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Tues, Oct 25, 2016 – Breaking Good

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We all know Breaking Bad on Netflix was the story that really broke Netflix into the big leagues. I never had the time to watch it. Now I do as I wait for more news about my brother. It takes my mind off it. Somewhere along the way, I noticed a lot of parallels to this whole apple leaf thing. Drugs, but made obsolete by a herbal remedy. Ridiculous 13 digit a month potential, but wiped out by that new herb. Rabid hooked clientele, bu7t from self preservation and not addiction. Affects everybody. The whole metaphysical angle but with opposite + and – extremes. Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae. Difference is it is 100% legal.

Shouldn’t that be different? The exact opposite? Not so fast Skippy. I can see running into more murderers and back stabbers with this than even Breaking Bad can Hollywood imagine. “Better Get Saul!” Point not taken lightly. My brother says the difference between Engineers and Lawyers is that Lawyers don’t think they’re Engineers. He is on my mind a lot too recovering from that near heart attack. Because he was just here in the Kill Zone I can’t help but think he was collateral damage. It was a bug bite, or more than one is what apple leaves are showing me in no uncertain terms. I imparted the story about the murder hotel and torture chamber for old and disabled people apple leaves got me through alive. They are using bugs as murder weapons. I feel like bait. Got ’em. He may have figured it out that I did. And damn did I ever get them good. The stress he may have bottled up from knowing that may have been too much. I am sure I don’t know even a tenth of his troubles running a corporate law firm though.

What are the parallels between the illegal drug market and a neutraceutical that is the exact opposite? The illegal drug messes with your mind while the apple leaf market does the exact opposite. It makes you sharper than a truckload of razor blades carrying a nuclear weapon. Both commodities are in extremely limited supply. The bad forbidden fruit is extremely limited supply controlled by  a cartel. Cartels work well by making stuff artificially rarer. Apple leaves require a degree in rocket surgery to know how to even realize why they are so rare. There’s my trouble. I actually have a few degrees in rocket surgery. lol They are guided all 6 directions by a flaming swear word, plus several more directions you haven’t got a clue about yet unless you get with the apple leaf progam stat and into M13 Theory. the worms will fill in the details. An idiot can figure out meth, and the worms can drill out the details in your brain. Chow Time!

OK, I’m grasping at straws, but what it is about apple leaves that is most unlike Braking Bad? They aren’t illegal. Yet. They create two classes of people like meth though. There will be the evolved apple leaf species with an underclass that does not use them. The underclass will die. An exact opposite of meth. You would have to be on meth to NOT take apple leaves. The worms will drill your brain like a meth head if the apple leaf does not smoke them out first. It will be worse if you are smarter. Dopamine is the dope that those worms crave.

It’s a crazy mixed up non sequitur. But interesting similarities in a left handed way.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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