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Fri, Sept 23, 2016 – Photophobia

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It is an aversion to bright light. They say that goes hand in hand with borrelia. Right next door is phytophobia, fear of plants which doctors have to apple leaves. They cite cellulose, which also rules out all vegetables.  Are they idiots or what? Your call. I think they know the sham they are running is about to come crashing down, unless they do all they can to attack apple leaves which cure nearly everything. By extension, everything is caused by those nematodes apple leaves skunk out. Some doctors prefer to be worm bags. Good on ’em. It takes guts to face being eaten alive 24-7. Call me Chicken.

Call me photophobic too. I find it visually unbearable in sunlight. I need a cap with a bill on it to block the sun. Rows of lights on vanity mirrors are excruciating to me. I have a friend who is like that – photophobic, not as ugly as a shaved dog’s azz walking backwards. He liked to sit on logs outdoors. High risk borrelia activity. Wears dark glasses all the time.  In Canada, they say borrelia is a mental illness. Consider that a psychotic criminal doctor is telling you that while prescribing the latest garbage to eat as medicine. I thought it could be a side effect of CBD Coconut, caused by cannabinoids, but it is known to occur with borrelia by real doctors. Give the laggards a few decades. That is “stat” in their terms. After all, the entire book of medicine is rewritten in terms of borrelia. They have a lot of catching up to do, starting at square one.

So what are all these worms that drilled out of your eyes and skin after eating apple leaves? We are not sure. Generic bug worms. They are small, under half a mm in length, but parasitologists have said the smaller worms carry worse diseases in general. I don’t know about generalizations though with such a hugely broad topic. I do imagine they are mostly bad given what they did to me. Also, given how each kind left me feeling a bit better as they left. Some left with minimal fanfare while others were more noticeable. I wondered what Dr DeBakey would think of our doctors’ shenanigans when confronted on their handling of borrelia? We have our own Canadian version, “Borealia”

Yahoo! got hacked for half a billion users again. Sources say state sponsored cyber attack, but I am skeptical any state would pizz on Yahoo! if it were on fire. Google has eaten their lunch and crapped it out a half dozen times since Y! was going anywhere. It is actually a pity more than anything. Likewise borealia gets no respect, even though it is the GOOG of diseases. All from Canada migratory birds getting around. The mallard and goose poop may be good lawn fertilizer but better getting lousy disease around the globe. Was Gene Krantz sick of cigars?




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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