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Mon, Oct 31, 2016 – Veterinary Neurosciences

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It would have to be the study of nematode/trematode biofilm messaging methods, per Dr Bassler of HHMI. I take it she is with the program, identifying chemical messaging processes within biofilm. She and her team have identified generic and species specific bacterial biofilm messaging chemicals, and a rudimentary interbacterial “Esperanto” messaging process. Dr Bassler may have never envisioned where I would have to take this, but it is key to a new science I have not only identified, but am actively exploiting in my quest for knowledge of how Borrelia bacteria and the nematodes they are endosymbio9nt to do business in several different species of host. I am finding that it works the same whether the host is an ant, a deer, a sheep, or a human. The biofilm neural processes can alter the host neural processing by grafting into it. Thus that bacterial biofilm is a brain unto itself. It is the target of our investigation.

Dr Tim Lu can get you up to speed on why we all think the biofilm is intelligent. That was 6 years ago, old hat. We have come a long way. I considered phage engineering, but am at the been there, done that stage with it now. Next stop, veterinary neuroscience. However, the target species is not the host for me. It is the nematode that I want to be a shrink for. Make no mistake, I would have to be a worm vet first, and the cross species capability is inherent. They consume the host materials with proxy parasitic action, and produce the biofilm brain secretions. Slime is the stuff of worms of all types. Slugs too. They leave a biofilm trail, showing scalability of the mechanism. The borrelia spirochaetes themselves are the cross species proxy bacteria collectors for the worm. Eventually, you “worm up” to the idea of veterinary neuroscience.

LeafsThen there is the Tree Of Knowledge. There you go. The Apple Leafs (sic). Like The Leafs, totally under the radar. In an unrelated financial engineering question, I asked my brother, “Who always wins the Stanley Cup?” I was looking for the league or the refs or the merchandising for an Caduceus.svganswer. He said he didn’t know, but for sure, “Anybody but the Leafs!” I conceded that it was a valid answer I had not thought of. The Curse of Punch Imlach. This points to a deeper meaning in that everything I have discovered about the worms is totally off the medical radar. As far as medicine is concerned they do not even exist. Guess again. Vets know all too well about nematodiasis. Add them together with their bacterial biofilm brains, and they are magnitudes of times smarter than humans. Only medical doctors are conceited enough to ignore this as ludicrous. Another piece of evidence that worms are smarter than doctors is shown by the prominence of worms on their own chosen symbols. The worms have them where they want the worms. Screwed. lol

Moreover, worms in a human host take over the mind of the host like a trematode takes over the mind of an ant so that it gets eaten by a sheep so it can reproduce within the sheep’s bile ducts. Sneaky, and ingenious. Do you doubt the intellect of worms now? For a couple years now, I have drilled down into what is making this all tick. Like the sheep ant thing, I have to go by existing evidence what is happening. Lyme Disease offers that in spades. Look how the nematodes invaded the doctors to make them take themselves out of the picture. A smoking gun. The doctors are analogous to the ants, and have been zombied by there own nematodiasis IMO.

dhsWhat is going on down south here? Reports are there is already widespread election fraud in the early voting. What is on the mind of the worms inside all those American hosts? If they can take over a doctor, above the police, how much sway do they have on the police? If the doctors are fudging this, lord help us. Mind you, I haven’t got a stick in the game there. I can still be a fan on the worm Tachyon Telephone channel. The worm itself is such a device that needs an Apple tree sweep. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “bugged,” permethrin or not. Hope they got the memo about the Leafs a couple years ago is all I can do. Nematode host coptrol takes it to a new level of concern. And hey, doesn’t it seem like that fly has a mind of its own <cough cough>?

Ha’lloween AppLymes! Suzen Chan has a new book out “The Gift of Lyme Disease.” Two years and two weeks ago, I knew that. All those little bug bite worms. Arthritis stings. Dr Sapi and Dr MacDonald. Dr Horowitz. No antibiotics but wh0 cared? How do you like them Apples? So I struck a deal with the worms with a little good cop and bad cop, with a threat of psycho cop. It’s all copacetic now between us. Worms are just being worms. They didn’t ask for this. They couldn’t pick their hosts. I worked out a symbiotic parting of ways with them for information. They seemed a lot smarter than doctors for starters. I am a second yeer sto0n+ of theirs now. Their actions spoke louder than words to me. I became  a slave to the Wu Li Master they presented. Them, to the one I presented. We compared notes from our differing perspectives. Ids. Superegos, and Egos of each other. We learned what makes each other tick, me more than them. But a deal is a deal to me anyway. Them too obviously.

M|3 – Trick or Treat! MI3 is Second World War British geomatics. M|3 is airphoto geomatics, using 4 optical cameras arranged in othogonal stereo pairs to replace LiDAR. No surveyors necessary. The link is 2009. I had it 2007. Was stolen by others. It was another backwards firing bullet. I didn’t want it to be stolen. The thieves had different ideas. Later, they smashed into my RV and stole the computer it was on. Maybe they were different thieves. It was a very karmic thing. No more Surveyor’s Disease. That is how this blog started. I kept most of it out of the computer so there would specifically be no record. It was something I stumbled on at work. In there, they had all the evidence they needed that it worked, but not how. It started as a stakeless survey, and out fell a surveyorless survey. Go figure. There were bigger problems there I was working on. Now I have the key to solving them too. This time I’ll just keep letting their steam oil ratio go through the roof. It was my first biofilm engineering project. Lyme Disease is another twist on it, but the process plant is a live human being full of bug worms.Oooooh! Scary kids. Get all the details by eating apple leaves.









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