Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Oct 21, 2016 – Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae

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Google it. It means “Super Nature Demands A Paradox,” but hopefully doesn’t lose anything in the translation. Welcome to a trip through inner space and time. That is what it is all about. That is the only way they will ever defeat, and not just treat, disease. Turns out it is simpler to defeat than treat. And you pay dearly for that treatment.

So what’s up Doc? Trust me, I’m not a doctor. Nematodes have it in for doctors, but they think I am their Saviour. In their religion, they have No Saviour yet. They offered me the gig, but I declined, citing that I am not exactly Saviour material, compared to what we call our Saviour. But then, Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae, Anything can happen here. lol I got about 4 Quadrillion new lil’ nanomachine friends out of the deal. I proposed we can deal with this in a more civilized manner. Nematodes, far more intelligent and evolved than Man, whom they PWN’d easily, and may have even created, agreed. One fought back. Here I Am.

Caduceus.svgI have to owe it to stumbling upon Apple Leaves when the Deer ate them and I became curious. They smoke out all the nematodes in old bug bites. Many have lived there for over 5 decades and I am only 6 decades old. They are a parasite and behind a lot of, if not all, disease. You can tell which diseases by which ones get better after the nematode leaves. You too could become a Dr.². Just tell us your own experiences for a pair o’ docs. 😉 Doctors will never find out because it is in their best interests to lie about it and just play band aid applicator, drug prescriber, or surgical cutter for money. They’re in cahoots with the nematodes. Skid ’em all I say. Apple leaves give you that option.

Dr Bassler, Dean of Microbiology, from Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Princeton, describes the lofty statements I make about intelligent bacteria and moves them from the realm of nuckin’ futz to cutting edge reality. I can guarantee that few doctors are even aware that she exists. Over and above that, she lends credence to my theory that these multi species bacteria utilize a common biofilm brain that nematodes apparently construct in a host. Dr Bill Costerton discovered that bacterial biofilm was the method used by bacteria for defence against normal human endocrine or other natural anti bacterial systems, including phage. I found that in the absence of that biofilm, the systems start to function normally again. Apple leaves started the biofilm breakdown process and through some judicious bio process engineering, I found I could set about to eliminating the biofilm using additional bio chemistry and existing human systems to digest the formerly indigestable biofilm matrix material in situ. Unlocking the bacteria defence lock proved to work spectacularly. In my opinion, Dr Bassler has stumbled into the neuroscience nuts and bolts of how that biofilm brain ticks.

Then there is the whole Light and Dark Matter Universe, discovered relatively recently. Non baryonic dark matter and energy cannot be detected by humans while it can be utilized by nematodes and their biofilm brains. This necessitated deconstructing the in situ bacterial biofilm brain they set up in humans to eliminate attack by our normal immune systems which may also attack dark matter/energy processes inherently. Overton_2013-08-07Without that biofilm shelter, the spirochaetes and other bacteria are naked in the hurricane of human immune processes. Even realizing that helps in understanding and enabling those processes through unclear cross connective processes, elaborated by Dr Bonnie Bassler’s work, in both the host and biofilm brains. Being an engineer, we take the science and put it to use to our advantage if we can. I call this particular big tent engineering Metaphysical Engineering – Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae. Go figure. It works. We have no qualms, conflicts of interest, or requirements beyond concrete results to answer to, so we simply go where doctors cannot go. Good luck trying to find a medical doctor who smokes cigarettes for example, where I found the smoking chemicals actually enhance the biofilm elimination process. Nematodes have hijacked the narrative to try and eliminate smoking possibly because of that. Apple leaves appear to eliminate all ill effects of it. That kind of locks it up to a far more exclusive arena, but then who cares? It’s a paradox that works, and super nature by definition demands it. Richard Overton, 110 years old, drinks whiskey and smokes 15 cigars a day. Talk about a paradox that leaves egg on the face of all medicine.

pillThe hard science of medicine is over ridden by the pseudo science of economics. That is the main trouble with it at present. Doctors will claim they are altruistic, looking for cures, but they really just look for treatments. It is one of the sickest bastardizations of science in existence. Apple leaves are a broad sweeping cure, so they are forbidden by medical science with a pharmaceutical over riding agenda. Thus no doctors can go where we have trampled out a well beaten path. Know that, and act accordingly. If you prefer doctors, be my guest, but I have to warn you about that sick over riding agenda that permeates and neuters everything they do in a decidedly pharmacentric system. If you should be unfortunate enough to be bitten by a Lyme bug, they’ve got nothing, and have no qualms in turning you away after abusing you for having such a thing they can’t even detect with an overly expensive enough test.

The joke narrative was that BC meant “Bring Cash.” But the epidemic of corrupted medical science is more geographically pervasive than just that, and is a western world epidemic. The cure is to avoid them and find alternatives at all costs. Apple leaves may finally tip the wonky balance of their murderous justice in the patients’ favour. They have that ability to make the bacteria and nematodes freak out and talk louder than words by their behaviour alone.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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