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Mon, Oct 31, 2016 – Veterinary Neurosciences

It would have to be the study of nematode/trematode biofilm messaging methods, per Dr Bassler of HHMI. I take it she is with the program, identifying chemical messaging processes within biofilm. She and her team have identified generic and species specific bacterial biofilm messaging chemicals, and a rudimentary interbacterial “Esperanto” messaging process. Dr Bassler may have never envisioned where I would have to take this, but it is key to a new science I have not only identified, but am actively exploiting in my quest for knowledge of how Borrelia bacteria and the nematodes they are endosymbio9nt to do business in several different species of host. I am finding that it works the same whether the host is an ant, a deer, a sheep, or a human. The biofilm neural processes can alter the host neural processing by grafting into it. Thus that bacterial biofilm is a brain unto itself. It is the target of our investigation.

Dr Tim Lu can get you up to speed on why we all think the biofilm is intelligent. That was 6 years ago, old hat. We have come a long way. I considered phage engineering, but am at the been there, done that stage with it now. Next stop, veterinary neuroscience. However, the target species is not the host for me. It is the nematode that I want to be a shrink for. Make no mistake, I would have to be a worm vet first, and the cross species capability is inherent. They consume the host materials with proxy parasitic action, and produce the biofilm brain secretions. Slime is the stuff of worms of all types. Slugs too. They leave a biofilm trail, showing scalability of the mechanism. The borrelia spirochaetes themselves are the cross species proxy bacteria collectors for the worm. Eventually, you “worm up” to the idea of veterinary neuroscience.

LeafsThen there is the Tree Of Knowledge. There you go. The Apple Leafs (sic). Like The Leafs, totally under the radar. In an unrelated financial engineering question, I asked my brother, “Who always wins the Stanley Cup?” I was looking for the league or the refs or the merchandising for an Caduceus.svganswer. He said he didn’t know, but for sure, “Anybody but the Leafs!” I conceded that it was a valid answer I had not thought of. The Curse of Punch Imlach. This points to a deeper meaning in that everything I have discovered about the worms is totally off the medical radar. As far as medicine is concerned they do not even exist. Guess again. Vets know all too well about nematodiasis. Add them together with their bacterial biofilm brains, and they are magnitudes of times smarter than humans. Only medical doctors are conceited enough to ignore this as ludicrous. Another piece of evidence that worms are smarter than doctors is shown by the prominence of worms on their own chosen symbols. The worms have them where they want the worms. Screwed. lol

Moreover, worms in a human host take over the mind of the host like a trematode takes over the mind of an ant so that it gets eaten by a sheep so it can reproduce within the sheep’s bile ducts. Sneaky, and ingenious. Do you doubt the intellect of worms now? For a couple years now, I have drilled down into what is making this all tick. Like the sheep ant thing, I have to go by existing evidence what is happening. Lyme Disease offers that in spades. Look how the nematodes invaded the doctors to make them take themselves out of the picture. A smoking gun. The doctors are analogous to the ants, and have been zombied by there own nematodiasis IMO.

dhsWhat is going on down south here? Reports are there is already widespread election fraud in the early voting. What is on the mind of the worms inside all those American hosts? If they can take over a doctor, above the police, how much sway do they have on the police? If the doctors are fudging this, lord help us. Mind you, I haven’t got a stick in the game there. I can still be a fan on the worm Tachyon Telephone channel. The worm itself is such a device that needs an Apple tree sweep. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “bugged,” permethrin or not. Hope they got the memo about the Leafs a couple years ago is all I can do. Nematode host coptrol takes it to a new level of concern. And hey, doesn’t it seem like that fly has a mind of its own <cough cough>?

Ha’lloween AppLymes! Suzen Chan has a new book out “The Gift of Lyme Disease.” Two years and two weeks ago, I knew that. All those little bug bite worms. Arthritis stings. Dr Sapi and Dr MacDonald. Dr Horowitz. No antibiotics but wh0 cared? How do you like them Apples? So I struck a deal with the worms with a little good cop and bad cop, with a threat of psycho cop. It’s all copacetic now between us. Worms are just being worms. They didn’t ask for this. They couldn’t pick their hosts. I worked out a symbiotic parting of ways with them for information. They seemed a lot smarter than doctors for starters. I am a second yeer sto0n+ of theirs now. Their actions spoke louder than words to me. I became  a slave to the Wu Li Master they presented. Them, to the one I presented. We compared notes from our differing perspectives. Ids. Superegos, and Egos of each other. We learned what makes each other tick, me more than them. But a deal is a deal to me anyway. Them too obviously.

M|3 – Trick or Treat! MI3 is Second World War British geomatics. M|3 is airphoto geomatics, using 4 optical cameras arranged in othogonal stereo pairs to replace LiDAR. No surveyors necessary. The link is 2009. I had it 2007. Was stolen by others. It was another backwards firing bullet. I didn’t want it to be stolen. The thieves had different ideas. Later, they smashed into my RV and stole the computer it was on. Maybe they were different thieves. It was a very karmic thing. No more Surveyor’s Disease. That is how this blog started. I kept most of it out of the computer so there would specifically be no record. It was something I stumbled on at work. In there, they had all the evidence they needed that it worked, but not how. It started as a stakeless survey, and out fell a surveyorless survey. Go figure. There were bigger problems there I was working on. Now I have the key to solving them too. This time I’ll just keep letting their steam oil ratio go through the roof. It was my first biofilm engineering project. Lyme Disease is another twist on it, but the process plant is a live human being full of bug worms.Oooooh! Scary kids. Get all the details by eating apple leaves.









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Sun, Oct 30, 2016 – Secrets of the Bible

It is up on Netflix. I was particularly interested in the Ten Plagues of Egypt, Exodus 1-12. Dr Marr, NY Epidemiologist author from that NCBI link, is interviewed to explain the epidemiological science applied to draw their conclusions. Midges loom large in the first 6 plagues, and Red Tide too. Right up our recent alley, stumbling into the field of police psychic physics and dream healing. Need I say more about how apple leaf makes it all possible to verify?

For ten bucks a month, Netflix is a smoking educational tool. Given my recent interests here, what a serendipitous find. I didn’t have time to watch it before, but got so sick of the satellite streams, overpriced lies and political garbage, that I cancelled the network streams. Why pay 80 bucks a month to watch advertisements? They dropped all my favourite channels too, and their HD was only 720 junk. Netflix is all UHD.

Add to this the legitimate discovery that trematodes/nematodes can control their host’s brains, and it all starts to add up that timeless nematodes are the authors of The Bible via their hosts to write it all down. They also authored popular music, and simply transmitted it to the hosts that could record it through their chosen instruments.

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Fri, Oct 28, 2016 – Midges and Breaking Bugs

Here is a vector class that manages to stay under the radar. It should be no surprise they are in the family nematocera. They include black flies, sand flies, and mosquitoes. They are the main piece of the apple leaf puzzle. Where are all the extra nematodes exposed by apple leaves coming from? The answer is very tiny arthropods.

I found out more about them by researching my sequel script/spinoff series to Breaking Bad. Naturally, all the same characters are in it, but now they work for the DEA. They go after a new target, the pharmaceutical/health care industry. More evil, more money, more guns, mo’ bad. They have all the confiscated proceeds of meth and cocaine crime to take on this gargantuan task. The huge amount of money gets the Secret Service involved. Fossack Monsecka is in it. The corrupt media and cure suppressing ²medical science is too. Lots of science like the original, including a new way to mark money. Walt is a scientist after he recovers, and has a lot more tricks up his sleeve in witness protection, but to survive the corruption within. Jesse joins the fight for the good guys, reprising his last season DEA informant role. But back to the bugs.

On new science in the bug/vector parasite realm, we are looking at the mechanisms of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP), and Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning (ASP). That is because somehow it gets vectored with nematodes, and one common chord is Red Tide from red algal blooms. In ASP, the culprit is the chemical domoic acid. It is from a red algal species as well as is PSP. Somehow, they are getting through to the vectors, and show up in variants in humans and mammalian host animals causing borrelia Horowitz MSIDS symptoms. I suspect ASP is a mechanism behind Alzheimer’s and other neurological age related disorders when the nematodes and their endosymbiont borrelia and leptospire parasites biofilm and reach quorum within a host. This develops with age.

There has been some Vindication too. On this humble blog, I have often mentioned the neurological control that the nematodes or trematodes use to take over the host brain, influencing decisions with diet, etc. Apple leaves and some additives can even get them in communication with you through all your senses, including cognition. It jmay seems nuckin’ futz, but that link shows it is more than that in the case of an ant, another hymenoptera vector when it gets infested with a trematode parasite. Thanks to PHD Fellow Thomas Grier for bringing that to my attention. The author’s actual name is Kathleen McAuliffe, but HuffPo misquoted the original author’s name. Go figure. I suspect their trematodes may have had a hand in that typo.²






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Thurs, Oct 27, 2016 – It Ain’t Over

Until It’s Over. That’s Breaking Bad. The video shows there is a lot of room left for the sequel. Great music videos too.

It’s all about distribution in the drug business. It takes a hypothetical Madrigas to really break out. Apple leaves are pre distributed, but various x-cides contaminate the trees for the purpose of producing fruit.  Apple trees are the most contaminated plant out there for the purpose of producing The Forbidden Fruit. It is all pectin, another no no in the medicine for our purposes. I always stipulated Wild Apple Leaves to get around that.

One thing I noticed was that later fall apple leaves, raked collected dried and powdered make a great septic additive. I screen out the cotton though after putting it in the blender. You could give it a few pectin enzyme too if you can find it. It gets the biofilm off the toilet like it does when you brush your teeth with apple leaves.

I have the sequel script penned myself. Same cast. Better Get Saul. Help us with our Kickstarter.

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Weds, Oct 26, 2016 – Breaking Up

I have a bug for veterinary sciences of mammals. It is kismet that borrelia is a common chord through endosymbionce to similar species of worm parasites. We are all mammals when it comes right down to it. There are many commonalities. We make great hosts for these completely unknown worm parasites. Vets had an inkling since Dr G Evans in 1880. Then came Innes and Shoho 1952. It got lost in the polio epidemic around then. I maintain that there is still a link, lost under the radar with the polio vaccine.

There are more than one ways to break wind. Burritos. Chili Con Carne. Trees get in the way.  Windbreaks are a common erosion control measure. Apple trees. Eating the leaves is like setting off a doozy inside a host as far as those vector nematodes are concerned. It sure makes those worms clear out. I always said they were like a stink bomb to whatever those worms were. If they had eyes, they’d be watering. There’s more than one way to break wind.

There are some other cute Easter Egg puns in history as well. I found out the worms use Einstein-Rosen Bridge “wormholes.” Go figure. They have an extra dimensional way to communicate through time and space with them. Baryonic matter cannot pass through, but extradimensional transmissions can, like a string and can through time and space. I’m still watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix, after Hank finds Heisenberg. Ironically, Heisenberg, the real one, is key to tipping us off about extra dimensional space time and gravity. Is light a particle or a wave? It depends on who is asking the question, and what is getting the answer. It isn’t an either/or yes/no answer. The realm of cognitive thought exists in those extra dimensions, in my theory. E8 Lie Algebra is another cute pun Easter Egg. Are you getting it? Apple leaves help you “Get It.” You will “see” extra dimensional. It freaks the worms out.

It is still harvest time in the northern hemisphere temperate zone. Who knows what the future will hold, unless you’ve got the apple leaves and know how to use them? It will be lonely unless more people start to get it. A strange world where truths are lies and lies are truth. Not Hollywood. Right here. Right now. The unbelievable Truth. Veritas. A world like Mark Twain says, “The difference between truth and fiction is that truth is not obliged to stick to the possibilities.” Walter White, the Breaking Bad lead character, knew that. From that he burst into the world of metaphysical engineering, and became a master at getting them where they want you. Aikido in Judo. Use the opponents’ strengths against themselves. It was artful scripting and writing. Of course Make Believe is easier to make believable. Reality is a little tougher dealing with quantum properties of this Universe as we know it, and especially this one as we don’t know it.

It is said that The Love of Money is the root of all evil. Ya think? To me, that is the moral takeaway here.







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Tues, Oct 25, 2016 – Breaking Good

We all know Breaking Bad on Netflix was the story that really broke Netflix into the big leagues. I never had the time to watch it. Now I do as I wait for more news about my brother. It takes my mind off it. Somewhere along the way, I noticed a lot of parallels to this whole apple leaf thing. Drugs, but made obsolete by a herbal remedy. Ridiculous 13 digit a month potential, but wiped out by that new herb. Rabid hooked clientele, bu7t from self preservation and not addiction. Affects everybody. The whole metaphysical angle but with opposite + and – extremes. Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae. Difference is it is 100% legal.

Shouldn’t that be different? The exact opposite? Not so fast Skippy. I can see running into more murderers and back stabbers with this than even Breaking Bad can Hollywood imagine. “Better Get Saul!” Point not taken lightly. My brother says the difference between Engineers and Lawyers is that Lawyers don’t think they’re Engineers. He is on my mind a lot too recovering from that near heart attack. Because he was just here in the Kill Zone I can’t help but think he was collateral damage. It was a bug bite, or more than one is what apple leaves are showing me in no uncertain terms. I imparted the story about the murder hotel and torture chamber for old and disabled people apple leaves got me through alive. They are using bugs as murder weapons. I feel like bait. Got ’em. He may have figured it out that I did. And damn did I ever get them good. The stress he may have bottled up from knowing that may have been too much. I am sure I don’t know even a tenth of his troubles running a corporate law firm though.

What are the parallels between the illegal drug market and a neutraceutical that is the exact opposite? The illegal drug messes with your mind while the apple leaf market does the exact opposite. It makes you sharper than a truckload of razor blades carrying a nuclear weapon. Both commodities are in extremely limited supply. The bad forbidden fruit is extremely limited supply controlled by  a cartel. Cartels work well by making stuff artificially rarer. Apple leaves require a degree in rocket surgery to know how to even realize why they are so rare. There’s my trouble. I actually have a few degrees in rocket surgery. lol They are guided all 6 directions by a flaming swear word, plus several more directions you haven’t got a clue about yet unless you get with the apple leaf progam stat and into M13 Theory. the worms will fill in the details. An idiot can figure out meth, and the worms can drill out the details in your brain. Chow Time!

OK, I’m grasping at straws, but what it is about apple leaves that is most unlike Braking Bad? They aren’t illegal. Yet. They create two classes of people like meth though. There will be the evolved apple leaf species with an underclass that does not use them. The underclass will die. An exact opposite of meth. You would have to be on meth to NOT take apple leaves. The worms will drill your brain like a meth head if the apple leaf does not smoke them out first. It will be worse if you are smarter. Dopamine is the dope that those worms crave.

It’s a crazy mixed up non sequitur. But interesting similarities in a left handed way.






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Mon, Oct 24, 2016 – Wake Up Call

When friends, acquaintances,  or family members have serious physical issues, you know. When it happens so close, it gets you thinking, and especially when it happens in the medical speciality you have been struggling to get on top of for 2 and a quarter years. It is really devastating when you knew and warned them all along, only to be dismissed and told that their doctors know everything when you know full well they know squat. It is especially frustrating when it gets doubled with another new discovery of another cancer on the same day. A heart attack and a cancer. Top two killers. Top two easiest things for apple leaves to treat as well. Lyme Disease is far tougher than both conditions which should surprise the hell out of you. It sure did to me.

pillYou know what is really tough? Kidney/urinary tract infection. Prostate. That is my personal experience. Arthritis is tougher than cancer too if time to eliminate is any indication. I am not talking about treatment which is useless. I am talking about reversal and cure. That is the way AppLyme 4:1 does it. It cures many things. There are other easy things, but easier than cancer too. Baldness/Alopecia. COPD diagnosed by the book was easy too. It was just excess biofilm buildup in the lungs, just as cancer is lumps of biofilm and proteins. AppLyme makes your own body digest the tumors like excess food. You can live on all that guck plugging up your heart, arteries, and veins for weeks and months too.

Knowing that as everybody around you falls prey to all those things is especially frustrating when you know the cure is so simple. The insult when they all just finished telling you that you know shzt about it, then they show up dead from exactly what you told them was happening a week later, is maddening. Maybe its because they’re dead or might as well be, and you can’t get that satisfaction of telling them straight out, “Duhhh you dumb fzck! I told you exactly that was going to happen a week ago.” Yet it is worse than that because if you were in their shoes, you wouldn’t listen to me either, and would probably be insulted. “Who the fzck is this quack veterinarian/medical student azzhole anyway?” Helpless and hopeless. No sympathetic ears except for an empty blog to bztch about it all to.

mike1bakerSomeday doctors will know I am not lying, then all my rants against the medical machine will become crystal clear to them. Then they will all wanna kill themselves. That day is a long way off though. So easy to dismiss. Another two people close to home are dying for now and there is nothing I can do that wont get me tied up in a huge hassle. I have the knowledge to deliver a cure that nobody will believe. They also won’t believe there is no comparative downside either. I’ve been on the stuff for 2 and a quarter years and I am back from a few bounces off the death bed. My hands are tied. All the tea in China can’t help them now. How to un ring these bells?

What are you having for dinner today? I just took an AppLyme. There will be some prostate, heart, incipient cancer tumor, with a side of arterial plaque and pectin goo for me on the side. I won’t be hungry. I’ll skip it. I have all those new heart worms drilling out from my upper left chest. They obviously hit paydirt on my brother too. No matter what super expensive heart meds they get him on, or how many stints they wind up propping arteries open, it will ensure those nematodes are well fed. They have that whole juicy heart and vagus nerve to eat up, and I bet there is a lot extra there for them. He was exercising to build them a whole pile more lean meat to eat up. Those worms and spirochaetes will just crap out more plaque in them to live another day. He has great dopamine levels being a Rhodes Scholar type, Magna Cum Laude. The deadly parasites are all set there, and about to get another few years worth of fresh blood flow to slop up all that heart with.

Maybe I need a new approach. “How to live off all your tumors and arterial plaque buildup to lose weight and Back Up the Clock!” Honestly it is that simple. Apple leaves and enzymes just convert them back to digestable food. It may seem creepy, but consider before this revelation, you ate it all and thought it was being used by you, and not the 15% of your weight in parasites and their stash they stole from you. That was the original intended purpose of eating it all in the first place. You are what you eat, diseases and all. Let’s just use up the disease part with Apple Leaves. 90.9%-99% of your body is bacteria anyway as Dr Bassler points out. Just start chowing the nasty 15% down with AppLyme. That is exactly how I would help my brother and the friend of a friend with cancer of the uterus.

Now just in. Because this happened at his daughter and son in law’s place, both EMT-R level, streets medics, it was the most fortunate incipient MI anybody could have had. Even a pre emptive strike. Lab work is back. Very minor heart attack. Warning shot. Imagine having one in the back of two medic instructors’ class room with all the toys at their disposal, fully equipped. Talk about luck. Full o2 and resp0irator equipment with full OPA’s and the whole 9 yards, mimicking my father’s first MI when I was a medic still. Full med kit with cardiac needles, everything. Wow. Kismet. Church on Sunday, sinners repent, an’ all that shzt yesterday. Fluke or Act Of God? Your call. One down, one to go. Uterine cancer. Hope she got the memo. She will be able to save a few months worth of groceries too I hope. She has to eat tumors for a few months to make it work anyway. She already ate all the raw materials. Just have to tweak the process to digest them, that’s all. I can’t save the whole world, but I can still try the only way I know how using my metaphysical engineering toolkit and my vet and Reiki degrees. “Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae.”