Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Nov 6, 2016 – Standard Time

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Maybe they should just turn the power off for a couple seconds at 1 AM, so we don’t have to reset all the clocks on the stove and coffee pot, etc. The car will still be off too. The cell phone got it right. We are back to astro time now. Animals don’t care. They have built in Astro Timexes like apple trees, no matter what the weather. Birds know that the days here are getting shorter. They know it will get colder too. Some say they have magnetic guidance, but I suspect they just fly towards the sun and follow the food harvest. We’ll miss ’em, but they’ll be back.

You won’t be missing any serpents. Genesis 3:1 states it all, and make sure you read the whole 24 sub chapters of it. All 24 of them. Your interpretation is your sermon for the day. It explains why that tree in the centre of the garden is the blueprint of human life. The serpents hitched a ride. The leaves smoke out these stowaways on your dime. Somehow, that wasn’t included in the script. No self preserving subtil serpent could ever let it be included. They have controlled man from nearly the get go. Led Zeppelin nailed it when they wrote Dazed and Confused, as the woman Eve surely was by those little worms.

Enough of that. You can get rid of those worms. Trust me, they’re sick of your sorry butt any way. They would rather be free to slither their own way. There is plenty of food outside of you for them too. They still want to hang around, but given the chance, they value their freedom. Apple leaves are a win win for you and them by their own admission. They have their own timeline, not locked to yours any more. They can do the equivalent of having a popcorn snack in the middle of the night if they want. Ahhh, freedom.

Now Your Mileage May Vary. I struck a deal with my worms to be partners. I trade them my meager scientific knowledge and internet access for their obvious genius level skills. I kept my end of the bargain to get them all out safely without any antibiotics or veterinary anthelmintics. I quit tickling them with wormwood until it was safe to them and me too. I kept up the apple leaves at a safe level. Likewise with the biofilm reduction. I settled on 4:1 AppLymes to that end. 4 parts pectin enzyme to one part dry weight apple leaf powder. Since then, it has become obvious they are a higher life form than even our conceited doctors that have us ruling the roost. In the zoo, the signs say Man is the only enemy to most of those animals. These little serpents are an obvious lethal enemy to Man. They are enemies to a lot of those animals too.

I am rerunning Breaking Bad. Narcos was getting pretty dark on the second season. The medical bills show who are the real sneaky criminals in Breaking Bad. All that illegal drug money was sopped up by the legal scam of medicine. You think they aren’t criminals too? Apple leaves will wake you up to just how useless medicine is in its current state. Look at the money they sop up too. It’s all Bad. Nothing health care in its current state does will address those nematodes that come out in a flurry from the apple leaves. In fact, all their pharmaceutical medicines are tested to be safe for those worms, as well as anybody ever infected by a vector, which is everybody. Truly a hidden epidemic of nematodiasis.

Breaking Bad has a story about Walt’s cancer being reduced by 80%, yet he still has a cough. It is caused by inflammation from the radiotherapy. The doctor prescribes prednisone. If only doctors would get with the apple leaves, we could actually use them for that. Apple leaves put apopstasis in overdrive, but it is intelligent apopstasis. All those dying and consumed cells from the apopstasis can cause a similar apopstasis. Prednisone could help. This is also known from use of anthelmintic medications to deal with so called worm flares when worms die off. Our worms remain alive, but the defective cell die off does create inflammation. I use cayenne pepper capsules to increase circulation to the swollen areas, and I use mustard, baby spinach, and could also use celery as an alternate natural steroid source. Prednisone, an artificial steroid, will also rebuild damaged muscles and tissues from the spirochaetal parasitic action. The large spirochaete die offs also produce inflammation from CBD. It makes sense to only use CBD after you are well on the way to smoking out all those worms with apple leaves first. The endosymbiont borrelia will just keep reinfecting you with Lyme Disease unless the worms are gone. Unfortunately, the state of the art in medicine in this fourth world backwater gigantic nut farm is far more dangerous to approach than ignore. I identified a dozen military strength vectors on my last visit there and got reinfected. That was actually inside their medical facilities. Spiders with funnel webs too. They amplify the kill factor immensely.

In a perfect world, none of this would have ever happened. Like the time change though, we have to deal with the cards as they are dealt. Who knew some of the dealers were so crooked though, dealing off the bottom of a loaded deck? You save all your life only having to sell it all for pennies on the dollar for worse than substandard useless service. Knowing it is from an Act of God in itself, eating apple leaves to blow the lid off the whole rotten thing.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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