Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Nov 5, 2016 – Day Life Saving Time

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You know the little memory aid. Spring ahead, Fall back. Tonight it is that time again. We robbed an hour from astronomically correct time last spring, but now we give it back. Tomorrow we wake up back in Standard time, an hour later. Tomorrow the sun will be up at roughly 8 AM instead of 9 AM at this latitude. Most people get over the change easily, but there is still the problem of Seasonal Affected Disorder, or SAD. The overall lack of light affects many as depression, trying to make a regular schedule fit a wonky variable day length due to the earth’s 23.5 degree inclination to its orbital plane around the sun.

Now today’s question. What is a Ph.D. really? A Doctor of Philosophy. It requires that you submit a thesis or dissertation on original research, usually to another Ph.D. who vets it. You must make a valid argument for your claims in your dissertation. A medical doctor is sometimes a Ph.D., but just being a Ph.D. does not mean you are a doctor of medicine. They are specified as MD’s. My brother said a BS is what it says, an MS is more of the same, and a Ph.D. is Piled Higher and Deeper. That works for me too. I know an MD who thinks apple leaves aren’t any good. I know another who thinks they are the smartest thing ever. They made his hair grow after clobbering his alopecia. MD’s will be undecided based on whether they have tried them or not. The MD who did not try them is typical. Eventually, apple leaves would make him quit medicine when they make it all too clear that medicine is a horrific criminal scam that cures nothing comparatively.

banksy-in-nyc-2Likewise, apple leaves require at least a whole university to get to the bottom of. Then there are the multiple species of worms they expose, all of which are smarter than human MD’s and have been for the entire history of medicine. They are still smarter, so the university faculty I founded is largely for their nematode benefit. There is no first hand accounting of trying apple leaves. They are a whole science unto themselves. Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae. Apple leaves are a paradox, and if ever a science demanded one, one that needs a miracle to go forward, it would be the medical sciences. Right now it has matured into a corrupt and a non functional state by taking successive wrong forks in the road to follow the money. Somewhere, patients got left behind and trampled in the greed rush. Better Call Saul.

Why can’t we all just get along like Rodney King said? For starters, we would have to give them a pass on premeditated murder. Any jury in the world would convict in a New York minute after seeing what Wild Apple Leaves expose. Doctors would blubber “Well, we didn’t know” and then the questions would be why? The apple trees have been here for 50 million years at least, as have the deer. Apple tree bark has been in King’s American Compendium since the 19th century. 1898 at least. It is in the German Pharmacoepia. It is the greatest case of selective amnesia ever expected to be believed. When you dig deeper, eating apple leaves and bark likely pre dates Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman. As a nurseryman, he would know the leaves hint the taste of the fruit the tree will eventually produce, and he would know there was a worm hiding in every other bug bite it seems. For decades, not years or weeks. You’ve been a worm farm. Don’t feel bad. Everybody is. Doctors too.

I looked at the Quijong and Traditional Native medicine too. The only thing that may have been a remote hit is the Silutrians, a prehistoric culture known to know many healing properties of plants, using copper tools, and also being the homeland of the Tyrolean Iceman, predating the Pyramids by nearly a thousand years. The oldest known medical document, the Ebers Papyrus, may date back to the Pyramids. Seshat and Djhouti, engineers and architects of the Pyramids, may have been Silutrians as well. Before that, these little serpents got ink in The Bible, Genesis 3:1. They are as old as our oldest written records. Somehow, this has become forgotten apothecary. Well, I am here to take you for a fast trip down memory lane.

What happens when you eat apple leaves? Little worms or serpents drill out of your skin at about a third of your old bug bites and stings, or more, and where you may have had Duck Itch, depending. It is a tough world in there, inside you. It could be worm eat worm. You are likely plugged up with pectin from all the starch in our diets, and that can create breathing difficulty if you don’t melt it with pectin enzyme. Those worms make it to store their stash in as they eat you alive.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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