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Weds, Nov 30, 2016 – Where Are We?

It is Day 854. Tell a medical professional you found out why people die. They say everybody dies. Ask them if they want to know why, and don’t they want to know how to avoid it? No, they say. Consider that these are the people we entrust to keep us from dying. I haven’t heard anything so stupid in my entire life, even in a Dilbert cartoon.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that 10+% of your body weight is actually heavy metals, worms, and their bacterial biofilm. Apple leaves confirm that when that 10+% gets cleaned out. “It must be evil!” More evil than a doctor that intentionally ignores that it is the solution? “Yes.” Man, that must be pretty evil. I wish I were kidding about the doctor. Rule 1 is that they are supposed to listen to patients. All they can offer is conjecture for an answer. Therein lies the root problem with medicine. They are too conceited to even listen to a possible solution to the question that has dogged their science for all time, let alone an answer that provides pounds of actual hard live evidence alive in them as you speak.

What the hell are we going to do with all those worms eating doctors brains? You can tell they are riddled with the things or else they wouldn’t be able to go to work. I liken it to approaching a melted down nuclear reactor. Hospitals and clinics are infested with the things, and you can feel it as a proximity effect when they are largely gone from your system. Most come from vectors and aquatic biofilm contact. Imagine what it is like around a swimming lake. There is an obvious epidemic of fibromyalgia and even Lyme Disease you can see from people hobbling around, all with the same symptoms, all diagnosed with a different named disease. It is so bizarre it defies description.

Rene Descartes, the mathematician and philosopher, famously quoted “There is nothing so far removed from us to be beyond our reach, or so far hidden that we cannot discover it.” Apple Leaves are one such thing, and they discover a hidden nematodiasis underlying all chronic disease medical illness. Only medicine is “preoccupied” enough to ignore that when it, their alleged “Holy Grail”, actually shows up. They’re too busy failing to worry about succeeding. Many people are in  the same boat from insect bites. They’re too busy going broke to work. If that is where we are truly at as a species, we have failed and we are extinct.

What am I going to do all alone? I’ll have dibs on Solitaire Champeen. Worlds Greatest EVAHrything. I can make a coffee mug. However I likely won’t have been the only person to discover this. Other people will have put two and two together and realized that doctors are useless against this super bug poised to take all of them out. One may be a cop, and have the keys to all the guns and the ammo. He or she will swipe all my Worlds Greatest swag. There will be no doctors because they only evaluate single drugs, none of which work against a super bug alone. Combinations are required, and the simplicity of this super bug is exposed by Apple leaves. It is a multiple nematodiasis with multiple endosymbiont bacteria. All apple leaves do is lop off the super nematode portion and leave the remaining bacteria. This nematodiasis has only been observed in autopsies in spinal fluid, so it is a given that it alone ultimately kills when untreated.

kryptoniteSo there it is. Super Bugs. Lyme, Zika, West Nile, MRSA, arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, C. pneumonia, etc. Worms are the Super part. That is what Apple Leaves expose while eliminating them. It is the Kryptonite treatment. The difference between that picture and apple leaves is that they are real. You can buy this fake Kryptonite pictured here at Etsy. You can get safe wild and organic apple leaves in the southern United States from an apple tree to hold you over until New Zealand or other southern hemisphere grower produces the next crop. Then that super bug won’t be so super any more, and you can mop up the biofilm without it being replenished. Those worms were crapping out literally gallons of the stuff.

Doctors and their thugs will try to make Kryptonase™ illegal. That is only because they think they are so super. It’s harmless to all but those infected with a super bug. They may make approaching hospitals feel like walking into a melted down nuclear reactor or a microwave on low because that is where all the contagious super bugs are. You will feel the unique cooling herx in your extremities and brain. That is actually how I test mine. I gauge it by that cooling herx. Apple tree bark is even better for the cytokines, but I see that they got the memo. It is sold out world wide but occasionally crops up in the US on ebay. The leaves are only 1/5 as powerful, but can get you through in a pinch. After a while on that, all your bands will come positive after the apple leaves de-pants the super bug. It’ll lose its spandex tights at any rate. Blow money on tests if you want to launder it or just float some fat stacks my way. 😉

What if you have a laceration that needs stitches or a broken bone that needs a cast? It isn’t as bad as either of those, but if you feel lousy, just leave. You’ll feel better the further you get away from it. Trust me the last place you want to be is super bug central. They can’t count their balls twice and get the same answer or organize a three man rush to a 4 hole shzthouse with Lyme or any of the super bugs.



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Tues, Nov 29, 2016 – Lyme or Reason

There has to be a reason why doctors throw us on the garbage heap. They must know something we don’t. And they must know everything we do. People are riddled with worms from nature’s dirty needles, vectors. There is no escaping it because the vectors are too numerous in Canada. They can’t treat it because after years of treatment, a single bug bite can start it all over again. They know the Americans are in the same boat but just charge their patients cash to lighten their load. Canadian Doctors must somehow know it is better this way.

They ignore the best tests because they expose this truth. A test is useless. “OK, you’ve got this illness we can’t get rid of for love or money. We can tell it by your medical history. It makes us mad. At you, your family, your momma… Everything! So what are you gonna do about it? It’s a super bug, and we aren’t super doctors!” That seems reasonable.

Why waste their time? We know what they’re going to do. Let’s not double down on stupid. We see all those people who get antibiotics get better for a week or so, but next week they’re back to square one and their guts are destroyed with all their biotics dead. The whole medical West Denial Virus movement in Canada became so popular, Americans are imitating it. Doctors have admitted defeat. We’re not that smart. It stands to reason from the evidence.

Well, I’ll just stupidly slug on with the apple leaves. They “un-bit” all those bug bites from the bush. That is at least a start, it seems to work somewhat, and it gives me hope in a situation so hopeless that doctors have not only given up, they beat up on patients. CanLyme says to give up smoking and drinking. I tried that, but started both again because they both made me feel better with apple leaves. The smoking got rid of more worms faster, and the drinking was a vasodilator for the arthritis.

More reading between the lines. Permethrin doesn’t even work on these military grade  Canadian bugs and causes birth defects/hurts you, so they don’t sell it here except for cattle and hogs. This doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery. My apple leaves kill the bug and smoke out the worm right at the source. You find out in no uncertain terms why they call these bugs “Natures Dirty Needles.” They’re packin’ worms too for Chrisakes. On the success scale of evolution, they’re loaded with mycoplasma, spirochaetes, co0ties, and leptospires too with a high confidence. Knock yerself out doing a PhD if you want. I just count my lucky stars that the damn things are gone, and the doctor has given up. I know they are trying to put me out of my misery, but I’m not that miserable yet. A side effect of long term apple leaf use is that it makes hospitals and clinics about as inviting as melted down nuclear reactors. They’re worse in reality, but humour me here, using my Lepers Poetic Licence. I even take out an extra dollop of insurance to keep doctors away. I smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, and produce almost as much carbon dioxide as a Big Gulp, but nowhere near as much as a can of pop. I feel better the more I do it. I wish it would just hurry up and kill me like they say, but that is obviously all bullshit for me straight from the ultimate pack of bullshitters. I’m not surprised. It takes one to know one.

I see from all those Ottawa Conference videos that people are madder than Hell about the whole thing. The conference just threw ’em a frickin’ bone. Makes sense. Let ’em gnaw on that for a while. Everything there just confirms my theory that it is all reasonable when you analyse it and count where we are with it all. They can break every ethics rule in the book because we’re all dead in their eyes. The last thing they need is something so World Beating like Apple Leaves. It would make them look like total dumb asses. It already has to me for well over two years now. There has to be a reason, and I’ll take that one. They Mad, Bro. They Jelly.

We get it. We’re all allegedly insane, and you’re not. We go to you and call you on the bullshzt promise that you provide medical expertise and medicine that will help us. We make you look bad because we are bitten by bugs in Canada. You lock us up and pump us full of the latest greatest poison so we never come back. You tax the shzt out of relatively harmless cigarettes and alcohol because you don’t make enough money. You tax our sequestered solar energy, natural oil and gas, to add insult to energy. You incite natives to riot in North Dakota to protect your southern oil and gas producers from our buckets of oil feedstock. We get the memo. You’re all evil with a happy face and we’re supposed to be fine with that.

Is it just me though? I guess so. Apple leaves did it. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. They start breaking biofilm so there will be pain when you really lean into it with the pectin enzyme, serrapeptase, bromelaine, and others. There’s more than one way to skin that biofilm cat. Whatever way you want, the apple leaves get the ball rolling faster. This should be no surprise to chronic Lyme veterans. Those who don’t have chronic Lyme? They lied to you. It is always chronic from the worm. Apple leaves show you the worm is there the instant you get bit. It is what kills the bug when the bug dies from drinking or even tasting your apple leaf blood. The worm drills a hole the relative size of a basketball out of that bugs head presumably because it is easier to crap down the large hole it leaves in its relative haste.

Suffice to say no love there for the vector taxi. One thing I noticed is that there aren’t many guys who attended at that Ottawa Lyme Conference. I don’t know the reason, unless they figured out the reason. Perhaps their security budget was stretched thin. Maybe they were too sick or died waiting. Ladies first, you know. None of us are sure why it is beyond reason, but we have our suspicions. I don’t know why they just don’t say, hey you have been bitten by a bug and it causes neurological trouble. You are going to get bad arthritis and even MS. All your insurance will get cancelled and you will go bankrupt because we can’t treat it. Instead let’s treat you like a 5 year old and berate you as if you have done something wrong. Let’s play patty cake with it for decades. We’re so mentally frayed that it makes us feel good about ourselves for a change because this super bug has walloped us at every turn. Totally reasonable. YMMV.

There is no rhyme or reason. We need a Lyme Rhyme at least. “It was my tyme – I finally got Lyme –  I got bit by a bug – and the doctors gave up. My puppy was treated – for this disease that defeated – All the doctors so badly – They can’t treat me, sadly. All those years of Med School – and they still feel like damn fools. – It’s beyond their station – So they berate the patients.” It’s a lousy rhyme for an even lousier reason. “The nurses pile on – We are such morons – To even complain – While we writhe in our pain. There is nothing wrong – You’ve been here too long. – Most people just die – So why don’t you try?” Reasonable I guess. We’re sick and they’re not, obviously. Their BMI is through the roof anyway. It sure isn’t from eating the food they give patients.

57% tested positive for Lyme in BC using private lab tests when suspected they might have  it. That matches Apple Leaves testing positive by skunking out worms, but there are a lot more worms in people than that. There really are that many infested people up here. Worms from other bug bites are just waiting for that fateful bug bite to take advantage of their already constructed biofilm. I suspect both Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver caught Lyme Disease here. It only stands to reason, given the evidence of their lives and their high risk occupations as coastal mappers of Oregon, Washington State, British C0lumbia, and Alaska. That was well over two centuries ago in the late 1700’s. There’s no Lyme or reason to any of the cover up that is going on here.

Sometimes when searching for reason, a real gem crops up. “Canadian test kits for Lyme Disease are the Gold Standard!” Apparently, they are made by CDC Board members with likely insurance concern pressure to minimize infection diagnoses and prevent insurance losses. Some “Gold” standard, alright. The hilarity in Canada, where Lyme Disease is shown to be a huge epidemic by Apple Leaves from the worms drilling out, is that nobody ever tests positive. Moreover, it is impossible for anyone with ACA Herxheimer to be Lyme Negative, since it only occurs in late stage tertiary chronic Lyme Disease. Canada is the source of Powassan Virus, a Lyme strain that kills.



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Mon, Nov 28, 2016 – Invisble Doctors

Maybe that is what is needed to treat an alleged invisible illness. I know how to make them crop up. Give us their pay check. How would you do that? Prosecute for insurance fraud. Reparation judgement. Ignorance of the law, or their own alleged profession, is no excuse.

You can also make it the most visible illness ever. Apple leaves. Take all the bad bug bites over your life and reverse them. Get a court order for forced apple leaf education for these pretend doctors. Let them figure out what is happening themselves from their jail cells. Insurance fraud is major time in the crowbar hotel, even if it is just an accessory after the fact.

Perhaps they will become “anti science.” They already are when a hillbilly with a dial up knows more than they do about borrelia. It is bigger than just that though. Racketeering and organized crime. They’ll turn turkey when they try to cover their ass and take out the entire management structure. When they claim there are no infected bugs in Canada, threaten to air drop them in Wood Buffalo naked. They’ll sing like canaries. It is more than just major crime. It is the breakdown of civilization.

The Lyme Disease IQ of doctors is low double digit. In effect, there is no functioning medical system until doctors show up. When the only cure they offer is suicide, by their own actions, they’re not much of a functioning medical system. The salary should be commensurate with that skill set. Here is a professor of medicine assessing their response. It isn’t by their own admission. It is by their professor.

They need schoolin’. Baby I ain’t foolin’. Cut to the chase. Feed them 3 bowls of Apple Leaf gruel a day in jail. You would have a sudden awakening of the largest bunch of absolute medical geniuses to ever walk the planet. Of course, there is the alternative. The End of Canada. When a bug bite can take out anyone in a bug infested hell hole like this, they’re done. Imagine a significant percentage of arthropod bites you have had all your life has a live nematode parasite hiding in it. Now imagine those nematodes have endosymbiont borrelia spirochaetes and leptospires in them. Apple Leaves move this into the realm of reality. That is an education they will never forget. Some of them may not commit suicide out of shame. Better to have some doctors than none, if that is what it takes.

What sense is testing when you can treat it, the chronic nematodiasis part, with apple leaves cheaper? Once all the biofilm slop is cleaned up too, serology will start working again so you can test with their tests. This also happens after long term antibiotics. Seronegative patients all of a sudden had every test marker in the book.

If medical error is proven to be the third leading cause of death and you have a condition that is proven to always be diagnosed in medical error, what is that saying? I can fill in the blanks for you. Stay away from doctors if you have this. They are a cookie cutter death machine, breaking every ethics rule in the book gleefully while they do it.

Then there is the outdated notion that only ticks and certain kinds can transmit the disease. Many kinds of arthropod vectors can transmit the disease. I’ve seen spider webs full of ticks. There is a cumulative effect from all these different types of bites and stings. Apple leaves skunk out all sorts of nematodes from them. It becomes clear it is a bigger problem than just Lyme Disease as it affects all disease. Doctors can’t figure it out but anybody that sees what happens when you eat apple leaves can figure it out. If you say the sky is blue though, doctors will say they can’t take anecdotal evidence.

We’re all starving to death and they want to spend more money on bug surveillance in Canada. Here’s a hint. It would be cheaper to organize a snipe hunt for any place where there aren’t military grade arthropod vectors in Canada. They are everywhere. The disease has evolved to the point where any vector that can find a human host will do for it. Any idiot finds that out within a few days of taking apple leaves. What we have here is what has always been predicted. A super bug will defeat all medicine. The wrinkle is that any idiot can see it while all medicine moves too slow and is blind to it. They are invisible because they have devolved below the survival level of the super bug.

Doctors all look the other way while it slowly and painfully progresses to Multiple Sclerosis and ALS. If you press them, they just insult, berate, and commit you to psychiatric care. Don’t double down on stupid if they want to do any more tests. They can’t understand them anyway. They have all caught the Stupor Bug. That is all you can deduce from watching dozens of hours of videos at CanLyme from the Ottawa Framework Meeting last May.

Apple Leaves. Discover your worms!

Air dry them. Powder them in a blender. Pack them in Size “0” capsules. After crapping out the first wave of worms and their slop, keep it up till all the worms drill out of your skin. Use Pectin Enzyme Size 0 capsules to move the gallons of biofilm out concurrently. Fun for all ages, Doctor to dimwit. You’ll find out why deer eat the leaves and not the apples, that’s for sure. I just had a new one drill out of the nape of my neck after a new bite this morning. It gave me a headache but it’s gone now. A single 85 mg AppLyme got it. You’ll lose a lot of weight because 10+% of your weight is worms and biofilm before this.

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Sun, Nov 27, 2016 – Answers

zhangOne of the first answers is that the medical community is spinning their wheels because the patients are working 24-7 on this while the the disease is working 24-7 to educate them whether they like it or not. The Ottawa Conference is a little more specific with the questions like Dr Zubek and Dr Bested. Apple Leaves give slam dunk answers to all of their “impossible” questions like they did for Dr Zhang.

gapsHere are the Zubek Bested questions for example. For starters, the disease itself is working 24-7 to be chronic from the get go, and as far as I have witnessed from apple leaves, that is as soon as the nematode is introduced by the vector encounter at the beginning, hatching on contact with human warm blood after introduction from the cold blooded vector, starting to manufacture its biofilm bacteria cocoon. It is moot to try and discover a static acute state, but when apple leaves boot the nematode out, the disease should respond to successful acute treatment if there hasn’t been any biofilm built. That is a huge “If” because apple leaves make it clear these nematodes are aggressive biofilm producers. There is a twofer answer for Case Definition and for the Pathophysiology. Lab tests for acute LD will and should never be developed because the nematode is by definition and its proven immediate and decades old historical presence from apple leaves, chronic. Biofilm also makes this impossible, so all the existing tests only work for acute phase or transitional phase. Apple leaves answer another twofer there as existing tests will work in conjunction with apple leaves after they get that pesky nematode out of there. As for enhanced Prevention and Education, apple leaves will educate the hell out of you as worms flee and vectors die immediately when they bite you. Three “twofers.” Do I get 200%? 😉

I get feedback on the subspace channels “He must think they are fzckin’ idiots!” No. They could be super geniuses in a week after apple leaves double their IQ, that’s all. You have to remember they are patients too of WCD – White Coat Disease, and as the apple leaves will show them, they have been very sick and did not even know it. They will never look at a bug bite the same way, that’s for sure. Once they find out that near invisible biting midge arthropod vectors pack nematodes too, they’ll be ready to go to the head of the class. All of these nematodes join the already existing biofilm party that has been there nearly since they were born. That is what nematodes eat and the spirochaetes are just their errand boys and girls. They farm the spirochaetes like ants farm aphids.

They have a map for ticks. lol I have had some of the toughest worms drill out from Prince Patrick Island. Maybe it hitched a ride in my luggage from Blueberry Mountain, Alberta, or Donnelly Corners – Fahler – Eaglesham as I had a Lyme incident there in 1973. Borrillia, borreeelia, or borrelia. Hell, those poor WCD infested bastards can’t even agree on how to pronounce it! Anyway, vector maps are also moot when arthropod vectors of military significance are known by the AFPMB to be worst EVAH! in Alaska. lol Then thanks to Apple Leaves, they found Borrelia Mayonii all over the Prairies, a whole new lethal variant that isn’t even mapped because the vectors aren’t even visible. NoSeeUms, a Native word no doubt.

I dunno. Some of those doctors have got to lose 20 pounds of worms first or more. That could take a while for the old codgers. Back to more answers. There are no Igenex False Positives. The disease just gets detected before it reaches quorum and explodes. Apple leaves make that obvious. “Oh, gee, I felt great packing 30 pounds of diseased parasites from bug dirty needles around with me all my life! Until Now!!!” See how many impossible tough questions apple leaves can answer for you. I bet you it will be all of them. The question isn’t “Who’s infected?” The $64,000 Question is “Who isn’t?”

The reason is swarms of vectors you had no idea about. They’re everywhere. I know because I’ve been there, and nearly all those places tagged me with a worm. It took me over a year to get rid of the bulk of them, and I still get tagged with new bites trying to take advantage of what they see as virgin turf, smooth as a baby’s azz. All of Health Canada would be bankrupted looking for “proof” of what apple leaves prove without a doubt nearly instantly as each infected vector of each type bites or stings. I’d like to buy tickets to watch some BVT victim eat apple leaves as all the nematodes struggle their way out. Bee Stings were among the last vector parasitic nematodes to come out of me after being in there 4, 5, or 6 decades. A couple weeks later the stinger started to come out. lol

Pet Disease Report IDEXX shows that even veterinarians are threatened west of the hundredth meridian. Vett Lloyd talks about the usefulness of canine Lyme Disease prevalence studies. Back to White Coat Disease, here is the Hominid Veterinary presentation of an actual sufferer, Dr Bowie. Note his hair has been eaten by nematode parasites, not to mention his brain. This poor fellow desperately needs my help but my hands are tied, and you know what their answer will be. The maddening thing is that he could be mentally back and firing on all cylinders within a week. Dr Hawkins describes the Western Canadian Disaster also giving answers, and can also be cured of WCD in less than a week, on the way to total recovery. I think he already got the memo from my underground Alberta network.

CerebrospinalBack to Graduate Grad School. I don’t care what the question or who the questioner is. The answer is Two Words.

Apple Leaves!

Then start questioning what in no uncertain terms they will show you. You’ll realize that nearly everything that was previously asked and answered in all medicine has to be totally rethought.

The whole Ottawa Lyme Symposium from May is a lot of drama hearing stories that are unbelievable but true. But then I can’t get that R Crumb Apple Leaf type cartoon out of my head where the worms are drilling out of the guys eyes. lol Unbite those bug bites. See what dirt was on Nature’s dirty needles.



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Sat, Nov 26, 2016 – White Coat Disease

What is it? A disease that is a higher life form than doctors. They are all infected by it and zombied. All of a sudden it makes sense why they don’t like apple leaves, and lash out that everybody is anti science when you confront them with their own peer reviewed scientific research. Physician, heal thyself kind of won’t work worth a shzt because they are no longer functioning from a neurological jamming by a vector nematode parasite. There is no argument that it is not a higher life form since it did that.

BiohazardWhen you think about it, they are in the highest risk profession. Every day, they go to work amidst thousands of similarly infected patients. Their entire health care system itself is also infected and infested. I can’t even get near it. You can feel it with the proximity effect around hospitals and clinics. Again, no wonder they don’t like apple leaves. It would expose this horrific infestation to them too. Everywhere they venture and work would have to go through a full apple leaf sweep to start to eliminate it. The trouble is pretty obvious when health care itself is the source of the pandemic. It isn’t white coat syndrome. It is White Coat Disease, AKA Lyme Disease, an insidious neurological nematodiasis. Yet is this navigated into Check or is it really a Checkmate? The only hope is apple leaves to get it from the inside out. You can lead a doctor to apple leaves, but you can’t make him eat. They will protest vehemently as all the thousands of worms they have acquired over their lifetime working in a critically infested Ground Zero start to drill out of their heads, bodies, and eyeballs.

Consider that this life form is billions of years more evolved than medical science. It has PWN’d all medical science, and in that respect it is anti science – Specifically anti Defective Human Science. It controls what doctors claim is their science. Worm science is far more advanced than they are, and is on a level they cannot even comprehend. It explains why they have held the Federal Framework Proceedings for 7 months before releasing it. How do you navigate out of Stalemate? You can’t move into Check no matter which direction you move with any piece. Luckily I have a plan from a new science I invented, Metaphysical Engineering. It is a class of metaphysical inventions I came up with called Karmic Weapons. Long story short, what would you call a backwards firing bullet that killed the shooter? I think I have another tweak for it that would be useful here. Apple Leaves themselves are a reverse medicine. They even have a licorice smoke switch to super activate them to take out a whole enemy army. You can’t make a doctor smoke though. That itself will make them  suffer more, and I have to admit it looks good on them.

Number One to get this ball rolling is to stop even seeing doctors. You must realize that they are all infected, and the treatments they use are lethal by design of their own disease using them to utilize every loophole in their own medical system to specifically marginalize themselves. Apple Leaves are a drug, and possibly the most powerful drug ever discovered. They have the power to wipe out medicine itself. In a case like this, thanks to the evil science of medicine for profit, they are exactly what is needed. Of course they will move to make apple leaves illegal. How is that war on drugs going for them? In case you haven’t got the memo, it is one one the hugest failures in all known history. That failure will be our Karmic Weapon Success. AppLyme™ gets rid of the biofilm destruction side effects and prevents “snotterboarding” when you dismantle the diseases snotty brain lining your blood vessels, lungs, intestines, various ducts, brain, and peritoneal cavity. What a lucky Fluke, eh? 😉 That is just one species of fluke that controls the hosts brain. ;Imagine how much more evolved vector nematode human parasites are, and you start to get the picture.

If you still have doubts that this is the case, you haven’t been listening to that Public Forum link above for 2 hours and 11 minutes or so where speaker after speaker describes a medical system so diseased that it has ceased to function, destroying every life it has touched, and as Dr Natasha Rudenko, Vector Parasitology, Czech Academy of Science, points out, is under an arthropod vector pressure so insidious that it is the largest and most diverse White Coat disease reservoir in the world. We even have infected biting midge vectors so small we call them “No See Ums.” You would literally have to be insane to deny that it doesn’t exist in Canada.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgI trademarked “Trust me- I’m not a Doctor!™” and I’ve been using it publicly for years here. Why not register it? It is a metaphysically engineered Karmic Weapon within a Karmic Weapon! Q.E.D. Likewise, I am a thoroughly unprofessional registered metaphysical engineer, and here is a picture of my MIT equivalent “Brass Rat” engineering ring. 😉 See how that works? OK… I’ll stop it before your head hurts. lol Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae! Dr² Mike1Baker, Delusions of Grandeur, Doctor of Doctors, except that they would have to be delusional to diagnose it. That’s what I call a real pickle. Doctor My Eyes no shzt. I always knew deep down this Black E would come in handy for something… None More Black so you can’t even see it. Hey Doctors. Here’s an apple leaf from the teacher to you. Say Hi to your worms for me as you send them to their next biofilm. lol

zhangI have answers for Dr Zhang, Johns Hopkins. 1. No. The nematode must be eliminated by being smoked out alive first by apple leaves because if you kill it, it will kill the patient. 2. The nematodes cause PTLDS when the spirochaetes become endosymbiont with the worm where medicines can’t affect them. They just wait it out inside the prophylactic worm and rebuild their biofilm brains when treatment stops. 3. The biomarkers are the physical evidence of the worms drilling out of your skin concurrently with AppLyme treatment. 4. You cannot culture nematodes, and thus no Viable But Non Culturable (VBNC) form of borrelia endosymbiont to it. YMMV. You can always just get bit by another bug, but the apple leaves get it right away. the nematodes are what Dr Burgdorfer could not see even though he found the filarial nematode eggs. No one can until apple leaves smoke them out from where they have been hiding for decades.




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Fri Nov 25, 2016 – The Farce is With Us

Like Han Solo says. “It’s all true!” before his son by Princess Leia goes all Dark Side and kills him with all the glee of a Canadian Doctor trashing another bug bite/Lyme victim. I’m still watching the Public Part of the Ottawa Conference of May 17. Somebody has to listen. Trust me – I’m not a doctor!™ Video 5B. Now you see why I am not impressed with Canada’s 4th world beads and rattles medical system as Spock would say to Bones. They deserve to have their egos stroked with a Cat O’ Nine Tails. I can see why they waited 7 months to post it. They want to hide somewhere and change their name first like Walter White when he hides in New Hampshire at the end of Breaking Bad.

If they aren’t treating borrelia, what is it that they treat here? Good question. Lacerations. Twists. Sprains. Torn ligaments. Broken bones. Burns. MRSA. Diabetes. Then there is mental illness. Everybody is nuckin’ futs so that one is a “gimme” in golf terms that they can understand. Punch the clock. Drive to the dealership to look at the latest Caddys. Can always amputate a few more diabetics for a Porsche until they find out about Bisphosphocin Nu-3™. Life is good.

If what I am getting from the videos is foretelling where this is all going, if people don’t start apple leaves stat, we’ll all be infected and have no idea what to do about it or where to go. I have been here every day trying to hammer this point home, but I now see that nematode endosymbiont borrelia is in fact a higher life form. It has already won by taking total brain control of our best and brightest, convincing them that their own death is not imminent. Somehow, I’m not surprised that a disease with a brain made out of frog shzt and snot is a higher life form than our medical system. They all call for better diagnostics and testing, and I have an absolute gem of one that will show them exactly what they don’t want to know. It’s bigger than they could ever imagine. It exposes the root cause of All Chronic Disease.

I can see doctors’ hands are tied. There is no treatment that can defeat nematode endosymbiont borrelia safely their way. I lucked out and found a way to get rid of the nematodiasis part. I know something they don’t and they don’t want to know. That’s where it stands. Wait until they find out for themselves what I already know from apple leaves. You see from those videos how famously rapid they can be. Give ’em a few centuries because we, the apple leaf gang, all know they are on a track so wrong they may never find out.

The Farce is of course the medical response to this pandemic. It is horrifically depressing. A child of three with a handful of apple leaves can find out more than all these folks in a matter of days, but unfortunately that reality is so far beneath them that they are the only idiots that can’t see it. Why collect ticks when you can just eat apple leaves and have a handful of worms drill out of your head, and not even one of them came from a tick? No wait. Leave ’em in there and keep your Lyme IQ in the bottom percentile. That way your job will be safe. It’s nuts but shrewd gubmint procedure.

Natasha Rudenko knows her stuff in the realm of vector parasitology. She is the star of the whole show as far as I am concerned because she fills in a lot of blanks about how certain things were happening that until now only apple leaves exposed for me. Borrelia jumps from cold blooded to warm blooded hosts using multiple tick and arthropod intermediate bridge vectors. There is the spawning salmon connection. “Absence of proof is not proof of absence” she also famously quotes. Nobody mentions nematodes but I have a suspicion that Rudenko is aware of them and the parallel transfer they enjoy in these processes they appear to share with borrelia too.

Zubek and Bested #23 step up next describing Bb defensive tactics. No mention of the nematodes they are so obviously endosymbiont to. What they do nail is that our medical diagnoses system is worse than the disease. Cameron, Johnson, Maloney is recommended treatment.





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Thurs Nov 24, 2016 – The Farce Awakens

Two things. Number One, Star Wars – The Force Awakens is up on Netflix. Number Two, the farce awakens, and that is Canada’s Action Plan on Lyme Disease after two and a half years of “Soon….” It was a conference from back last May, and there isn’t a single mention of anything worth anything there because uit is all so dated knowing what I know from apple leaves. Nothing there about that yet. Meanwhile, at that time, Alan MacDonald addressed the London Conference on his findings of Nematodes underlying this whole mess, with endosymbiont borrelia. Meanwhile, I slugged on with my AppLyme™ “There’s an App for that!” thing. Bugs bit me and died, then a lil’ worm came out of some of them. That has to wear you down over time. For an app, I’d give it 5 “EEEwwws!” Some of those worms were alive in there for decades. Over half a century for me, and I’m 60. 😦

The upside is that in another half century, we’ll have a framework for a plan for that up here. lol They’re a long way away from Dave DeBronkart, but at least they noticed that. I don’t think it’s going better anywhere else. The apple leaves might be greener anyway. Otherwise, it’s down to New Zealand and Tasmania for the next harvest. Thanksgiving is last chance for apple leaves in the lower 48 for example.

Well, I am watching Breakout Surveillance #29  now on YouTube. Nothing does that like apple leaves, but you can combine them with proxy animals like deer mice. Still, that is more time consuming than just eating them yourself and getting feedback from bugs virtually at the time they bite you. They’re also just stuck on ticks. Wait until they see all the other vectors that pack nematodes. Spiders. Yellow Jackets. Bees. All sorts of biting midges. There’s so much they don’t know that they could find out by eating apple leaves themselves. They are still hung up on geographic distribution while the migratory bird connection isn’t touched on. They still have a flawed concept of non endemic areas. “No Lyme here!” They are up on the vector borne terminology, but they have to recognize midges, horseflies, stable flies, and deer flies as serious vectors. There is no mention of the correlation to salmon spawning areas that I found. I wish I could have offered them my new Apple Leaf Nematodiasis test. Then at least they would have a stick to get in the game. It could take weeks to watch all those videos. Not much else to do but brace yourself for the pandemic.

They touch on the fact that veterinarians are ahead of medicine. If they only knew how far, such as Evans 1880 Surra, let alone Innes and Shoho 1952 Cerebrospinal Nematodiasis epizootic diseases.

It is tough to watch after seeing what I have seen for 2 and a half years now. One thing for sure is they will have group delerium when they finally try Apple Leaves. Been there, done that here. Decades of bug bites revisited as all the long term nematode parasites start to drill out like crazy. It’s not going to happen. “Comments for this video are Disabled!” The Public Forum video tells you why. These stories are common and endless. Looking at these people my veterinary eye tells me they still have a dozen or more pounds of worms to come out of their chests and thyroids for starters…