Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief


Sun, Sept 25, 2016 – A Sermon

I am sick of preaching the wonders of borrelia. We found out way too much information about worms and nematodes and cerebrospinal nematodiasis. We know that borrelia is endosymbiont to the worms. We know apple leaves skunk the worms out. Pectin enzyme dissolves a lot enabled by the apple leaf proteolytic catalysts,  but the biofilm remains, a starchy thick slimy goo that hides it all from detection by simple serology. Your body can’t digest biofilm, but pectin enzyme and others can convert it to sugars that can be digested. I just miss church at home. By myself. All the other heathens can go to Hell, and they are well on their way.

Temperance people forget that ethanol is the oldest medicine. On the Beverly Hillbillies Granny knew her squeezins helped her rheumatism. Even small amounts of ethanol are a vasodilator, or widen your blood vessels. Just don’t over do a good thing. I do it PRN, or as needed. It can be tempting. It can get the juices flowing for a good sermon. Imagine a moderately tipsy hell fire and brimstone sermon from not exactly the mount, unless that is a horse.

What the hell are they thinking? They can pull this off and make all the borrelia sufferers go away and die? And with no consequence? Looks like it. Surely a story will be told. I am studying victims of this borrelia epidemic. All stuffed together to die in a scam wrinkle ranch where they are starved and off the books while their real estate goes for pennies on the dollar to pay for it. To say the whole thing is a travesty in a civilized world is an understatement. To call it criminal is an underestimate when Murder One is plausible. All under a veneer of care. That’s OK. The Lord can give them a refresher course in Care Share when it counts. I advise them to dress lightly for the heat.

One man’s heaven is another man’s hell. In this case their hell can be our heaven. It will be “Yuge” like Trump would say. Hitlery will say she will clamp harder on those who rip off the public purse, which would be a head scratcher from a prime ripper of the public purse. The fans, voters whatever, will lap it up. Fry da bastards in Hell harder they will cry. This time it will be hell no matter what the outcome. Once they’re bar-b-qued tougher than a puck, it is moot to give them a few more minutes.

The simple sermon is “I saw deer eat apple leaves. They preferred them over the apples. Why is that?” There was no answer. I’ve been online since Compuserve 1981, CSC 1982, etc. so I know how to filter garbage like e-Patient Dave.  More looking. People had made tea of the bark and leaves. I ate some and the most astonishing thing happened. There were little worms hiding in some insect bites I had had decades earlier. They must have been alive to get the memo. More looking. Unprecedented.  I mailed Dr Eva Sapi because she had mentioned filarial nematodes. That was nearly 2 years ago. Richard Longland from the YouTube Biofilm channel gave me the heads up. Then I found out the handling of an obvious borrelia epidemic was unbelievably criminal in Canada. This is the disease that has taken out the whole medical profession. Isn’t that Divine Justice? Apple leaves pile on and make them all look like idiots. Why Me, God? They won’t listen to me. Maybe that is exactly why. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but this is a little simpler to understand. They’re all going to Hell.

People ignore information at their own peril. Doctors should be embracing it but they don’t, since there are 1,100 new papers a day. Too much information. Dave deBronkart knows. They should listen to patients more. They should really listen to patients who are also professors of medicine, like I do intently. Instead they ridicule them with no explanation. Dr E Murakami is one such doctor I really listen to. Dr Alan B MacDonald is another. I am e-patient mike1baker they get some of their info from.

Don’t ignore pectin enzyme 4 times as much as apple leaf powder. I am an older guy with a lot of biofilm to snot out of me. I can’t warn enough about harvest season. I also have emergency supply of straight pectin enzyme. It isn’t asthma but like that, snotterboarding. The breathing difficulty can be quite disconcerting to the unexperienced. Maybe my doctor got snotterboarded and never figured out what it was. That asthma crap does not work for it. Pectin enzyme does.







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Fri, Sept 23, 2016 – Photophobia

It is an aversion to bright light. They say that goes hand in hand with borrelia. Right next door is phytophobia, fear of plants which doctors have to apple leaves. They cite cellulose, which also rules out all vegetables.  Are they idiots or what? Your call. I think they know the sham they are running is about to come crashing down, unless they do all they can to attack apple leaves which cure nearly everything. By extension, everything is caused by those nematodes apple leaves skunk out. Some doctors prefer to be worm bags. Good on ’em. It takes guts to face being eaten alive 24-7. Call me Chicken.

Call me photophobic too. I find it visually unbearable in sunlight. I need a cap with a bill on it to block the sun. Rows of lights on vanity mirrors are excruciating to me. I have a friend who is like that – photophobic, not as ugly as a shaved dog’s azz walking backwards. He liked to sit on logs outdoors. High risk borrelia activity. Wears dark glasses all the time.  In Canada, they say borrelia is a mental illness. Consider that a psychotic criminal doctor is telling you that while prescribing the latest garbage to eat as medicine. I thought it could be a side effect of CBD Coconut, caused by cannabinoids, but it is known to occur with borrelia by real doctors. Give the laggards a few decades. That is “stat” in their terms. After all, the entire book of medicine is rewritten in terms of borrelia. They have a lot of catching up to do, starting at square one.

So what are all these worms that drilled out of your eyes and skin after eating apple leaves? We are not sure. Generic bug worms. They are small, under half a mm in length, but parasitologists have said the smaller worms carry worse diseases in general. I don’t know about generalizations though with such a hugely broad topic. I do imagine they are mostly bad given what they did to me. Also, given how each kind left me feeling a bit better as they left. Some left with minimal fanfare while others were more noticeable. I wondered what Dr DeBakey would think of our doctors’ shenanigans when confronted on their handling of borrelia? We have our own Canadian version, “Borealia”

Yahoo! got hacked for half a billion users again. Sources say state sponsored cyber attack, but I am skeptical any state would pizz on Yahoo! if it were on fire. Google has eaten their lunch and crapped it out a half dozen times since Y! was going anywhere. It is actually a pity more than anything. Likewise borealia gets no respect, even though it is the GOOG of diseases. All from Canada migratory birds getting around. The mallard and goose poop may be good lawn fertilizer but better getting lousy disease around the globe. Was Gene Krantz sick of cigars?



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Tues, Sept 20, 2016 – Chronic Cure

A couple years ago it was a death sentence. Now I actually think I am on top of it. First I got rid of hundreds of nematode parasites, then babesia with wormwood. Now the spirochaetes are being cleaned out by the CBD Coconut. I am back to improving again. It isn’t just the effect of handling the apple leaves now, but that was the essential component no doubt, because everybody has been doing all the other stuff, but with few results as dramatic as this. I don’t know if anybody has come back from this far chronic before.

Dr MacDonald gave me the bad news. International chronic Lyme disease, or borrelia, the over arching condition, compounded by several different strains. I was in an excruciatingly high risk profession, akin to being a lumberjack, but with the added dopamine candy for bug worms, leading to a condition I called Surveyor’s Disease. It affected several of my peers, and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. A local deer fawn exhibited strong side weakness, and that was the same thing I was suffering from. It ate apple leaves and it was cured. However, it was young. I am a crusty old codger. This thing has really built up over the years.

Once you start the apple leaves, it becomes clear ticks aren’t really the only insects having nematodes in them. Arthropods in general carry them. Now it has been found many of these nematodes have endosymbiont borrelia spirochaetes in them. Apple leaves all of a sudden become the most crucial component. That also becomes obvious as more worms come out. If anybody gives you grief about being preoccupied with apple leaves, consider that their brain is still riddled with worms out of their own ignorance. Avoid them until they die. They’re going to soon enough, and it will be as miserable as borrelia makes it for everybody. Those timeless nematodes aren’t exactly having a party in you as they are eating your raw brain.

Vector parasitology is rare enough, but vector parasitology with an endosymbiont worm spirochaete mechanism is unknown outside of rare sub saharan African diseases. Borrelia is exactly that – worms full of borrelia spirochaetes. A sort course of apple leaves makes the nematode component all too clear. The chronic nature of the disease makes the nematode endosymbionce component stick out too. It is a new disease model that has been inexplicably neglected. Apple leaves show you what is happening there too. My worms couldn’t get away from it fast enough in some cases. Genesis 3: 22 tells a story why we still eat apples.

It must have missed something in the translation, because nobody lives forever. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but nothing like those leaves. The leaves will put that doctor on skid row. That’s pretty impressive if they are government employees. Especially if is from my lil’ cubby hole on the web. I have apple leaves to thank for it all. Meanwhile, I have contracted a meningitis like illness with a headache and a possible fever. Apple leaves got it but after producing what seemed like about a gallon of phlegm over a day, Wednesday. It started with a sore right tonsil but is finishing up crying that stuffy head through my nose. Word has it that there is a bug going around. This one is particularly snotty it seems to be.

Another thing I notice with CBD Coconut. I was making a mixed drink with pectin enzyme, biofilm, 100% agave tequila, bromelaine, etc., but the coconut makes it oily, blecch. It changes it to a bland oily glop, so not so good with CBD and Coconut Oil. I may have to let the spirochaetes build up again to get that same herx effect. The tequila has zero problem crossing the blood-brain barrier as usual though. If you dig an oily snotterboarding, you may like it. I preferred Snargaritaville, but that’s maybe that’s just me.

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Sun, Sept 18, 2016 – SNOBbS (originally NOBbS) Protocol

SNOBbS has to have a protocol to treat chronic borrelia. Protocols are like azzholes. Everybody with Lyme disease, a huge component of chronic arthritis, neuroborreliosis, endocarditis, and myocarditis, has one. SNOBbS use apple leaves to get rid of the helminths, and then and only then you can use CBD or others to get the spirochaetes. When I started this, it was pretty clear that I was late stage chronic Lyme Disease, and that was eventually confirmed by ACA Herxheimer showing up 24 years ago on May 3, 1992 after a spider bite on my right foot in Mexico. My memory was jogged because the apple leaves made those worms drill out of the top of my foot in September 2014.

I was talking to a pharmacist yesterday and he gave me some leads to get the NPN Number. Searching for pyrus malus turns up relevant information, but pyrus malus fiber there is only apple skins, and has no bark or leaves. The most profound effect of the apple leaves is probiotic for digestion, after initially skunking out presumed helminths from the GI Tract. The AppLyme™ formulation also includes pectin enzyme in a 4:1 enzyme to apple tree fibre  ratio to fight congestion from decomposing biofilm in situ. It apparently renders the polysaccharide/pectin hydrophobic in blood solution in situ whereby it gets expelled from the alveoli in your lungs. This is all old hat to old SNOBbS, but worthwhile to disclose to fledgling SNOBbS Consumers.

I have tested serrapeptase and bromelaine with the AppLyme, and they are both useful. Apple tree bark is also useful to eliminate lower leg swelling, or dropsy (filariasis?) pitting edema. Wormwood is contraindicated to a point where all the helminths are finally expelled, but can be used sparingly to diagnose progress, and blackmail certain intelligent parasitic  worm species. They’ll do anything if you can just make it stop, sort of like tickle torture. I gleaned most of my medical information from them this way. Doctors and medicine will never figure it out based on what I found out. Worms can utilize quantum mechanics to stay hidden from doctors in a quantum paradox like Shrõdinger’s Cat. They know doctors are out to kill them with Ivermectin and Albendazole, but I know that is not a good idea. The worm can kill the host by releasing a burst of toxins if it dies.

Consider that you are in endosymbionce with the worms and have been for decades. They affect your thinking as they steal neural materials and construct their own biofilm brain in your body. This makes chronic borrelia especially difficult to eliminate. There are three main components not including possible coinfections; Worms, their Biofilm, and their endosymbiont spirochaetes of multiple descriptions. The AppLyme gets the helminths and their biofilm, compatible with invertase, serrapeptase, and bromelaine. The CBD gets the remaining spirochaetes. I am not licensed to provide CBD Coconut, but it should b e available from licensed providers in your jurisdiction. I do know it is compatible with AppLyme, and in fact, is the essential final step of SNOBbS Protocol.

banksy-doctorSNOBbS wipes out snobby doctors too. Kiss them Adios, amigos. Once ramped up on SNOBbS Protocol, say goodbye to those loopy snobs. You too will find out that they really know nothing when it comes to this, and will likely die a perfectly horrible snobby death from it, insisting that they know better. Et Tu, Brutus? Well, you deserve to enjoy your new found SNOBbery over them. Turnabout is fair play. You will eventually know in no uncertain terms that they are criminal idiots to be avoided at all costs. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a few leaves will put ’em on skid row!

220px-Nobel_PrizeWe started out as NOBbS. North Okanagan. Think Adams River. Notice there is no apostrophe, so the Biblical references end there. There may not be enough members down south, so we  have to revert back to nob. I have been a NOBb at times myself, but I never snob it is said. I am now, in the North Okanagan, I am a NOBb, and I like Viking music. I would have to find a southern counterpart to truly be a SNOBb. I have Mexican borrelia, but that is too far south. I have Arctic borrelia too from when I broke my right wrist in 73, but the apple leaves skunked that fibrin cravin’ worm outta the bone there. Now I am really NOTHIN’ – North Okanagan Tebovirus Helminth-endosymbiont Infection Negator. The whole thing has become a can of worms in more ways than one. I am technically no longer able to run with the SNOBbS if the borrelia is all gone. NOBbS are in the same boat when it is all said and done. With borrelia, SNOBbS and NOBbS alike are  actually a lot better off with NOTHIN’. Of course, that is the whole point.

The society should be  bigger than the heart and stroke and cancer societies put together. They were the biggest SNOBbS around until now. They don ‘t even cure anything. NOBbS cure everything. What’s up with that? I think NOBbS should get all the money. Alas, SNOBbS get it all as usual. But you gotta eat. If you can’t beat the SNOBbS, join ’em. They have a right to be snobby because suitable organic apple tree  crops are rare. Plus there is a discovery that even a tiny bit of agave enzyme alleviates snotterboarding. Cigarette ash for the potassium  is also an emergency snotterboard treatment. The vasodilation properties of strong alcohol also help, but you don’t need some NOBbS or SNOBbS to tell you that.

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Wed, Sept 14, 2016 – Harvest Herx

OK… These damn leaves have a sizable Harvest Herx from the α phage in them. These are very high power apple leaves. YMMV. The phage goes through your skin by osmosis. CBD Coconut is a new chapter with entirely different properties, and the two work in concert. CBD has zero anthelmintic like apple though AFAIK. Helminths are the whole problem with their endosymbiont proxy leaches of choice.

You have to know about Kang 1982 here. Notice that the proteolytics are maxed out at that first frost. I also have anecdotal evidence that the phage effect parallels the proteolytic enzymes. There is a corresponding increase in sweetness of the leaves as apple harvest approaches as well.We know from  other papers that apple leaves have the largest rDNA count in the plant kingdom. Phage engineering 101 I know, but humor me here. Even though it is 100 year old technology, nobody knows shzt about it.

2 DeerThen there is the North Okanagan Borrelia Society – The NOBbS. I am the founder. I also have late stage tertiary chronic Lyme without a doubt having ACA Herxheimer for 24 years. People ask me what is borrelia? I say “Everything,” which Dr A B MacDonald will find as he catches everything. The leaves will wipe it out before it gets started, or even if it is already started, by skunking out thefrom harvesting. It’s a spinoff from all that starch in the Western Diet. You never get over having to clean up biofilm like vacuuming. It is a maintenance thing.


Fri, Sept 16, 2016 , and I’m being snotterboarded again.

I know. I’d bztch if I wasn’t hung with a new rope. Met a person earlier this week diagnosed with Spino Cerebellar Ataxia. It is another form of borrelia I bet, so welcome to the SNOBbS – South and North Okanagan Borrelia Society. We say, “Hey, you’re gonna get this too, Einstein!” That’s a tinch SNOBby as it should be. We went from being regular NOBbS to SNOBbS when we found this was a bigger problem than we ever suspected. We’re still NOBbS, but with the inclusion of the South, now we are a bunch of SNOBbS. With all the salmon that spawn  here, we’re more than just one big fzck ditch for fish. We’re SNOBbS!! lol

Some people may be allergic to apple leaves. All I could suggest there is try an antihistamine. Otherwise, you are a natural worm bag. You’re on your own there, because the worms cause a lot of hideous crippling chronic disease. Nobody has an idea they are even there. lol


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Sun, Sept 11, 2016 – Setting Up Shop

I am setting up a Lyme Disease club. Since there is no Lyme Disease by all accounts, we’re all nuckin’ futz. Join the club!  We have the best CBD and Wild Apple Leafs selected by Crazy Canucks. Must develop a finely honed taste for Pure 100% Agave Tequila, karaoke, and Cigars of the World. Health Insurance deals available for chain smokers. Also have Non Alcoholic protocols available, and kiddie versions. Like the urinal sign says, “We aim to please, So you aim too, please!”

No more doctors allowed, unless they are retired. I’ve got so many Ph.D. equivalents, on even cycles it is a multiple of paradoxes. It will have to be close to an airport and Wild Apple Patch. The airport place is anywhere I go, because if azzholes could fly, it would become an airport. I am a Reiki Master, Master Baker (careful with that) if you will, making me a Reiki Healer, restoring your sphincter levitation capability. This place will be azz-O’Hare International.

Illuminati will meet at Karaoke weakly. And I’ve been talkin’ to God. He said, “Testing 1 2 3. Now listen carefully. That is all!” I said He was a funny old bastard. He said, “No Momma either!” Awwww. lol. Brevity is the soul of wit. He got a lot of that. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry or soil yourself, or all of the above.

CBD with Wild Apple  Leafs creates a hot herx with about 4 mg CBD every 6 hours. I do a couple Milk Thistle from the Walmart Protocol with that. I have scrubbed the Vitamin C because it has no bioflavinoids, and added Niacin B6. CBD also produces a lot of extra biofilm with Apple Leaves, but the pectin enzyme fights that snotterboard effect. That may just be the CBD I am trying. None of this is USP yet. FDA is unknown about real Hemp Oil. All I know is that herx plus the Harvest Herx from osmosis of the apple alpha phage is quite sizable. You get a good herx handling the leaves alone and like deer, you get snotterboarded.

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Sat, Sept 10, 2016 – The Very Next Day

it will be the 15th Anniversary of 911. You know what ISIS calls a 15 year old? Spinster, or ugly. Of course North Korea, other than being famous for bad haircuts, wants to no0k us. We all fry in the gaps from the chemtrail canopy. She’s one fzk+ up marble. If you sat these jackazes down Clockwork Orange style for a one hour in education in video, they would all wanna shoot themselves for bein’ such dumfzkz. Problem solved. Too bad it’s not that simple. I’m no longer human. No nematodes. EVERYbody is riddled with the damn things.