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Sun, Aug 21,2016 – Stats

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A couple years ago, where was I? I had tried apple leaves for three weeks. Those little vector parasite nematodes were drilling out. I felt better every day as they left. It seemed all good. A year ago, where was I? I had tried pectin enzyme for almost a few months and a bunch more little nematodes had come out. I deduced they were hiding under biofilm. I knew from that channel that biofilm was largely pectin or polysaccharide. This year, it is the morning after the Tragically Hip Farewell conchttps://mike1baker.wordpress.com/2016/08/22/sun-aug-212016-stats/ert, maybe. Medical or apple leaves. Pick your poison, except that apple leaves are anything but poison.

Medicine has a 2.1% cancer cure rate. Can you see why? That is what I found out independently, but wasn’t sure of the actual statistics. Cancer is the second top killer. Heart disease takes the top spot, but I beg to differ. Apple leaves showed me that parasitic nematodiasis was the top killer. They, those nematodes, cause virtually everything I saw or could imagine. Dr MacDonald is one of the few who have made the endosymbiont borrelia connection to virtually every named disease.

Heart disease is the No. 1 fatal disease. It has been reported to have a 5 year survival rate of 5% for ADHF Acute Decompensated Heart Failure without medical intervention. It is great advertising for intervention like stints. Longer term survival is not increasing though. They do nothing to get the nematode root cause, just giving it more room to grow biofilm in a high flow nutrient rich environment. The problems seem simple to me but all medicine is baffled, and accidentally on purpose. It isn’t only that they do not know what apple loeaves are doing, but that they do not want to know.

Statistics are cherry picked for an agenda, and biased towards the sponsor. Otherwise, they won’t see the light of day. An example is deaths caused by medical error, the third leading killer. It won’t go away, but mention it and watch them squeam. It finally took an independent medical university to dig into it again to confirm what 18 year old statistics implied. They even found it was getting worse. It can be a source of wild cards to bolster any fatality statistics. One interesting theory is that the survival rate increases with early diagnosis by lengthening the time of disease due to earlier diagnosis. It is all a crap shoot. Even when diagnosed early, they can’t do anything. They buy time at the beginning that way.

It isn’t all that hopeless. There are apple leaves. They will lighten your nematode parasite load. Then you can get back to dying from accidents, doctors, weed killer laced groceries, and the wrecked environment. Or even doing something to try and stop it. It’s an out of control thing though, compounded by a news blackout. With a non existent diagnosis and such a simple treatment, you should start this second for the best results any way, statistically speaking. Nobody will. It is like accidents. You wait for the result first. They just don’t know that the accident has already happened after those known and unknown bug bites.

Sunday TV sure has changed. Used to be prime time bonanza Star Trek re-runs, Columbo, Marcus Welby, and the like. Now it is all political bickering. Now it’s like “How It’s Made” and “Political Weak (sicbnr) Review.” It’s the downside. How about “Sunday Blues?” There is a story on CBC about Cimavax, the Cuban anti cancer drug. That’s better news. It employs EGF reduction technology for tumour cells, but not regular cells. There is another story about intermediate care centers to take the load off hospitals. “Take a few apple leaves and call me in the morning” is what I thought would work better, but that has potential too. Lower wait times.

Mon, Aug 22, 2016 – Rio

Can we say it now? The conflab at the cesspool is over. Now for the aftermath. They are looking for volunteers to test a Zika vaccine. No word of nematode or the parasites underlying it. On a related note, I was talking to the smartest person I knew about the fact that medical error is the third leading cause of death. He shot back, “They were going to die any way.” I told him that the Johns Hopkins report took that into account and vetted it for publication. He asked “How?” I said he would have to dig into it all to keep the conversation moving. Since then, this Zika thing has resurfaced as if on cue with the Rio ground zero event over. As if to be Gumpian, they ended it with a soccer match to double down on stupid imitating the event that started the outbreak.

If they know nothing about the nematodes the virus resides endosymbiont to, pro or con, they know nothing. Like Lymerix, their vaccine will fail if it cannot smoke out the nematodes. They don’t even have to come from the same vector. There could already be a friendly biofilm from other vectors and their injected nematode(s). Malaria hasn’t been eradicated from the same type of vectors or mechanisms either. It is already resistant to artemesinin. There is a nematode smoking gun. If we are still having trouble getting around domestic vectors, how about a tropical one near the equator that is being exported dormant worldwide? Just add a domestic vector like in Miami or Wisconsin. As if on cue it is salmon spawning season. Dead salmon would make an excellent reservoir and source of human parasitic nematodes too. These intelligent disease hunters have no clue about that without experiencing apple leaves. I’d give them a score of 1/2% times number of days they learned on Applyme. Maybe 1/3% would be better. I am up to 784 Days or so now, but don’t take much anymore except a weekly maintenance dose. I still get the odd nematode that comes out of a new bite. I don’t know what they are, but at least I do know that they are exiting still. Some are from mosquitoes.

Back to my smart friend. I asked him if he knew about a reactor explosion on Jan 3, 1961? The SL-1 Accident. Naively, his argument was they would have told us about it if it was a problem. It was a problem and they haven’t told us. We are expected to know. I pointed out that Three Mile Island still is a problem, from March 1979, and they didn’t tell anyone. Fukushima Daini and Daichi, same deal. The people intimate to those situations are still missing 600 tonnes of nuclear fuel, and that is low. Now the overall takeaway here is that conventional wisdom clings to built in platitudes based on unconventional wisdom, or plain old conventional stupidity, borne of ignorance of the physics. Such is the case where apple leaves expose you to an whole new unknown area of undeniable repeatable nematode physics. If medicine does not know that, they have no root foundation and all their assumptions are void. It has absolutely nothing to do with how smart they are if they cannot vet their own opinions to include the physics of the all too real situation.

The physics of parasitic nematode infestation of all humans cannot be readily observed or detected when the nematodes have evolved to hide from the prying eyes of all research. Borrelia researchers became key. The borrelia spirochaetes themselves could paint a microscopic silhouette of the nematodes resident in tissue, but they remained hidden to all serum tests but not autopsy. Even then they were invisible. Dr Alan MacDonald finally found some of them in CSF, but only some. Not all. Apple leaves may not get them all either, but it is a start. They are the new normal to base all medicine, and particularly pathology, on. The New Square One. Otherwise, all medicine is reactive where it futilely misses the one target they must be proactive on. They have to burn down or even expose and extricate the bacteria shelter first.

It looks bleak with medicine according to Dave deBronkart. The change only comes when doctors get sick themselves, and start looking. Gregory Petsko also knows about the coming neurological crisis. Yet even they will have to know what I found with apple leaves, by extension if not personal experience, to proceed past that wall. Parasitic nematodes of a neural larva migrans type are behind a lot of that, and apple leaves can make them migrate out. That is the beginning where you perform brain surgery on yourself, or more correctly, by taking apple leaves to make your body do it. As the nematodes leave, you will get sharper if there hasn’t already been too much damage. Older people simply have had too many nematodes for too long in there.

Tues, Aug 23, 2016 – Your First Bug

Actually, your first nematode infected bug. You probably said “Goo goo GAH!” when it stung or bit you. You don’t remember. Apple leaves remember, and if the nematode is still alive, which is likely unless the location has been amputated or otherwise surgically removed, they have a long life, leaching off of you all that time. You would have to try it and see for yourself. So how would I know that without experiencing it for myself? It is like one of those Columbo questions. How would you know that without experiencing it yourself?

It actually took quite some time until I deduced that the first bug nematode must have been among the many that came out trying to get away from the apple leaf effect when I was eating them. They could cause some respiratory trouble with phlegm until I discovered that pectin enzyme like wine makers use could dissolve the biofilm faster, and even more nematodes came out. It broke down the polysaccharide from biofilm to simpler sugars that actually tasted slightly sweet. It turns out more nematodes were actually hiding inside that biofilm themselves. This took the whole thing literally to a deeper level, as if it could get any deeper than that.

Old warts raised up but did not let go. Bee stings and the stingers they left in there were tough, but eventually came out, with the nematode leading the way, then followed by the stinger a few weeks later. They were tenacious. Your own case my be different, but I can’t see why it would be. Maybe some quirk of your diet might make it different. It may be that your diet welds the nematodes in there so deeply that they are immune to apple leaves and pectin enzyme. I don’t know. You tell me. I just know what I saw, and I am still trying to figure out why.

If doctors do not know about this, I wouldn’t let them touch me no matter what their argument is. Their arguments are invalid to treat people without a large nematode presence inside of them. The doctors are on the level of blood letters comparatively, woefully ignorant of what is really happening. All of those insect vector nematode parasites have been wreaking havoc with their enddosymbiont poisons and/or pathogens of choice.

How do the apple leaves do that? At first I thought it could be a phage. Then I thought it could be that apple leaves chemically help the eosinophilic action of white blood cells, and they defeat the worm defences. You may have a different idea why. They sure work though. They did for me. Now is actually the ripe time to harvest apple leaves in the northern hemisphere here. Do your own quality control. Pick apple leaves that you feel comfortable eating. Of course, you don’t want any sprayed ones. They taste less bi9tter after being air dried because of the chlorophyll. They can be 98% moisture too by weight. A little dried leaves go a long way, like 100 mg of leaf powder. I crush and put mine in an old blender to powder them. Then I strain the powder. All of the leaf fibre works, including the powdered dendrites, or veins of the leaf.

You will have to be an ePatient, like Dave deBronkart. Doctors simply do not know, until a few more try it themselves. Eventually, enough of them will become victims of their own broken systems as the borrelia epidemic goes critical. Then they too will discover their first bug vector encounter as they desperately try to avoid themselves. It may be among the first hundred parasitic nematodes or so, or even later. The alternative is grim otherwise. They will discover their own peers’ advice is not always that well thought out. They will find a parrot gets over 90% accuracy with phonetics, but not the context.






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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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