Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Sept 25, 2016 – A Sermon


I am sick of preaching the wonders of borrelia. We found out way too much information about worms and nematodes and cerebrospinal nematodiasis. We know that borrelia is endosymbiont to the worms. We know apple leaves skunk the worms out. Pectin enzyme dissolves a lot enabled by the apple leaf proteolytic catalysts,  but the biofilm remains, a starchy thick slimy goo that hides it all from detection by simple serology. Your body can’t digest biofilm, but pectin enzyme and others can convert it to sugars that can be digested. I just miss church at home. By myself. All the other heathens can go to Hell, and they are well on their way.

Temperance people forget that ethanol is the oldest medicine. On the Beverly Hillbillies Granny knew her squeezins helped her rheumatism. Even small amounts of ethanol are a vasodilator, or widen your blood vessels. Just don’t over do a good thing. I do it PRN, or as needed. It can be tempting. It can get the juices flowing for a good sermon. Imagine a moderately tipsy hell fire and brimstone sermon from not exactly the mount, unless that is a horse.

What the hell are they thinking? They can pull this off and make all the borrelia sufferers go away and die? And with no consequence? Looks like it. Surely a story will be told. I am studying victims of this borrelia epidemic. All stuffed together to die in a scam wrinkle ranch where they are starved and off the books while their real estate goes for pennies on the dollar to pay for it. To say the whole thing is a travesty in a civilized world is an understatement. To call it criminal is an underestimate when Murder One is plausible. All under a veneer of care. That’s OK. The Lord can give them a refresher course in Care Share when it counts. I advise them to dress lightly for the heat.

One man’s heaven is another man’s hell. In this case their hell can be our heaven. It will be “Yuge” like Trump would say. Hitlery will say she will clamp harder on those who rip off the public purse, which would be a head scratcher from a prime ripper of the public purse. The fans, voters whatever, will lap it up. Fry da bastards in Hell harder they will cry. This time it will be hell no matter what the outcome. Once they’re bar-b-qued tougher than a puck, it is moot to give them a few more minutes.

The simple sermon is “I saw deer eat apple leaves. They preferred them over the apples. Why is that?” There was no answer. I’ve been online since Compuserve 1981, CSC 1982, etc. so I know how to filter garbage like e-Patient Dave.  More looking. People had made tea of the bark and leaves. I ate some and the most astonishing thing happened. There were little worms hiding in some insect bites I had had decades earlier. They must have been alive to get the memo. More looking. Unprecedented.  I mailed Dr Eva Sapi because she had mentioned filarial nematodes. That was nearly 2 years ago. Richard Longland from the YouTube Biofilm channel gave me the heads up. Then I found out the handling of an obvious borrelia epidemic was unbelievably criminal in Canada. This is the disease that has taken out the whole medical profession. Isn’t that Divine Justice? Apple leaves pile on and make them all look like idiots. Why Me, God? They won’t listen to me. Maybe that is exactly why. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but this is a little simpler to understand. They’re all going to Hell.

People ignore information at their own peril. Doctors should be embracing it but they don’t, since there are 1,100 new papers a day. Too much information. Dave deBronkart knows. They should listen to patients more. They should really listen to patients who are also professors of medicine, like I do intently. Instead they ridicule them with no explanation. Dr E Murakami is one such doctor I really listen to. Dr Alan B MacDonald is another. I am e-patient mike1baker they get some of their info from.

Don’t ignore pectin enzyme 4 times as much as apple leaf powder. I am an older guy with a lot of biofilm to snot out of me. I can’t warn enough about harvest season. I also have emergency supply of straight pectin enzyme. It isn’t asthma but like that, snotterboarding. The breathing difficulty can be quite disconcerting to the unexperienced. Maybe my doctor got snotterboarded and never figured out what it was. That asthma crap does not work for it. Pectin enzyme does.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Sun, Sept 25, 2016 – A Sermon

  1. Have you tried other enzymes for biofilm? I take high dose Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Lumbrokinase on an empty stomach. They are better than just pectin enzyme. I also take Wobenzyme with food.


    • Hi Tony. Sorry somehow erased that message notice, but found it again here. I have tried serrapeptase, but not so much natto or lumbro. Look at the formulation of Kirkman Biofilm Defense. The reason I harp on the pectolase so much is that I found hundreds more nematodes got smoked out with apple tree leaves and bark.


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