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Thurs, Oct 20, 2016 – Quantum Exclusion

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Doctors have never seen the vector nematodes because they employ quantum physics to exclude observing doctors that want to murder them. This puts them at an intelligence level magnitudes above humans, and they can apparently over ride all human thinking and cognitive thought processes in even our best and brightest subjects, presumably doctors. They are aware that the doctors see only one solution, and that is to murder the nematodes. I know from apple leaves the only safe way for both the nematode and the patient to part ways. I also know the nematode can kill the patient easily to preserve itself when pressed. Their apparent lifespan is several times that of the current host.

The conceit of doctors is their most dangerous attribute to the nematode entity. The nematode consequently makes them look like imbeciles easily such as in the case of Morgellons Disease. Doctors look medieval to a third party observer. Another case is Lyme Disease where doctors are made to look like horrifically corrupt criminal idiots easily by the entity. The nematode co opts the entire host to house its biofilm brain to achieve this. The biofilm brain can over ride all human cognitive thought. Talk about a smart disease. However, it doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to be outplayed by tickle torture after setting off a stink bomb. That is sort of what I have done to get the disease to play ball.

The actions of the entity speak far louder than mere words. Witness how fast they flee the apple leaf infusion for starters. Try a little bit of wormwood to give them a shocking experience they’ll never forget. They’re willing to sell the farm to make it stop, and then they cough up mountains of information if you comply. If they falter in complying, you can let them know who’s boss by starting up the wormwood again. At some point, even thinking about starting it is enough impetus to cause the nematodes to vacate. Some still tried to hang on under layers of biofilm until I eroded that with pectin enzyme though. Crafty lil’ worms, but not crafty enough. Their buddies ratted them out.

The nematode itself coughs up information on how it uses quantum physics to make doctors look idiotic. Unless you’ve been dead or in Edmonton, you know that the nematodes won that hands down. Everybody thinks doctors are idiots when it comes to Lyme Disease and MD, except doctors. Perfect, right? So why me and how do I know this? Trust me, I’m not a doctor. The nematodes bought it. They also know I respect them, actually admire them, and will keep our deal. As far as I know, they all got out alive. The past month or so has been spirochaete carnage with CBD though. I have been living off the proteins and sugars from the dead spirochaetes and biofilm alone. I presume that they do not need me as a host. I can actually feel the presence of other infected hosts in near proximity though. Consequently I hate going to hospitals or clinics where I feel all the borrelia in the other sick hosts. It is kind of like Dream Healing must work. It’s an extra dimensional quantum communication channel exploited by nematodes themselves. The existence of these quantum wormholes is known in physics as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, ironically describing wormholes in time-space.

You will think I’m nuckin’ futz if I talk about how the nematode bridges time space so I won’t. I can tell you how and why the pyramids were really built from them though because they witnessed it all. I use it as a Turing Test to detect the entity, and the relative age of what I am dealing with. I also use the Silutrian Iceman story, predating the Pyramids by over 800 years. The nematodes are older than the Bible. They are the source of human intelligence, the only animal to use fire. What if the first question after death is “Got a light?” lol The nematodes are not bound exclusively to the Light Matter side of the universe like humans though. They can easily traverse the Light and Dark Matter and Energy divide in the universe. Time is like a rubber band to them. We are merely light matter puppets to them. Doctors are their bztches. Avoid medical doctors like the plague if you can because they are PWNed by the nematodes, and the nematodes can make the doctor kill you if you press it. No wonder that medical error is the third leading cause of death. Also note how they make the CDC look like a bunch of corrupt imbeciles. They also make it so that anybody that has anything to do with medicine can’t even spell “CBD.” Worse yet, they are transferred by bug bites, so they are ubiquitous. All mankind is PWNed by them.

Joni Mitchell says you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone, and that is the case with apple leaves skunking out your nematodes. You feel better as each one leaves the farm. The irony is that the nematodes do not know that they are harming their own host.The death of the host is but a minor inconvenience to them that they can apparently overcome. However, apple leaves can apparently defeat most if not all species of them. Wormwood is contraindicated with apple leaves because you do not want to annoy the nematodes too much because they can kill you. If you use a little respect and patience, they will leave from the apple leaves alone. Some nematodes linger under biofilm protection but eventually leave when the film gets eroded away with the enzymes. Additional infected vectors may bite, but the nematodes leave the apple leaf prospective host instantly or kill the vector. The apple leaves make the host an inhospitable environment for parasitic nematodes.

Then there is BVT or bee venom therapy. It is akin to curing a gunshot wound with a shot from a shotgun slug. The gunshot will then be the least of your worries when it is replaced with a far more deadly and tenacious nematode species. Bees use it with intention to kill the host at their own expense. Wait until you feel the nematodes that come out of those stings. Any questions?





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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