Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Oct 12, 2016 – The Entity

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LeafsWorms and their biofilm “brain.” In a parasitic fashion, it grafts on to your brain and robs material to use in it’s own biofilm brain. It winds up magnitudes of times smarter than you. Is the party over for the “entity,” both the disease and life force leaching off of you?

Apparently, yes and no. The entity lives on incredibly split inextricably from its former human host. The disease component gets devoured by your own endocrinology and digestive processes. One of the most interesting things is that you reclaim hair follicles from the entity. It was robbing hair for unknown purposes.

The entity is smart enough to defeat your immunity, or alternately co-opt it to fight for the entity such as in the case of arthritis. Your immunity attacks your own joints to harvest the gelatin and chondroitin for the entity. Pretty impressive for a helminth/nematode/trypanosome etc. As such I believe it is an intelligent life form all to itself, formerly hidden from all prying eyes. So I tried communicating with it through meditation. Works for me.

SeshatLuxorfulloptimThe most astounding thing about the entity is that it has baffled all medical science for all time. The Tyrolean Iceman had borrelia 5,300 years ago. Being masters of all edible plants, it may stand to reason the Silutrians knew of the properties of apple leaves a thousand years before the Pyramids. They may have even known of CBD. The worms farm borrelia spirochaetes. The apple leaves get the worms, and the CBD gets the spirochaetes left behind in the biofilm. You can live off the sugars created by deposing the biofilm using my NOBbS Protocol. NOBbS stands for North Okanagan Borrelia Society.You can feel the CBD Die-off in your liver, so I take Milk Thistle. I use additional enzymes including invertase from bee pollen, bromelaine, serrapeptase, and pectolase to convert the biofilm to sugar where your pancreas can deal with it.

main_surveyor3Does it really surprise you that the entity can build a biofilm brain in you, made out of frog shzt and snot? What does your half eaten meat computer think about that? That is how borrelia rolls. It affects smart people like surveyors (YMMV) and engineers (YMMV too.) The entity utilizes the dopamine, causing all sorts of neurological conditions including Gliopblastoma multiformae, a formerly deadly brain cancer. If you develop a heart or neurological condition, along with chest congestion, it is borrelia, the Mother of all big tent diseases. And like all borrelia and spirochaete disease, it is a Great Imitator. All medicine and serology is invalid and ineffective as it puts more bandaids over the bullet holes of borrelia for money.


Fortunately, cannabidiol CBD will not force you to put your baby in a blender. There are no psychoactive ingredients. If your stash has that property, I’d like to try it. I haven’t experienced baby blender strength stuff yet. lulz However, CBD has no psychoactive ingredients and your baby will remain unshaken and unstirred. If you stick your baby in the blender, that is likely not the reason. It is more because you are nuckin’ futz in the first place. Apple leaves may help that when they give neuroborreliosis the boot early on. Well, that and in Miami they like vodka baby drinks so much she had to share this with her church congregation there. A real picture of mental health there in Florida, or snickering Facebook trolling. You be the judge I guess. At any rate, she’s gonna need a lot more vodka there, and not for the baby.

So it is a disease and a highly intelligent entity. Apple leaves and bark depose the nematodes by smoking them out alive, and CBD mops up the leftover spirochaetes and biofilm. It is possible the CBD could be replaced by a short course of antibiotics, but the apple leaves are profoundly probiotic. If you treat it like an entity, you can adjust the medication to the physical feedback from your pancreas, liver, and spleen. I was an extremely hard case, being 24 and a half years ACA Herxheimer late stage chronic Lyme, and I have undoubtedly stopped it while reversing many physical issues. I’m weak, and I lost a lot of weight, likely from the same CWD affecting deer in north eastern Alberta. I’m finally on the mend from this insidious Vector MSIDS, and thanks largely to physical feedback from that entity, the disease itself.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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