Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Sept 18, 2016 – SNOBbS (originally NOBbS) Protocol

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SNOBbS has to have a protocol to treat chronic borrelia. Protocols are like azzholes. Everybody with Lyme disease, a huge component of chronic arthritis, neuroborreliosis, endocarditis, and myocarditis, has one. SNOBbS use apple leaves to get rid of the helminths, and then and only then you can use CBD or others to get the spirochaetes. When I started this, it was pretty clear that I was late stage chronic Lyme Disease, and that was eventually confirmed by ACA Herxheimer showing up 24 years ago on May 3, 1992 after a spider bite on my right foot in Mexico. My memory was jogged because the apple leaves made those worms drill out of the top of my foot in September 2014.

I was talking to a pharmacist yesterday and he gave me some leads to get the NPN Number. Searching for pyrus malus turns up relevant information, but pyrus malus fiber there is only apple skins, and has no bark or leaves. The most profound effect of the apple leaves is probiotic for digestion, after initially skunking out presumed helminths from the GI Tract. The AppLyme™ formulation also includes pectin enzyme in a 4:1 enzyme to apple tree fibre  ratio to fight congestion from decomposing biofilm in situ. It apparently renders the polysaccharide/pectin hydrophobic in blood solution in situ whereby it gets expelled from the alveoli in your lungs. This is all old hat to old SNOBbS, but worthwhile to disclose to fledgling SNOBbS Consumers.

I have tested serrapeptase and bromelaine with the AppLyme, and they are both useful. Apple tree bark is also useful to eliminate lower leg swelling, or dropsy (filariasis?) pitting edema. Wormwood is contraindicated to a point where all the helminths are finally expelled, but can be used sparingly to diagnose progress, and blackmail certain intelligent parasitic  worm species. They’ll do anything if you can just make it stop, sort of like tickle torture. I gleaned most of my medical information from them this way. Doctors and medicine will never figure it out based on what I found out. Worms can utilize quantum mechanics to stay hidden from doctors in a quantum paradox like Shrõdinger’s Cat. They know doctors are out to kill them with Ivermectin and Albendazole, but I know that is not a good idea. The worm can kill the host by releasing a burst of toxins if it dies.

Consider that you are in endosymbionce with the worms and have been for decades. They affect your thinking as they steal neural materials and construct their own biofilm brain in your body. This makes chronic borrelia especially difficult to eliminate. There are three main components not including possible coinfections; Worms, their Biofilm, and their endosymbiont spirochaetes of multiple descriptions. The AppLyme gets the helminths and their biofilm, compatible with invertase, serrapeptase, and bromelaine. The CBD gets the remaining spirochaetes. I am not licensed to provide CBD Coconut, but it should b e available from licensed providers in your jurisdiction. I do know it is compatible with AppLyme, and in fact, is the essential final step of SNOBbS Protocol.

banksy-doctorSNOBbS wipes out snobby doctors too. Kiss them Adios, amigos. Once ramped up on SNOBbS Protocol, say goodbye to those loopy snobs. You too will find out that they really know nothing when it comes to this, and will likely die a perfectly horrible snobby death from it, insisting that they know better. Et Tu, Brutus? Well, you deserve to enjoy your new found SNOBbery over them. Turnabout is fair play. You will eventually know in no uncertain terms that they are criminal idiots to be avoided at all costs. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a few leaves will put ’em on skid row!

220px-Nobel_PrizeWe started out as NOBbS. North Okanagan. Think Adams River. Notice there is no apostrophe, so the Biblical references end there. There may not be enough members down south, so we  have to revert back to nob. I have been a NOBb at times myself, but I never snob it is said. I am now, in the North Okanagan, I am a NOBb, and I like Viking music. I would have to find a southern counterpart to truly be a SNOBb. I have Mexican borrelia, but that is too far south. I have Arctic borrelia too from when I broke my right wrist in 73, but the apple leaves skunked that fibrin cravin’ worm outta the bone there. Now I am really NOTHIN’ – North Okanagan Tebovirus Helminth-endosymbiont Infection Negator. The whole thing has become a can of worms in more ways than one. I am technically no longer able to run with the SNOBbS if the borrelia is all gone. NOBbS are in the same boat when it is all said and done. With borrelia, SNOBbS and NOBbS alike are  actually a lot better off with NOTHIN’. Of course, that is the whole point.

The society should be  bigger than the heart and stroke and cancer societies put together. They were the biggest SNOBbS around until now. They don ‘t even cure anything. NOBbS cure everything. What’s up with that? I think NOBbS should get all the money. Alas, SNOBbS get it all as usual. But you gotta eat. If you can’t beat the SNOBbS, join ’em. They have a right to be snobby because suitable organic apple tree  crops are rare. Plus there is a discovery that even a tiny bit of agave enzyme alleviates snotterboarding. Cigarette ash for the potassium  is also an emergency snotterboard treatment. The vasodilation properties of strong alcohol also help, but you don’t need some NOBbS or SNOBbS to tell you that.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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