Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Oct 24, 2016 – Wake Up Call

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When friends, acquaintances,  or family members have serious physical issues, you know. When it happens so close, it gets you thinking, and especially when it happens in the medical speciality you have been struggling to get on top of for 2 and a quarter years. It is really devastating when you knew and warned them all along, only to be dismissed and told that their doctors know everything when you know full well they know squat. It is especially frustrating when it gets doubled with another new discovery of another cancer on the same day. A heart attack and a cancer. Top two killers. Top two easiest things for apple leaves to treat as well. Lyme Disease is far tougher than both conditions which should surprise the hell out of you. It sure did to me.

pillYou know what is really tough? Kidney/urinary tract infection. Prostate. That is my personal experience. Arthritis is tougher than cancer too if time to eliminate is any indication. I am not talking about treatment which is useless. I am talking about reversal and cure. That is the way AppLyme 4:1 does it. It cures many things. There are other easy things, but easier than cancer too. Baldness/Alopecia. COPD diagnosed by the book was easy too. It was just excess biofilm buildup in the lungs, just as cancer is lumps of biofilm and proteins. AppLyme makes your own body digest the tumors like excess food. You can live on all that guck plugging up your heart, arteries, and veins for weeks and months too.

Knowing that as everybody around you falls prey to all those things is especially frustrating when you know the cure is so simple. The insult when they all just finished telling you that you know shzt about it, then they show up dead from exactly what you told them was happening a week later, is maddening. Maybe its because they’re dead or might as well be, and you can’t get that satisfaction of telling them straight out, “Duhhh you dumb fzck! I told you exactly that was going to happen a week ago.” Yet it is worse than that because if you were in their shoes, you wouldn’t listen to me either, and would probably be insulted. “Who the fzck is this quack veterinarian/medical student azzhole anyway?” Helpless and hopeless. No sympathetic ears except for an empty blog to bztch about it all to.

mike1bakerSomeday doctors will know I am not lying, then all my rants against the medical machine will become crystal clear to them. Then they will all wanna kill themselves. That day is a long way off though. So easy to dismiss. Another two people close to home are dying for now and there is nothing I can do that wont get me tied up in a huge hassle. I have the knowledge to deliver a cure that nobody will believe. They also won’t believe there is no comparative downside either. I’ve been on the stuff for 2 and a quarter years and I am back from a few bounces off the death bed. My hands are tied. All the tea in China can’t help them now. How to un ring these bells?

What are you having for dinner today? I just took an AppLyme. There will be some prostate, heart, incipient cancer tumor, with a side of arterial plaque and pectin goo for me on the side. I won’t be hungry. I’ll skip it. I have all those new heart worms drilling out from my upper left chest. They obviously hit paydirt on my brother too. No matter what super expensive heart meds they get him on, or how many stints they wind up propping arteries open, it will ensure those nematodes are well fed. They have that whole juicy heart and vagus nerve to eat up, and I bet there is a lot extra there for them. He was exercising to build them a whole pile more lean meat to eat up. Those worms and spirochaetes will just crap out more plaque in them to live another day. He has great dopamine levels being a Rhodes Scholar type, Magna Cum Laude. The deadly parasites are all set there, and about to get another few years worth of fresh blood flow to slop up all that heart with.

Maybe I need a new approach. “How to live off all your tumors and arterial plaque buildup to lose weight and Back Up the Clock!” Honestly it is that simple. Apple leaves and enzymes just convert them back to digestable food. It may seem creepy, but consider before this revelation, you ate it all and thought it was being used by you, and not the 15% of your weight in parasites and their stash they stole from you. That was the original intended purpose of eating it all in the first place. You are what you eat, diseases and all. Let’s just use up the disease part with Apple Leaves. 90.9%-99% of your body is bacteria anyway as Dr Bassler points out. Just start chowing the nasty 15% down with AppLyme. That is exactly how I would help my brother and the friend of a friend with cancer of the uterus.

Now just in. Because this happened at his daughter and son in law’s place, both EMT-R level, streets medics, it was the most fortunate incipient MI anybody could have had. Even a pre emptive strike. Lab work is back. Very minor heart attack. Warning shot. Imagine having one in the back of two medic instructors’ class room with all the toys at their disposal, fully equipped. Talk about luck. Full o2 and resp0irator equipment with full OPA’s and the whole 9 yards, mimicking my father’s first MI when I was a medic still. Full med kit with cardiac needles, everything. Wow. Kismet. Church on Sunday, sinners repent, an’ all that shzt yesterday. Fluke or Act Of God? Your call. One down, one to go. Uterine cancer. Hope she got the memo. She will be able to save a few months worth of groceries too I hope. She has to eat tumors for a few months to make it work anyway. She already ate all the raw materials. Just have to tweak the process to digest them, that’s all. I can’t save the whole world, but I can still try the only way I know how using my metaphysical engineering toolkit and my vet and Reiki degrees. “Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae.”


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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