Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Oct 23, 2016 – Repent

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Yep, sinners Repent. Sunday is the day to reflect and imagine what Hell has in store for us. The apple was the unforgivable sin, so we all suffer. That was just in the beginning. Everything else is just gravy on top of that whopper.

It’s not our job to imagine what will happen to all the other sinners. We are supposed to pray for them. I pray a lot for doctors then. I already know what will happen to them; Divine Justice. They have no clue that they are infested with nematodes that will do them in. They will ensure a tortuous end for themselves consequently, doing exactly the wrong thing like trying to kill the worms with anthelmintics. The worms will return the favour. Doctors won’t touch apple leaves because they are not patented or patentable. The knowledge they impart will be safely locked away from doctors forever. Isn’t that divine?

The rest of us have no such qualms. Now is the time to pick apple leaves. Get ’em while you can, and you all know the Lord helps those who help themselves. Help yourself. If you don’t, you can’t buy those leaves for love or money. Their value is priceless, but the cost is nothing. Say goodbye to all the good doctors then. Their gig is to sell worthless crap for exhorbitant prices. Sure, it’s poison, but at least it is patented.

I went looking for apple tree bark online yesterday. It is all sold out again. People are finally getting the memo. The leaves are a cut above that yet too, even though the bark has 5 times the medicinal value of the leaves. It may not have the anthelmintic value though. Apple leaves are a powerful live anthelmintic that is unique because it forces the worms to exit alive. Once you hit them with the leaves, it also breaks the hold they have on your mind, fogging it up completely. You will know without a doubt when the fog lifts. I was pretty far gone so maybe my experience was more dramatic, but everybody complains of Lyme Fog. Apple leaves polish that glass like brand new and fast.

I actually do have a doctor friend in Canada. He is an American. I know he takes apple leaves because he used to be going bald prematurely. Now he’s a hippy since he stopped giving up by shaving his head. That was confirmed when he said I was the smartest person he knows. I think the other way around because he is a neurologist and a shrink. I do not know why he left the states, but suspect it is because they went to public health care there too, and maybe he gets more money here. I offer up the latest discoveries by Dr MacDonald and Dr Sapi, plus recent discoveries from Mayo.edu, still searching for peer reviewed confirmations to my personal observations, so I wind up doing all the talking when we meet. He has a keen interest in Lyme Disease, and it has grown keener since apple leaves no doubt. I knew about confirmation of helminthic endosymbiont borrelia, and the association with MS and glioblastoma multiformae the last time we met, so offered that. He writes down all the search terms and specific spellings I offer up so he can go straight to the peer reviewed papers I am citing, such as Innes and Shoho 1952, and all the new 2016 stuff by Dr MacDonald’s PHD Fellowship Endowment. Apple leaves show that parasitic helminths are more ubiquitous than ever imagined by anybody. Maybe he is the chink in the armour that will bring this whole Lyme Fraud down here. I pray that he is, since he is farther up the ladder in the health care system than most.

These days, the next big news will be the acaricidal effect of taking apple leaves, so that when an infected bug bites you it dies, and the helminths exit instantly. That is what caught them with a smoking gun in the murderous foreign bug infested wrinkle ranch that tried to kill me with it. I pray for them. They’re gonna need it. Apple leaves are a perfect match for collecting evidence on people trying to use formerly perfect vector murder weapons.

I have to pray for a brother who didn’t listen. Luckily, he was visiting my niece, his daughter, also a paramedic. She fast tracked him straight to ER. Even if I am Nobel Prize league material, they can’t believe it. He had a heart attack last night after a visit here a week ago. I know exactly what caused it. I have been smoking those new nematodes out all last week. It seems they are the straws that broke his camel’s back. The same vector nematodes must have got him. There were a lot on my upper left chest too. I can only guess they are from the salmon. I saw the effect they had on that young Buck deer when he came to my medicine tree. I haven’t seen him since, but now is the time they usually start to migrate south into the United States. I take it they follow the apple crop.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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