Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Wed, Sept 14, 2016 – Harvest Herx

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OK… These damn leaves have a sizable Harvest Herx from the α phage in them. These are very high power apple leaves. YMMV. The phage goes through your skin by osmosis. CBD Coconut is a new chapter with entirely different properties, and the two work in concert. CBD has zero anthelmintic like apple though AFAIK. Helminths are the whole problem with their endosymbiont proxy leaches of choice.

You have to know about Kang 1982 here. Notice that the proteolytics are maxed out at that first frost. I also have anecdotal evidence that the phage effect parallels the proteolytic enzymes. There is a corresponding increase in sweetness of the leaves as apple harvest approaches as well.We know from  other papers that apple leaves have the largest rDNA count in the plant kingdom. Phage engineering 101 I know, but humor me here. Even though it is 100 year old technology, nobody knows shzt about it.

2 DeerThen there is the North Okanagan Borrelia Society – The NOBbS. I am the founder. I also have late stage tertiary chronic Lyme without a doubt having ACA Herxheimer for 24 years. People ask me what is borrelia? I say “Everything,” which Dr A B MacDonald will find as he catches everything. The leaves will wipe it out before it gets started, or even if it is already started, by skunking out thefrom harvesting. It’s a spinoff from all that starch in the Western Diet. You never get over having to clean up biofilm like vacuuming. It is a maintenance thing.


Fri, Sept 16, 2016 , and I’m being snotterboarded again.

I know. I’d bztch if I wasn’t hung with a new rope. Met a person earlier this week diagnosed with Spino Cerebellar Ataxia. It is another form of borrelia I bet, so welcome to the SNOBbS – South and North Okanagan Borrelia Society. We say, “Hey, you’re gonna get this too, Einstein!” That’s a tinch SNOBby as it should be. We went from being regular NOBbS to SNOBbS when we found this was a bigger problem than we ever suspected. We’re still NOBbS, but with the inclusion of the South, now we are a bunch of SNOBbS. With all the salmon that spawn  here, we’re more than just one big fzck ditch for fish. We’re SNOBbS!! lol

Some people may be allergic to apple leaves. All I could suggest there is try an antihistamine. Otherwise, you are a natural worm bag. You’re on your own there, because the worms cause a lot of hideous crippling chronic disease. Nobody has an idea they are even there. lol



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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