Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Nov 2, 2016 – Back To Science

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pillWhy are the worm parasites smarter than the human species? They are a higher life form. They can co opt human neurological processes. Through their proven endosymbiont borrelia spirochaetes, they are behind all inexplicable mammalian animal disease. It is coming together. The trouble is apple leaves are a cure with a medical science only looking for profits through treatment. They would prefer that the patient dies as long as they got theirs. The worm understanding of physics through their bacterial biofilm brain is beyond all known human intelligence. How could you ever explain that to a human? All human medical science is invalid in our system in this regard.

Well, I am no longer a normal worm riddled human. My worms are BCTF.logogone, at least the apple leaf expunged ones. That was quite an experience after working in an entomologists paradise. The Leafs gave them the boot. Major vectored nematode de-wormage. The enzymes gnawed away at the layered biofilm. More de-wormage. I use the whole leaf stalk and all.

So go figure. How many scientific boasts can we make? Lots. Simply by linking the prior art out there. There are 1,000 peer reviewed papers a day in medicine. Is it possible that this could be a shortcut? Yes. Eximius Vis Requro A Minae. Yo! ‘S all good Man. The Power of Paradoxes.

Caduceus.svgI guess I am a certified worm collaborator too now, Trust me, not a doctor. But a worm collaborator to Deer Ballscompare notes. The worms are smart. Craftiest beasts of all according to The Bible. I suspect they wrote it. lol We came to  mutually beneficial terms. Thus was the Baker Apple Leaf Protocol devised. Free Cannabidiol. Flea Shipping! A Buck a day. The buck stops here. If you can’t make your own AppLymes™ for that. It’s like that Eskimo boy – tough luk.

TMIND. TrustMe – I’mNoDoctor!® It is a quantum observer exclusion principle crafty worms employ. That’s why doctors can’t see it. What they see as sudden infant death I see as untreated vector nematodiasis. I no longer have those preconceived biases. Now my scientific focus is in differentiating the apple leaves. From more different sources. Now vedtors. Phylum Arthropoda is the most numerous by a factor of 3 times identified species. Those are only the identified ones, but phylum Nematoda dwarfs even them, and largely where we can’t even see them. This made worse with quantum exclusion of doctors as observers. Talk about strength in numbers. This is why I have a copascetic arrangement with worms. We trade scientific information and have teamed up against disease that harms both of us. With apple leaves, I can separate them safely from this particular human host, me, and they survive in freedom like they have never enjoyed for all history. We have mutual respect like you would have for hypothetical aliens landing in a spaceship at the Washington Monument. In this analogy, doctors are like the overzealous military that wants to kill them and we want to communicate, not kill.

They have massive information to communicate in the field of what we call theoretical physics. They actually employ these theories when valid. Dark Matter and Energy. Wormholes, ironically named, in time space gravity and magnetism. Grafting into human neurological processes such as neuromotor processing. Music. Time is like a rubber band to them. They even left an Easter Egg for doctors in history. Go figure.

How big is 50 billion cubic meters? It is a cube 17/16 of a mile on a side or about 1710 meters on a side. Imagine a nematode that big that could drill a hole in earth. It could do it by discarding dark matter as it progressed through the earth. Somehow, nematodes can do that as a regular course of action when tunnelling. It is a mining mystery. The science of that alone puts nematodes on a higher plane of engineering. What is left is condensed baryonic matter. It’s condensed enough not to plug the tunnel behind as the nematode progresses. I take it the biofilm is the drilling fluid.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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