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Fri, Oct 14, 2016 – Vector Contagion

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Lots of bugs can transmit borrelia. Apple leaves and bark can show you which bugs had worms in them, all the way back to your first infected bug bite if you keep it up. Some of those may have been in the vector contagion column where the infected bug was in contact with another infected person. Then it is free to transmit to additional hosts through its infected progeny. In the winter, they just live their whole short life cycle  indoors like us. In a case where international workers are put together, you can get the worst of all worlds as the import vectors transmit the infections from host to host. Explains a lot when you try to get to the bottom of surveyor’s disease. It is near literally just the tip of the iceberg too. The guy across the hall may have just come back from Turkey, Mexico. Belize, Yemen or Bolivia, complete with a set of vectors waiting to hatch out of his luggage.

As such, congregating borrelia MSIDS patients together is a very bad idea without vector control measures. Apple leaves are the only known acaricidal countermeasure to this after the fact. The helminth gets booted out as well. That way, you can see nefarious people using this formerly perfect murder weapon, vector disease. In Canada where borrelia is ignored due to incurious health care, it is a murder free for all with a vector disease weapon for money. The murderers count on the fact that Canada is far behind the world addressing the growing epidemic. It is akin to treating bird flu in the same manner. It goes beyond shameful incompetence and ethical bankruptcy.

Two years ago today I contacted Dr Eva Sapi about the anthelmintic properties of eating apple leaves. Since then, I have found out so much more, like how the worms employ biofilm themselves to hide in. The proteolytic enzymes in the apple leaves also aid in starting and catalyzing  the biofilm breakup with other enzymes. The apple leaves also exhibit lytic phage like action against many kinds of disease, and consume the pathogens and biofilm. The apple tree can be inoculated to amplify and modify that phage as well. It is akin to phage engineering. By addressing the helminthic infestation acquired through a lifetime of bug bites, along with eliminating biofilm with it, spirochaetes are exposed to anti bacterial attacks. CBD Coconut 30% produces large spirochaete die off effects.









Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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