Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Oct 22, 2016 – Testing the Leaves

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A couple years ago, I didn’t know, nor did anyone know, how much apple leaves you could handle. I was doing Du Testing for new Chinese Herbs because nobody knew how many apple leaves you could eat, if any. It was a totally brand new unknown herb. I increased the dose up to about 2,000 mg a day, but at that point, taking any more had no additional effect. It was like they had a built in safety factor. I bought a capsule machine to make Size 0 capsules after powdering the leaves in a blender. You could only pack about 350 mg into each one though.

Later, I( found out that it was biofilm that was limiting the apple leaf effect. At that point, I took bout 2,000 mg of pectin enzyme a day from Day 313 onwards for a couple months. The sugar it made out of the polysaccharide biofilm kills your appetite. I was living on the biofilm alone from that, and about 58 years of bug bite pectin bulked slime. Now I am up to  Day 751 plus 84, or Day 835. The key was to go slow and carefully monitor the effects of the apple leaves since there was no data whatsoever. I just loosely went by how many nematodes were drilling out of old bug stings and bites. Then all the Swimmer’s Itch/Duck Itch ones started to come out. They were smaller and came out like dirt from my upper dermal layers. There were thousands, too many to count.

I guess everybody will be as different as their own vector parasites. Those parasites were the main measure of my progress as they drilled themselves out of my skin. Now I still have them coming out, but from new bug bites from mosquitoes, spiders, and presumably fleas even. Ticks aren’t the only vectors that have a parasitic nematode in them. Everything from Black Flies to sand flies to hornet and bee stings all have them. They live for decades up until that apple leaf skunks them out. The older ones have a more dramatic positive effect on your health as they leave. My arthritis started clearing up after the apparent Yellow Jacket sting nematodes exited. I didn’t forget those from the mid 60’s because they were so painful. They came out of the joints directly beneath the stings in my right knee, hip, and lower back. That was like 52 years ago. Years afterwards, I was diagnosed with juvenile anklosing spondylitis. According to medicine, it is incurable. I was taking Celebrex, but found the apple leaves were tens if not hundreds of times more powerful than that. Good to know.

Lyme Disease was coined because of the cluster of juvenile arthritis cases around Old Lyme, Connecticut. The link to Yellow Jacket stings was made from my personal experience when the nematodes from that exited, the arthritis finally started to clear up. It has taken a long time because I also found arthritis is a biofilm disease, and it takes a long time to get rid of all that built up biofilm from a lifetime build up. The biofilm lingers because it restricts circulation in the areas of infection as well. The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel if you keep it up. I just wish I had all that money back that I blew on Celebrex.

There is no better confirmation of late stage chronic Lyme Disease than the presence of ACA Herxheimer. I had a sentinel date when it showed up on May 3, 1992. So I have been at least 24 years chronic Lyme Disease since ACA Herxheimer is only associated with late stage tertiary chronic Lyme Disease. This is good information when you are in a jurisdiction that ignores Lyme Disease, and you have to blow hundreds of thousands for treatment and diagnoses elsewhere. I know that all treatment will go nowhere though if the nematodes aren’t smoked out first. They contain endosymbiont borrelia, discovered by Alan MacDonald this year. I knew early on they were behind all this trouble by the effect of them leaving. Short of him and Dr Sapi, we seem to be the only people who know this. Everybody is still focusing on spirochaetes, but I know that will be futile without eliminating the infected vectored nematodes packing endosymbiont borrelia first.

Once the nematodes are largely gone, the biofilm stops getting built by them, and medicines magnify their strength. A half dose is more effective than a full dose used to be. Good news for you. Bad news for drug companies. Awwww. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Not. I had a stroke 9 years ago, but apple leaves have cleared a lot of it up. If that is the case, apple leaves are a clot buster that works even years after the fact. Also good to know, since one shot clot busters are $6,000 US per application, and only applicable within the first few hours. Apple leaves are a solution possibly decades after the fact if you last that long.

I wondered about what Genesis 2 and 3 were saying about the apple tree in the Bible, the earliest reference to them. I have also confirmed that the apple tree is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The nematodes are decidedly evil. I take it God didn’t want us to eat the apples because they were infested with nematodes. Nematodes or serpents themselves begged to differ. Genesis 2 warned us not to even touch the tree, but once that was breached, Genesis 3 later on says we can eat from it presumably forever. The rest is history. It remains to be seen if it is also the tree of life. Forever is a long time to keep testing. 😉

Deer particularly like to eat the leaves, but I notice smaller mammals like to nibble the tree bark. I found that the bark is very good for circulation, and especially in swollen arthritis regions. It has been known for over a century to be a treatment for “dropsy,” that lower leg swelling producing a pitting edema, or retention of fluid. Mine has largely cleared up after apple leaves. It is also a reportedly permanent condition. Not so fast there. Apple leaves and bark cure lots of things medicine says is incurable. It makes them all look like idiots. Look for the bark online where it is sold by the pound. They say to make a tea or alcohol tincture out of it, but I just eat it raw. It has that apple bark bitter sweet taste, presumably from the phloridzin it contains.

You can’t say apple leaves cure cancer because nobody will believe it. They do clear up a lot of things though. By reducing biofilm, you can lower your risk dramatically too. From what I have seen, nematodes are behind cancer, and that is proven with glioblastoma multiformae now looking at Dr MacDonald‘s work with autopsy fluids and tissues this year. My suspected skin cancer cleared up in a few months after 13 years. So for me, they actually did cure cancer. Nice to know, anyway. Worth getting all those apple trees in your Garmin as well. The shorter list is what apple leaves might not cure so far. It has been the most important engineering study I have ever done, apple leaves. None of us could afford the effort I have put into it for free either. If my old bosses were billing, you’d have to mortgage the farm to pay for it. lol

I found that if you ever get bit or stung by bugs in Canada, the nematodes in them will kill you eventually unless you eat apple leaves. Before all the doctors here get stripped of all their credentials and jailed for criminal negligence, fraud, and abusing patients, ignore them. They are haplessly unaware of all of this, allegedly. They are hopelessly out of date too with 1,000 papers being published daily in the medical sciences. They are 50 years behind the curve. There is hope though. Meet ePatient Dave. Another Engineer. Likewise, I am ePatient Mike as well as eApothecary. I had to engineer my own treatment literally from scratch. Luckily, I had other similarly affected mammals helping me, so I am eVeterinarian Mike too. I found with the help of Dr A B MacDonald that the veterinarians are centuries ahead when it comes to fighting these vector nematode illnesses. More veterinary resources are published online now as well.

The present Canadian Medical System is heading off the cliff to unprecedented disaster. Never has so much money been spent on anything leading to certain failure as is the case with Health Canada. Their solution is to expand mental institutions to jail a huge ignored epidemic of vector nematode parasitic disease they know nothing about. Apple leaves demonstrate nearly instantly that they  are far more barbaric and desperate than anyone could have ever imagined. The vector pressure in Canada is storied worldwide. The bugs of Northern Canada in the migratory waterfowl path spread this tenacious disease to the 4 corners of the globe. This is further exacerbated by the excessive application of poorly vetted agrichemicals and GMO Food. It paints a picture of upcoming unprecedented disaster with all support services doing exactly the wrong thing. Apple leaves are the only hope, and I do not say that lightly. The brain fog they address in hours will make it all clear to anyone. Worse yet, you cant get those 835 Days since my discovery back. You will wish you found out about them earlier.

I wish apple leaves were a magic pill that you took once and it cured everything. They are not. You have to keep it up, and then you have to turn to amping up the biofilm reduction once it is broken catalytically by the apple leaves. Apple leaves are 98-99% moisture too. You get about 1-2% weight when they are dried. Air drying them is better because you do not want to destroy either the contained phage or proteolytic enzymes. Select leaves that you would feel OK eating naturally. This can be accomplished by keeping the drying temperature below 60°C. If they have some apple scab fungus, or Venturia Inaequalis fungus on them, they actually contain more proteolytic enzymes, so are still good to eat. Venturia Inaequalis does not affect humans. We are immune to it. You can actually transmit that back to the tree by uri8nating on the roots I found. It imparts human VI immunity back to the tree, and consequently the apples grow larger while the VI scab on the tree clears up. It is not exclusive to Canada, and insects transport filth directly to humans which apple leaves demonstrate in no uncertain terms. The nematodes they expose farm that filth inside you for their benefit, not yours. If you can’t figure that out, I guess you are destined to die from it. Don’t feel bad. No doctors know this either, and the way they are going, they signed their own death sentence by not knowing. Unless there is a complete medical paradigm shift, rendering all medicine obsolete, they will never know either. Their deficient knowledge will eliminate them totally from the gene pool like all the deer who did not eat apple leaves.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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