Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Nov 4, 2016 – The Toughest Disease

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It wasn’t cancer. It wasn’t heart disease. It wasn’t respiratory. Urinary tract was tough. BPH prostate is tough. But Lyme Disease, late stage chronic, MSIDS, is by far the toughest nut to crack. Look what I have gone through to try and put it all behind me. Bartonella. Then babesia/RMSF Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Malaria. It all adds up to MS and ALS symptoms. Very difficult and permanent damage. Being a surveyor and logger of sight lines all my life didn’t help matters much. Travelling around all over the place made it all worse. Surveyor’s Disease is tough. Actually, when life gives you lemons like that, it is a lemonade factory. What doctor would be any use if he hadn’t beaten all those first hand? He or she’s getting second hand information from a sychophant and serology which is well known to be useless with chronic Lyme Disease, let alone late stage ACA chronic Lyme. Biofilm keeps it all hidden from the doctors’ only unbiased tools.

I’ve made unbelievable headway. That’s the trouble. No one will believe it. First hand accounting. I had all this weird stuff to plow through. I had no help from doctors. They can’t touch any of this their way. I know now. Their serology always pointed to weird unrelated illness. No doctor will go anywhere against this unless they follow my lead. Can Lyme disease kill you? Over a long time painfully, but sometimes it is indirect. I suspect Captain James Cook contracted Lyme Disease in his third voyage, went loopy, and wound up getting executed by the Hawaiians. Captain Vancouver may have fallen prey to the same fate surveying the west coast. Poor health forced early retirement from the British Navy, after which he was harassed to death by disgruntled sailors formerly under his command. I know all too well how Lyme Disease ruins your life. Apple leaves gave me a walk backwards down memory row there. I came to the realization that everybody must have a bit of this from bugs. The more bugs, the worse it could be.

That’s OK because now I know how to revisit each and every infected bug bite you have ever had. The nematode it left is most likely still alive in you as we type, and I know how to prove it. Why would a surveyor be at more risk? They are the first ones, breaking trail, in tall vegetation. Arthropod Vectors lie in wait at the top of vegetation looking to attach to a host. And why are doctors excluded? The vectored nematodes can control their brain motor centres controlling and excluding vision in a move of self preservation, which they can easily accomplish because they are a higher life form. By eavesdropping, they know doctors are planning to kill them. Not so fast, Skippy, the nematodes say. Meet them with apple leaves, strategic enzymes, and cigarettes with the Smoking Protocol. I was like Swiss Cheese from surveying and slashing drilling out of my skin like snake bites in reverse.

Smoke them out. You figure out what they are doing to you. Apple leaf powder provides the road map, and the enzymes take out what does not match that roadmap. Call me woody, but it worked for me. You’ll see next century. They sure give you hope in spades. Meanwhile, I’m out here sleeping with the fishes. Actually having a mid day nap. Our worms had crossed channels. They sleep in the lake. Other times they won’t shaddup. lol I’m also crossed with the deer channel. They’re migrating south to the south Okanagan now and Idaho Wyoming. They have big antenna or antlers, so loud and clear, but they don’t say much. Quality not quantity. That is one reason why I like wildlife veterinary sciences. That includes the fishes. And they’re learning from each other in the same fashion.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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