Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Sept 5, 2016 – Harvest

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I still have my trusty old proctor silex blender. I air dry my leaves, crush them, powder them, strain them, and add pectin enzyme 4 to one or so before putting them  in size 0 capsules. Works for me. Now I just save them to fight bug bites like the toxic black fly one yesterday on the nape of my neck that gave me deadly encephalitis like symptoms and a migraine temporarily. I am in a new location so there are strange bugs here, to me anyway, but looking at the local disabled parking spots, there is a fibromyalgia, lupus, ms, whatever epidemic here. It is all from these smoked out apple leaf worms that come from those black fllies at least. Saw a Yellow Jacket too, but I looked at it cross eyed and it died. Cool. I never knew I could do that now. Probably just a coincidence. Otherwise, I have a finely developed permethrin laser vision now. It may be another creepy apple leaf side effect, so I better let you know.

Think you toweled off that Swimmer’s Itch? Guess again. It has been alive in there for decades. Little nematodes. Under our skin. Happy Labour Day. Talk about viral like on YouTube, but IRL. Nothing apple tree leaves and bark can’t handle. Meanwhile, remember that lady last winter with lung cancer? Cured with AppLyme, and cured her 96 year old mother too with 2014 leftovers for a kicker. Not sure if they both still smoke. I do know doctors gave them both a death sentence. Details? Schmetails. I’ll let the doctors try and sort that one out.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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