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Weds, Oct 19, 2016 – Good Ol’ Freda

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It’s another cool movie about the woman behind The Beatles Fan Club from the days when they played in The Cavern in Liverpool. When they hit the big time, she was getting 6 sacks of mail a day in her Dad’s mailbox. Amazingly, she came back from it, and was able to keep on top of it, being Brian Epstein’s secretary. The analogy here is that apple leaves are bigger than The Beatles, and in fact, all medicine and pharmaceuticals and/or nutraceuticals. They have the potential to require 8,000 tonnes of dry apple leaves a day for 8 billion daily doses. They are the only known thing to fight the Death of a Thousand Bug Bites.

Everybody dies, including non smokers, until then. You only take apple leaves if you do not want to die. Most people say they want to die, which is a definite mental illness. That is the Catch 22. Apple leaves cure all mental illness and rapidly, in 72 hours. Yet all those people, decidedly mentally ill, will not try them. The bug bites have made them so mentally ill they cannot help themselves. The upside as predicted by the Bible is that the meek apple leaf takers will truly inherit the earth. The downside is it cannot reverse ALS/MS. Cannabidiol may be the only hope there, but the apple leaves also make it more powerful, so the jury is still out.

Freda was the multiplier of The Beatles like apple leaves multiply medicine effects. Even slicing your pharma bill in half would be a bonus, but it is usually more than that even. Here is the CBD story, or one take on it. As if Lyme disease, ALS/MS, wasn’t bad enough, the only safe medicines to fight it like apple leaves and CBD are both off the radar and under the table. They are the biggest phamaceutical wasters of all disease because they are arthritis based. It is the main pharma cash cow along with mental illness. Apple leaves are the smart torpedo that blows it all out of the tepid festering waters.

There is the really tough question. What is the stigma with something that is too good for the pharmaceutical industry to handle? Just how far has the pharmaceutical industry conspired to keep good drugs down? The answer is obvious. There is your real trouble. Like parents, they all hated the Beatles because they were too good. They exposed how pathetic the parents’ pharmaceutical sanctioned crap was. Even cherry picking drugs and conditions to their own preferences, Big Pharma winds up being a pathetic sad sack no good at even what they advertise themselves as being their own strong suit.

You can see from our own links. Pesticide residue is a large problem, as is fungicide and herbicide residue. That is why I recommend Wild Apple Leaves or organic sources. It is obviously the same with medical marijuana or CBD rich crops. Of course for CBD and borrelia spirochaetes, there is ano9ther option, but it kills 90.9% of the cells in your body, being antibiotics. Again, doctors are reluctant to prescribe it, but for more obvious reasons being a 91% kill factor.

Good Ol’ Freda had no such qualms when parents hated the Beatles. She soldiered on. The medical analogy needs more Good Ol’ Freda types in their camp for sure to get what’s good out there. Apple leaves have many of the same problems even if they aren’t illegal. They can never meet the unrealistic standards of synthetics that they are unfairly cornered into complying with, yet synthetic imitations will not work like they have tried with bee pollen for example. The natural substance performs better. There is no magic Aspirin bullet in it to be had. It also seems to be phage action, making that far more impossible to replicate. Both medical marijuana and apple tree leaves/bark were removed from USP, the US Pharmacopia, in 1942. At that time, phage therapy was also abandoned, but continued to flourish in Russia where it still does today. Apple leaves and also marijuana retain those as components as well I suspect. Together they underline how far our pharmacentric system has strayed from its mandate, far out in  total uber-criminal left field.

These both treat what medicine reluctantly admits are impossible to treat conditions. Borrelia, rampant biofilm bound parasitic nematodiasis, and endosymbiont spirochaetes, also bacterial biofilm bound. I’ve done enough medical school that I know the stock arguments over the use of both nutraceuticals. I’ve done enough school of hard knocks to know a rat when I smell it too. The stench from these rats is overpowering.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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