. Works for me. Maybe that is part of the deal over Zalazala Jazeera. At this point, I guess it does make a difference whether Grandma or Grandpa have their finger on the button. It’ll blow right through that rock ceiling, or obsidian canopy. Likely obsidian floor too. There’ll be plenty of methane to go around then. They seem to be leaving enough clues in plain view to let us all know, and pore over the emails on Wikileaks. It will be an exercise in Edutainment masquerading as an election. Plenty of blame to go around.

Explains a lot, but can you explain a little less? I don’t know. Nematodes on top of it all. I remember when Fukushima was current, and some people suggested actually hitting it with a nuclear airstrike. At least there would be no arguing it after that. Here we are nearly 5.5 years later and it has slipped under the news radar to the back pages. It hides everywhere like nematode parasites.

Omission is what got the world to this point. When engineers protested that Fukushima and boiling water reactors were risky, they were hushed and omitted. When Einstein protested the Manhattan Project behind closed doors, he was hushed and omitted. Zika now in 41 states, but 6 months ago it was hushed and omitted. Anything about aerial spray was hushed and omitted. Mud islands were reported to be common. Happens all the time I guess. Can’t find another, but ignore that one. If you want to bury something in speculation, just answer to it with no comment. Uninformed speculation will take over to dilute it. Of course they say something Malthusian like that just won’t happen. Was it Arne Gundersen who pointed out that one in a million year nuclear accidents like a meltdown have happened every decade for 70 years now? We’re 7 million years ahead of time. When they can’t find the meltdown, they say it is a partial meltdown, like being partially pregnant. Not omitting doesn’t help much either. Ironically, things are going well in the middle of all this. If anything changes, I take it they have pills for that.

Warren Buffett wants to compare tax returns with politicians. That would be entertainment. Carry on. If it smells, it sells. If it bleeds, it doesn’t lead any more. We’re all off to Rio. They say don’t go to Miami even. Canada’s mosquitoes still have West Nile, but they haven’t found Zika yet. They aren’t looking anyway, because that is the Canadian plan. They will raise the flag in Rio this afternoon/evening as the team arrives for the next big news story. Fort McMurray has floods now and Saskatchewan too. A cold front whipped through over the long weekend causing large thunderstorms and tornadoes. It is normal weather for there this time of year, but people notice that it seems more Biblical this year, bracing for possible locusts. Lots of First World problems at airports when people get bumped off flights. Shame those airlines.

Through it all, the little bugs remain. It’s Canada, after all. Swamps and bugs up there in the north. There are no bugs in our imaginary First World the news describes. We nuked them all long ago. Good luck to the import vectors when they’re bumped off of their flights. It is said that the news is the first (world) draft of history, but with so much omission, will there ever be a final draft? Who will read it? It doesn’t matter when the point is to evade anarchy in a normally abnormal world. It seems to me that the point is to make us think it is pointless. They do a good job too with escapism like sports and politics.

What is the allure of music? It is escapism too. I admired Led Zeppelin in a world preoccupied by The Beatles. The news called them “The Led Zeppelin.” Of course the old Beatles were totally square to our dirigible shaped world. They were all dazed and confused by our world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. They grew mutton chops and wore ridiculously wide ties to compensate. It was still us and them though. They never quite got it why painting skinny on fat didn’t work. Yesterday, all their troubles seemed so far away while the kids were getting schooling, I’m not fooling. The folks were left behind at the moon while we sent a robot to Mars. Now we are the square old fools.

Is that human nature, or is it really infused by peer pressure? Always set the bar higher. More bigger weapons. Faster and farther. At all consequences. Mutually assured destruction. It is mad, and we all know that. It was also the expectation in our self imposed growth dependant system. Thomas Malthus predicted it in 1779, yet was derided as we made sure it came true in different ways other than agriculture, such as the Industrial Revolution playing out. In the 18th century, they could not know how it all would wind up, and even presently, we have trouble conceiving what will happen. Currency was the link to food exchanged for other goods and services to make us lose our minds when a German Goldsmith discovered the allure of the promise alone was more than enough. We jumped on a treadmill of obsolescence to wind up past a point of no return. Like yeast, we stretched ourselves past the limit. In 2020, most will realize that bell can no longer be un-rung.

There is a divine irony in the year 2020 by name. We have to live the fatal mistake to see the error of our ways. There is a pestilent Malthusian check this week in Brazil. It will test the limits of apple leaves until they can no longer counter vector illness or environmental poison.

Weds, Aug 3, 2016 – War On Bugs

Microsoft tried with “Tay.” IBM has “Watson.” The deal is these AI apps are supposed to emulate people to fill a yearning desire for interaction. IBM uses the AI to scan datasets, so somebody fed it The Urban Dictionary with disastrous or spectacular results. People found they could make Tay offensive, and exploited that loophole to a state of meltdown on a testy Twitter-verse. At least it knows how to push your buttons. In the future, eventually the competing bots will all chat with each other unless a Turing test screens that out. Like mankind, a bug will find it’s way into the machine, virtual or otherwise, and by proxy even, like a nematode bug within a bug.

You may wonder how nematodes found their way into bugs. I guess it was natural selection from all the random species looking for a free lunch. People are the ultimate natural free lunch with a long life, perpetual supply, and room to grow. Once the disease resistance was breached, the sky was the limit for the nematodes, even all the way to the moon. Even astronauts carried them along for the ride. Nobody was or is immune. The same defence mechanics are ideal for disease to circumvent immunity until apple leaves restore a lot of that. The nematodes know relatively quickly and vacate out of self preservation, or attempted self preservation, akin to making a bullet migrate out by itself.

The financial news says banks are required to hold 13% of Tier 1 equity. What does that mean? That means they only have 13% of the money on hand when there is a run on the bank. It started out as 10% when a German goldsmith found out that was sustainable out of greed by all parties involved. He printed out gold certificates when he didn’t have enough gold to back it. Our paper currency was born, protected by a biofilm equivalent of bullets and vaults to keep it out of sight. It was understood that to protect it, stealth was necessary. Along with it, the facts could also be hidden. The biggest fact was they only held a tenth of it. Canadian banks only hold an eighth of it, or 12.5%. I suspect the news rounds that off to 13%. American banks require 10% in fractional reserve banking.

Florida has yet to find one mosquito with the Zika virus. They likely won’t either, because the mosquito first has to bite an infected animal or person, then bite another person to infect them. They have also only tested 20,000 mosquitoes. On a good day, there are likely a million mosquitoes per block at least. What if the nematode larva or egg contains the virus in the mosquito? The nematode trojan horse model is likely behind lots of disease in the wild. The governor of Florida doesn’t know that yet. Most doctors don’t either because the hypothesis is too new for vector parasitic nematode illness. They ignore the lessons of apple leaves at their own peril.

Then there. is the October Surprise, a phenomenon of the regular election cycle in the United States. It is no surprise that there will be a surprise. If there isn’t one, they will make one up any way, like a fake military record, or a forged birth certificate. While people complain that it is rigged, they will rig it. It is to be expected, like the disease du jour, Ebola and Zika, or a new flu. The news about the election is too big to stop it from making news itself. The news about what really matters will be buried in the back pages if it gets any ink.

There is news on the War on Bugs. They want to introduce a GMO sterile offspring Aedes species. Then they can find out for sure if Zika gets transmitted by species other than Aedes egyptii when it fails. Parasitic nematodes have likely adapted to every species in the book, and some that haven’t been recorded yet. If it is a mosquito, they won’t care if it is a GMO mutant to hitch a ride in it. Watch how it fares at the Games first. It is disturbing to see how willing people are to try it on themselves first, straight out of the test tube, and with no way to recall it should something bad happen. Genetic modifications we already have are naturally proven over millions of years. If they wake up the dinosaur gene accidentally, whoops. It’s hard to go back to the drawing board when a dinosaur is eating it.

Keep Calm and fill in the Meme Here on the old WWII wartime poster. Gene Krantz, NASA Flight Director, pointed out that we shouldn’t make things worse by guessing. That is exactly what they are all poised to do guessing on the eve of the games. Of course there are a lot more cooks involved in that broth than an Apollo mission gone wrong, and there is no director at the helm. Let the games begin in more ways than one. The Finish line may take on a whole new darker meaning. There has to be a line of reasoning for it, but you may not like what that points to. It’s a Fog of that War on Bugs. It’s all fogged up because it should be a War on Worms, but they have no idea about that. It took them over 40 years to award the Nobel in 2015 for discovering the anti worm medicine Ivermectin when all that time they thought it was a War on Bugs, not the worm inside the Bugs. By extension, there is an additional war to be waged against endosymbionts to those worms. They will never figure that out. Nobody ever has yet other than a very few.

There is strength in numbers. Bugs obviously win in numbers and their worms even more so. People that know about it lose from weakness in lack of support for knowing. It is very hard to get heard even with corroborating evidence from esteemed doctors like Alan B MacDonald and Eva Sapi. Zika is right up the same alley in the War on bug Worms. Much is being touted about a vaccine, untested, that will go the same way as a Malaria vaccine and a Lyme Disease vaccine. Those failed and bug worm theory predicts why. Otherwise, the flu could be cured by washing your hands after you catch it. That’s an analogy for it. Giving the worms a bath or soaking them in weak (to them) antibiotics won’t help either. They are tougher than people if they can live in a bug or in the dirt, let alone inside a person. They can outlive that person too.

In the clue department, market news wonders if a Zika correction is coming? Banks have done worse for returns like World Wars. This time, a futile War on Bugs might be just what they need. They can’t even identify the Worm enemy yet, but that doesn’t matter. Nobody can identify the worm behind it all yet. Misery is great advertising unfortunately. People will be happy that somebody is doing anything. Look at arthritis. People spend billions on the pain of that alone. Why would they want to stop it? I tried to stop my pain and finally succeeded with app0le leaves. The vectored nematode discovery was just a kicker leading to a deeper understanding of the chronic mechanism of the disease. It isn’t being cynical. It is being realistic.

DDT was supposed to end malaria. It wound up killing birds including eagles and the peregrin falcon to the point where it threatened extinction, and it was banned. On top of that, it was found to be carcinogenic. Vector control is still an ongoing concern. Apple leaves control the nematodes passed on by those vectors. Vectors also pass other pathogens, but the most chronic one is the nematode itself, biofilming and protecting otherwise minor viral agents and others. Reading the Wiki on DDT, you can tell the controversy of it being a double edged sword, and vectors can soon develop resistance mechanisms. There are other mechanisms to control mosquito vector pressure. You can be sure that is all being employed in Brazil now. The War on Vectors is a fancy name for the overarching ally to the War on Bugs. Bugs are one type of vector you can discover from apple leaves. They link arthritis to Yellow Jackets for me as they smoked out the long lived nematodes in that species.

Thurs, Aug 4, 2016 – Pig Pharma

pillThe War on Bugs has a conflict of interest with the War on Drugs of the pharmaceutical variety. Apple leaves are a War on Pharma, replacing the need and eliminating the root cause nematode in some cases. Apple leaves also seem to be acaricidal, making your blood a pecticide in some cases. If the vector has a nematode, it may kill the vector from the nematode coming out. Of course there has to be more work done on that, but the trouble is that pharmaceutical conflict of interest. An analogy would be the war in Syria where allies are called terrorists by the other side. It has the potential to pit patients against doctors allied or joined at the hip with the pharmaceutical terrorists. If apple leaves work for you, good, but doctors may protest the medical cash cow being nuked as a casualty of the War on Bugs.

Bacteriophages1This isn’t the first time. Bacteriophage also suffered from a profitable, scalable, rollout of antibiotics. Now most diseases are antibiotic resistant. The default is to promote what makes money while alternatives are ignored. Apple leaves are like a phage that scares the dickens out of nematodes and pharma alike. Neither need or want something that reduces the effective dose of pharmaceuticals, or eliminates the need for them. There you have trouble. Apple leaves are not only a competitor but a huge adversary to the entire pharmaceutical industry in the monied Western world.

Insurance companies on the other hand would love being allied with apple leaves. Who will win that one? If you take apple leaves, it has the potential to lower the risk of insurance companies dramatically. In government health care systems, it stands to multiply their efficiency by magnitudes. Definitely worth looking into. A capsule of apple leaves a day can keep the doctor away. Take it with raw spinach to bust up the biofilm faster, but I tried pectin enzyme with apple leaves too. Biofilm is made out of pectin/polysaccharides, among other things. An interesting discovery was that eating raw baby spinach in concert with apple leaves seems to do a similar process.

Killing JesusThe take away is that even the promise shown by apple leaves raises a paradox with the status quo of Western medicine. To be altruistic medically, they could be the thing that medicine has always been searching for, the Holy Grail. The way things actually are, they would flip over the tables of the money changers in the medical temple. We all know where that lead before, to Romans, nails, and lumber. The Judeo-Roman medical system we have built is not really receptive to even a threat of competition while they claim they have been searching for it all along. If such a Saviour really came along, changing water into wine, and healing the lepers, they’ll show their true colours. Physician, don’t bother healing thyself if you can really do it. We were just kidding. Now stroll off that pond and move along. Nothing to see here.

Now that medical error is the third leading cause of death, if you don’t have a heart attack or cancer because you were made immune from taking apple leaves, medical error will be what gets you eventually. They cut out kidneys, cut off legs, or do other things like administering the wrong medication, all by accident. Then they cover it up internally, and continue being pharmaceutical money changers in the temples of medicine. Playing that out, if they become the sole detractors of the likes of apple leaves, the vectors will get them all. Isn’t the karma of that funny, in a peculiar way? Well, you just have to hope that apple leaves aren’t too good. By simply eliminating lots of nematodes, they seem pretty good, so there is an element of worry in that way. It will take a long time to prove they really are too good. It also makes one wonder if similar species like pear and quince could also be researched for the properties of bark and leaves? Perhaps they already have been, but if they showed too much promise, like bacteriophage, the funding would likely get cut too. The fact that the potential can exist and has existed historically tells you that something is wrong with the way the medical system is structured here.

Doctors know of these troubles with the modern Hippocratic Oath. “I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.” Yet how can they in our system when that lurks on the pharmaceutical side? It is the definition of therapeutic nihlism, ignoring viable alternatives. The manufacturer recommends overtreatment too. The poor doctors are shackled to pharmaceuticals now as it is, and they set the path doctors must follow. It has been known since the 1960’s when that modern oath was penned at least. On the other hand, being on the patient side is hard too knowing all of that. You learn that doctors are forced to default to the older technology also caught in a paradox borne of public health care paying their bills. The administration collars them like management tends to. There is yet another existential threat on the pile we are already soaking in.

I don’t know what is worse, knowing or not knowing. Ignorance is bliss, but can speed up your blissful demise. Now that I have removed some ignorance, at least it demanded answers to a lot of questions I never knew about, and that really have no answers. A paradox isn’t a couple doctors, for one. What is the plural form of paradox? Wiki says paradoxes. I wonder what IBM Watson would think of all this blog. Would it blow a fuse?

Fri, Aug 5, 2016 – Why a Worm?

Why do I think it is a worm from a vector? Looking at lots of microscope pictures of borrelia from Dr Alan MacDonald, there was an ocurrence that he called “string of pearls” borrelia that looked like the silhouette of a nematode. Next, he found worm endosymbiont borrelia, confirming it. I was looking for something to match what happens when eating apple leaves, and something was getting smoked out at old bug stings and bites. I did not know about the veterinary connection to Surra and other forms of cerebrospinal nematodiasis until that was confirmed recently this year. Earlier, Eva Haughie told me of Dr. Sapi’s work finding filarial nematodes in ticks. Dr Burgdorfer also initially found nematodes in ticks. It is also known that insects of many kinds can host nematodes, and one insect control strategy is to intentionally infect them with nematode parasites that kill them. That comes up in searches for nematode parasites on youtube.

Vector endosymbiont nematodes are common. Nematode endosymbiont borrelia may also be more common than suspected like a package within a package. Nature it appears can nest pathogens inside nematodes inside insects. This easily beats medicine that clings to the outdated Pasteur’s Postulate model of one pathogen to one disease. Nemtode endosymbiont borrelia explains chronic Lyme Disease with a chronic animal versus a suspected mystery persister cell. Apple leaves force that nematode animal to leave from the bug bite where it has camped out since getting inside the host from the bug, and decades after the fact. The nematodes can be as long lived as the host, if not more so. There are many unknown species of nematode that beg research yet don’t get it due to their small size and/or stealthy nature. None of the nematodes apple leaf smoked out are really known. From veterinary science you can suspect setaria digitata or similar veterinary identified species known to be neural parasites.

Sat, Aug 6, 2016 – The Age of Nematodes

The Age of Viruses is a documentary that unintentionally describes the whole problem. Medicine blows all their resources searching for that single pathogen when it is a nematode with endosymbiont borrelia and several pathogens. When you watch that, replace every occurrence of Virus with Nematode and you see the truth, and the trouble. It describes what you see with apple leaves.

Virus people use the word Reservoir to describe Vectors full of nematode larvae and eggs. They miss the forest by focussing on the individual trees with electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction. The stealthy nematode behind it all gets missed even though it exceeds their entire field of view. If WHO resources are stretched to the limit by viruses, you can see the trouble in an Age of Nematodes they missed completely.

It explains why spectacular results are achieved with anthelmintic medicines where it is not expected, such as is the case in glioblastomas. It is hard to find nematodes though when the cerebrospinal lymphatic system is still a new discovery, and nematodes have only been found in autopsy sources of CSF so far. Filarial nematodes gravitate to the lymphatic system in general, and it stands to reason that would be the nature of like minded diseases of nematodes. Spinal taps may miss them randomly. MRN scans may show it, but the technology is rare in these parts.

Apple leaves show this cheaply, but the hunt using technology is woefully misunderstood and underutilized trying to find out what apple leaves show easily. Research money goes to identify viral solutions, with a quid pro quo agreement to develop a pill. Nematodes don’t attract any attention now that the Age of Nematodes is in its infancy as a dumpster baby adrift in a sea of bathwater. The implied number of vectors is overwhelming. Such is the case with Zika virus where it could be really a biofilming nematode illness with an unknown worm beating treatment on top of the virus. That makes the virus vaccine approach to treatment fail like it did with Lyme Disease. You would have to get rid of all nematodes first.

Keeping score, nematode endosymbiont illnesses are the most successful in the battle against humans and animals. They would account for the top chronic diseases by association with borrelia alone, borrelia acting as an indicator that a nematode is present. This mechanism is just starting to be recognized in humans. Veterinarians have already discovered it. Then there is neurocysticercosis, be it from uncooked pork or a vector. That is a possible exclusive nematode illness from the worm alone. It isn’t only the nematode itself though when endosymbiont bacteria are involved as well. Many people are asymptomatic until that fateful day when the damage is already done. The more crafty worms let their endosymbionts do the gathering of nutrients, able to migrate many places where the worms can’t themselves. Pay no attention to the worm behind the curtain in this Oz of disease. On the contrary, we have to start paying attention and get to work on it to determine how it protects other pathogens like spirochaetes.

It all begs another analogy. Currently, the analogy is like getting hit by a bus. Medical research has been working hard on determining the exact composition of paint on the bus’s bumper. Well, that is kind of like it, but not really. The major similarity is that they completely missed the root cause over thinking the problem on too small of a scale. On the other hand, blaming it all on nematodes in general is like shutting down the entire public transit system or banning pedestrians crossing the street. There has to be a right sized solution there somewhere, like a radar based collision avoidance braking system. It will take time, and at this time, many species of these nematodes are completely unknown because they hide intentionally. Until then, apple leaves clear the streets in front of buses like tear gas. Somebody has to analyse a lot of those fleeing pedestrians to get to the bottom of what makes them walk in front of buses.

OK, so it’s a weak analogy, but you kind of get the drift. I can only hope they get on the bus versus wasting time on putting their detractors in front of it. Leave that to the CDC. Something this big and new that has been missed for so long in a science that was thought to be so mature could take years for acceptance if ever. The lucky part is that veterinarians have decades of prior art riding on this, and comparisons of human thiabendazole versus albendazole treatments, and more from the mid 80’s. With the work of the Paul H Duray Fellowship out there blowing the lid off all of it now, it may get the attention it deserves. Now they have fingered neural larval migrans nematodiasis as a cause of at least a couple major diseases. The availability if historical autopsy samples made that possible when they knew what to look for. I suspect apple leaves might have showed them too after I kept at it trying to get the word out. At least it is all good for discovery of the whole unknown widespread nematodiasis phenomenon, and there will be much more to come. Apple leaves gave me a 2 year sneak preview.