Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Sept 1, 2016 – Flea Shipping

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I’ve been puzzling over how this epidemic all happened. We know it is worms smoked out by eating apple leaves, and that the worms make biofilm out of pectin. Once that biofilm has been in place for decades, all it needs is Ingredient X. Some say that is leptospires and spirochaetes. The worms crave dopamine. That explains why certain people are more susceptible to borrelia and leptospirosis because they are dopamine rich, feeding the trojan horse nematodes like aphids feed ants. All medicine is on the wrong track looking to kill the aphids while the ants get zero attention. In that analogy, the army of ants just come back to make more shelter for their flock of pathogens. It is a perfect murder weapon. It kills the best and brightest of the defending army. Our defending army runs on their wallet first, while still being enslaved to their stomach. Oh, but the food safety agencies are looking out for us there. It’s not like our supermarkets are stocked floor to ceiling with starch/pectin and weedkiller or something, and our doctors are on top of it. /Sarcasm Off

stickerIn related news, China is on the verge of banning Canadian Canola imports. You know, that poison allegedly Heart Healthy GMO stuff that Canada produces to foist on the world, containing deadly polyethoxylated tallow amine “foreign material” adjuvants to weedkillers used on that junk. Chinese consumers know that, as do most people other than here, because our doctors are SO smart. Canada is up to their ears in it. As for Canadians, doctors just say, “Well, they were going to die anyway.” Again, we all know that it causes the top two leading causes of death, heart disease and cancer, with medical error allegedly taking the bronze medal killer spot. In reality, everybody ought to know by now that medical error owns the podium. Apple leaves make that clear to a child of three by skunking out dozens of long lived sub dermal nematodes alive. Their vectors are epidemic because the weed killer has wiped out the antidote “weeds.”

It is nearing Harvest time for apple leaves. Find a tree or suffer the consequences. Just pick the ones you would eat yourself. Find some pectin enzyme to fight the congestion if you have an old biofilm farm to mop up. There are worms hiding in it too. Meanwhile, the CMAJ weighs in on Lyme Disease after being 4 decades out of the loop. Yet they still cling to the notion that the geographical model works. Fail. They are so far behind that they think they are ahead. Eat some apple leaves for a laugh to show how antiquated they are. For every nematode they smoke out shows them all to be clueless about all chronic disease. Then you will realize medical error gets the gold medal for cause of death, and why if they ever try to intervene. Just know that all those nematodes fight back if you try to kill them with an anthelmintic other than apple leaves. If those leaves do not wipe your brain fog, you’re done anyway. Some of the worms have a mastery of physics that may be your final instruction on the matter.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgSomeone accused me of preaching. I guess they can’t tell the difference, and they don’t know that teach only rhymes with preach. They picked their poison. Sunday Mourning as if that stops 24-7. Maybe they will enjoy service in Chinese. Failure to learn the lessons of physics is like failing to learn the lessons of history. Schrödinger’s Cat is a critter with multiple paradoxes of claws. People tend to get sucked into the fallacy of yes-no answers borne of a 4D understanding of an apparent 11D Universe. How can a nematode be outside in and inside out like a true Klein Bottle and yet still be alive? Perhaps they crave human dopamine for that purpose. They sure did with Dr. Hawking. Apple leaves make it all too simple to figure out what is going on. They did for me anyway. People will discover the difference between everything and nothing is really no difference. No wonder doctors are confused in a world predicated by yes-no answers, and dictated by their own peer reviewed accord. After all, a consensus of fools or doctors is still a conshttps://wordpress.com/post/mike1baker.wordpress.com/41469ensus like flipping a coin. Their coin has no edge either. Heads they lose, tails they lose. Understanding is winning. My Klein nematodes won easily. They just pick the side of the edgeless one sided coin they offer to toss. ept

Sat, Sept. 3, 2016 – FRCQAG

The Fraternal Royal College of Quack Amateur Gynecologists has a bone to pick with me over back dues. I have been spending it with the FRCQV Veterinarians these days. The QAG are redundant all over again over their handling of Lyme Disease, having ethical challenges anyway. Kittens, puppies, kids, calves, what’s the diff basically? The CQV are eons ahead technically. It is important to know that flea collars can kill a cat, though being only one way you can inadvertently skin one. They don’t like permethrin wreaking havoc with their endocrine systems. It isn’t just because they’re Pussies however. The endocrinology differences between species is like comparing apple leaves to orange leaves

Sun, Sept 4, 2016 – Pair O’ Docs

They will never figure it out. That is because there is no money in it.  However, all chronic disease is in it, safe from moneyed sawbones to wreak havoc in perpetuity. Apple leaves destroy their all too flimsy world. Luckily, I have a couple doctorates, and I am cheap. People assume that free advice is worth it, and they are right. On occasion though, it may simply be something you can’t buy for love or money. Of course, that has nothing to do with the validity of that advice.

Some free advice I got was that nobody gets out alive. How could they be wrong? If you discovered that eating apple leaves made you immortal as all those disease causing worms fled, how would anybody ever know? Good question. They wrongly assume that money predicates validity. That would be bad engineering. It is said that God built the world with a heaven bonus, and He didn’t have two pieces o’ shzt to rub together. Then He rested on His Holy azz after a tough week at the office, working overtime in His first weekend on the job. You may say this is sacrilege, but He did make us in His image. I am guessing He had a pair of doctorates too. He would have everything that I do, and likely a Hell of a lot more, literally. I only have the minor Hell of getting no recognition from discovering all this about apple leaves.

Heaven will be lonely because like all creative engineers, I am guessing God is saying they can all go to Hell. He would be able to create a better version anyway. Don’t shoot the messenger! Just sayin’. As Cecil B DeMille would say, “So it is written. So it shall be done.” If there is one thing for sure, this mess is screamin’ for a do-over.




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