Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Oct 16, 2016 – Apothecary

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I had to look at Wikipedia. One who makes medical formulations. And what a dilly AppLyme is. It can show you the location and parasite in your first infected bug bite. It will be from when you were a toddler likely. The parasite will still be alive. AFAIK, there are no exceptions. The cutaneouis larva statio will up and take a hike, be if from apple leaf phage, or eosinophilic antihelmintic action. Other nematode parasites may be of the neural larva migrans type, freely moving in the newly discovered cerebrospinal lymphatic system in MS and Alzheimer’s autopsies.

I make AppLyme with 4 parts pectin enzyme in a sugar matrix to one part dry apple leaf powder. I put them in Size 0 capsules, either gelatin or rice as it does not seem to matter. Right now I am working on finishing up a couple thousand rice vegetarian ones. They are more expensive, but slippery to deal with when filling up. The AppLyme winds up to be about 20% apple leaf and 80% pectin enzyme matrix. That starts digging into the excessive pectin shield made by pathogens of all sorts. That is how they become resistant to pharmaceuticals and parasitic nematodes can hide in it too. They can’t beat an apothecary with first hand experience at this though.

The starch rich diet plays right into the nematode hand, and they use that polysaccharide to make gobs of bacterial biofilm in you, their host of opportunity. More bugs add more pathogens to the party. Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome, MSIDS, of which Lyme Disease and arthritis are family members. That’s what it seems to feel like anyway as they all unwind when the nematodes leave. You would have to experience it yourself with your own conditions.

AFAICT, apple leaves do not get the spirochaetes. They do get the hitherto unknown, prior to July 31, 2014, nematodes that the borrelia spirochaetes are endosymbiont to, per Dr Alan B MacDonald. That was the first day I tried apple leaves. As I continued, all hell broke loose in the form of escaping nematodes from old bug bites. Medicine knew nothing of this phenomenon. Later I would find that the ACA Herxheimer I was suffering from, a lower leg form of filiarisis, was a confirmation of late stage chronic Lyme disease, and given my medical history, it all started to make sense. No one has ever come back from late stage chronic Lyme disease. I will be the first now that it appears I have finally cracked the lynch pin that makes the disease chronic, and that is the unknown nematodes.

Most of my effort is directed towards avoiding the medical system. They have had a perfect track record of being 100% wrong with diagnoses for nearly 60 years. ND’s don’t fare much better. In the case of Lyme disease, they are more trouble than help, and from a concerted effort on their part to ignore borreliosis. They still do not have a clue how to proceed when confronted with a demonstrable epidemic that has exploded entirely on their watch. Vector nematodiasis has defeated all their best efforts, and largely because of the intelligence of the disease entity and its ability to graft into human thinking. Not everybody develops in their artificial make believe world of sterility with no vectors. Worse yet, they have only developed treatment born of that flawed theoretical thinking. Veterinarians are literally centuries ahead of them with a reality based model. Dr  G Evans fingered this in 1880 with Surra, a disease identical to human MS.

Take it from a worst case Lyme survivor, 24 years chronic tertiary by the evidence. Apple leaves are the only way out. Anthelmintics like Ivermectin and Albendazole may offer a solution, but the natural apple leaf thing is a broad sweeping solution with no die off worm flare effect. The worms simply take the fastest existing way out when possible. After all that, the spirochaete and excess biofilm mop up operations can begin using the farmer worm analogy. Apple leaves get rid of the farmers the borrelia is endosymbiont to. The best way is to become your own apopthecary, and find your own apple tree to get leaves and bark from.

Watching that 70’s Show on Netflix, they went over spinning records backwards to hear satanic messages. As if nematodes weren’t enough to make people insane, they somehow decided that reversing the intended time line was relevant. Clearly, the nematode infestation had made them all nuckin’ futz when you really think about it.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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