Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Nov 1, 2016 – Worm Diet

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What do worms like to eat? Dr Sapi offers that borrelia like brain, neurons, and cartilage. The worms themselves like loaded borrelia. They utilize the polysaccharide to construct their bacterial biofilm brain colony as well. They farm borrelia like ants farm aphids. That is the analogy I have settled on. Your body is their world. You are their host.

The same way a trematode controls an ant brain, they, nematodes, control your brain too. All humans are lactose intolerant by design after age 3, or they are supposed to be. I suspect those worms like lactose too. This drives an adult craving for lactose containing foods. Ever have a strange craving? Mine is, or I should say was, chocolate. After giving worms the boot, not any more. Sugar was another. Now the biofilm reduction gets me more than enough sugar. All that worm snot breaks to fructose and glucose my way. I have changed to black dark roast coffee.

Long story short, just how much do those worms affect your other choices? I dropped my satellite service recently. It was all commercials, and ten times as expensive as Netflix. That being said, I have no more worms, so I won’t stand for that bulloney any more. I watch TV on my terms from now on. You would have to be high on worm glop to do otherwise. Plus, I am now streaming the Breaking Bad prequel, “Better Call Saul.” Hilarious is an understatement. Also some hard well written hard stories there. Cable and satellite will hate apple leaves because they make you think young back to a time before cable when TV came with the set for free. These days you need a smart TV that streams Netflix built in like the good old days, except no commercials, other than product placement within the dramas themselves. It is hard to say how much worm influence was involved with that decision.

There are other little things that have changed in my thinking too regarding impulse buying. I could never pass a music store without scouting the goods there. I have too many guitars and things as it is. Is it all wormy music? Is that the draw? It never really was for the chicks with me. I just liked a good power chord. Like James Hetfield said, “There is no better feeling than strapping on an electric guitar plugged into a good amp.” The worms ate my nerves and wrecked it for me 9.5 years ago. While the apple leaves reversed a lot of it, the desire isn’t there any more. I still like listening though, especially live music concert streams. It makes sense when you watch how it is being played effortlessly. Hey, it may not be exactly like the record, but you can still tell it is the original artist. It has their style all over it.

Worms are highly intelligent in my estimation. They actually employ higher level physics than man can understand. The absence of them sent me on the hunt for what was missing. I wound up looking at Dark Matter and Energy. Dr MacDonald says the spirochaetes they employ are shape shifting. Electrical stimulus can force that behaviour. I also noticed they reacted to strong magnetism while in situ, and sometimes painfully. It could have been exclusive to just a few species of them only, but in my case, definitely noticeable. The neurological connection makes sense in retrospect. They have hoodwinked doctors into thinking they do not exist, but after they left, all sorts of nagging physical conditions and disease and allergies were cleared up. What is up with that? It seemed to me that these worms getting smoked out were behind it all along. Now there is another way that the parasite can affect your thinking.

It is said that crystal amphetamine use has been found to create holes in your brain. I  suspect that the neural larval migrans nematodes are actually eating channels through the grey matter to get at the methamphetamine candy. The whole holes in the head story is an urban legend though. It is not any good for you, but worms could be behind the addiction. It’s hard to tell.

Much of the work showing parasitic mind control stems from research into Dicrocoelium Dendriticum. It is a liver fluke primarily of ruminants. It over rides an ant brain to gain access to hosts. All the additional conclusions I can draw stem from consumption of apple leaf powder, skunking out nemtodes and flukes, and painting the before and after pictures. Observations of the differences would also make this apparent to you if you see it for yourself. The vector parasites I saw were and still are largely unknown in all medical science. The more I have been looking into it, the more the leads dry up. I have had to invent my own neurological science niche with with this to pursue it further.

I am sitting on a mountain of data/evidence gathered first hand. It seems so relevant to my studies in metaphysical sciences and engineering. Many of the anecdotal evidence presented in metaphysics gets a valid physics and engineering explanation from that first hand experience. This year has been a breakthrough in hard science developed by the PHD Fellowship Endowment Inc., Naples, Florida, USA. They found nematodes in spinal fluid in autopsies of neurological disease patients. This, consuming apple leaf anthelmintic, is a way to find them live inside yourself where they have lived for decades in your dermal layers and joints apparently. This formed a link to Yellow Jacket stings and crippling arthritis for me without a doubt when nematodes migrated out of the worst affected areas from the exact sting locations 50 years after the stings.

Making a computer out of meat is incredible enough. I think worms are robbing it and adding a little chocolate milk and gristle to make a well protected biofilm computer inside of you. Then they can use neurological signalling to leverage their wants and needs from you, utilizing your motor skills and human things to fill their shopping list. By their absence, nematodes left a trail of bread crumbs you have to follow. For example, I was allergic to nightshade vegetables because of arthritis. Now I can eat potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers, and I actually like them again. The allergies cleared up. The worms were allergic to them. Not me. Q.E.D.







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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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