Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Sept 20, 2016 – Chronic Cure

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A couple years ago it was a death sentence. Now I actually think I am on top of it. First I got rid of hundreds of nematode parasites, then babesia with wormwood. Now the spirochaetes are being cleaned out by the CBD Coconut. I am back to improving again. It isn’t just the effect of handling the apple leaves now, but that was the essential component no doubt, because everybody has been doing all the other stuff, but with few results as dramatic as this. I don’t know if anybody has come back from this far chronic before.

Dr MacDonald gave me the bad news. International chronic Lyme disease, or borrelia, the over arching condition, compounded by several different strains. I was in an excruciatingly high risk profession, akin to being a lumberjack, but with the added dopamine candy for bug worms, leading to a condition I called Surveyor’s Disease. It affected several of my peers, and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. A local deer fawn exhibited strong side weakness, and that was the same thing I was suffering from. It ate apple leaves and it was cured. However, it was young. I am a crusty old codger. This thing has really built up over the years.

Once you start the apple leaves, it becomes clear ticks aren’t really the only insects having nematodes in them. Arthropods in general carry them. Now it has been found many of these nematodes have endosymbiont borrelia spirochaetes in them. Apple leaves all of a sudden become the most crucial component. That also becomes obvious as more worms come out. If anybody gives you grief about being preoccupied with apple leaves, consider that their brain is still riddled with worms out of their own ignorance. Avoid them until they die. They’re going to soon enough, and it will be as miserable as borrelia makes it for everybody. Those timeless nematodes aren’t exactly having a party in you as they are eating your raw brain.

Vector parasitology is rare enough, but vector parasitology with an endosymbiont worm spirochaete mechanism is unknown outside of rare sub saharan African diseases. Borrelia is exactly that – worms full of borrelia spirochaetes. A sort course of apple leaves makes the nematode component all too clear. The chronic nature of the disease makes the nematode endosymbionce component stick out too. It is a new disease model that has been inexplicably neglected. Apple leaves show you what is happening there too. My worms couldn’t get away from it fast enough in some cases. Genesis 3: 22 tells a story why we still eat apples.

It must have missed something in the translation, because nobody lives forever. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but nothing like those leaves. The leaves will put that doctor on skid row. That’s pretty impressive if they are government employees. Especially if is from my lil’ cubby hole on the web. I have apple leaves to thank for it all. Meanwhile, I have contracted a meningitis like illness with a headache and a possible fever. Apple leaves got it but after producing what seemed like about a gallon of phlegm over a day, Wednesday. It started with a sore right tonsil but is finishing up crying that stuffy head through my nose. Word has it that there is a bug going around. This one is particularly snotty it seems to be.

Another thing I notice with CBD Coconut. I was making a mixed drink with pectin enzyme, biofilm, 100% agave tequila, bromelaine, etc., but the coconut makes it oily, blecch. It changes it to a bland oily glop, so not so good with CBD and Coconut Oil. I may have to let the spirochaetes build up again to get that same herx effect. The tequila has zero problem crossing the blood-brain barrier as usual though. If you dig an oily snotterboarding, you may like it. I preferred Snargaritaville, but that’s maybe that’s just me.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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