Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Nov 3, 2016 – Creating A Cure

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The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures. My bad was that I did. Or I discovered one, then tweaked it to alleviate side effects that I noticed. I assume that most people would have the same side effects from all the starch in our diets. I’ve already waxed ad infinitum about how the nematodes take advantage of that starch to produce biofilm shrouds for their endosymbiont spirochaete flocks. That cure is apple leaves, and that tweak is 4 times as much pectin enzyme with it. I hope you harvested them before they fell; but if not, better luck next year.

pillThe pharmaceutical industry may have total control over medicine in North America, but people are finally getting it that medicine is useless to cure even the most common diseases and causes of death. They can’t cure a cold or the number one killer, heart disease. Both are easy for AppLyme. The fact that this cure now exists and is being ignored is the most damning indictment of medicine in general. The fact that it was so simple should force resignations top to bottom in health care, or this pharmacentric bastardization of it, immediately.

220px-Nobel_PrizeIt is no surprise that nematodiasis underlies nearly all physical ailments. What is a surprise is that nematodes are very intelligent and in fact a higher life form than humans. We are conceited to think that this cannot be, but it is. It is said that mankind has no enemies. Wrong. Nematodes are a deadly enemy to us, always killing us. Before me, there was no defence. Shouldn’t I get a Nobel Prize then? You tell me. The Nobel Committee is notoriously slow on the uptake in medicine. For two years in a row they have been barking up my apple tree, but still no acknowledgement. They stonewalled Felix D’Herelle until he died. This wakes that all up again.

Finally having a cure has also opened up an unknown problem. You can be reinfected by the same vector disease if you don’t continue to use it. Like vaccines need booster shots, in some cases apple leaves need booster shots as you get bitten or stung by more vectors. By then you are used to the drill and it nips it in the bud. Smoke out the nematode and mop up any biofilm it tried to make. The good news is that it takes less than a tenth as much for the maintenance dose it seems, or even a hundredth. Your immune system also remembers he drill, pointing to a possible eosinophilic component to the anthelmintic action. That is in the case of Lyme Disease borrelia which needs additional CBD or antibiotic courses to eradicate fully. I found it was tougher to get than cancer was for me. Again, it depends on the vector, and what diseases it is packing. Even a little bit of apple leaf gets to nematode out right away and kills the vector.

This could be my own tough case, because I was Lyme positive from a juvenile age. I was never officially tested, but ACA Herxheimer, plus all the symptoms, pointed directly to that. Add the fact that the doctors have always been wrong. Nothing worked. Here I had people telling me how great doctors were and I found exactly the opposite. Then those people piled on and attacked me for being a hypochondriac too. My entire life was ruined by what they thought was anklosing spondylitis, but as I later found out, that was just a symptom of a rampant borrelia infection with unknown nematodiasis.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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