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Mon, Nov 7, 2016 – The All Seeing Eye

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Dollarnote_siegel_hqIt is called the Eye of Providence. It looks like Benjamin Franklin’s Eye. It is everywhere on the money.  Sometimes called “The Mind’s Eye” it refers to the human ability for visualization. But generally, it means “God is watching.” I wonder what He thinks of this whole worm infested human mess? I take it he doesn’t think much about how the doctors have handled it. Yet I am still in danger from those same people we entrusted to safeguard our well being. Nothing could be further from the truth. Otherwise they would be hanging on every word and every nuance of every word here.

God would have made me a doctor instead of an engineer if He thought different, or so you might think. I remember back in 1976 talking to a professor of electrical engineering during a field trip to USC suggesting that I should go into medical engineering when I offered that I had my heart set on engineering physics. Eventually I went into mining and mineral process engineering. Everyone offered that engineering physics was too impractical. Now here I am and my process plant is the human body. Apple leaf powder is one of my reagents I use trying to clean up the mess that vector parasitic worms have made out of it. However, when it was all said and done, my stint at university just granted me a degree in learning new things. The obsolescence cycle was such that nearly everything we learned of a practical nature was superseded by new technology. Likewise, computer sciences was just a course back then, and now there is computer engineering.

We have the power of the All Seeing Eye when we follow a TV drama like Breaking Bad. We see all points of view from cops, robbers, and all the other players in the show. Money is ubiquitous, so it has the power of The All Seeing Eye as well, if it could only see. I guess that is what they were getting at by putting that eye of Providence on it. Our Worms graft into our thought processes to see. Meanwhile, we think we see it all but fall short. There is always another point of view. Something we see as bad looks good to another observer. We do not have the Eye of Providence, let alone a pair of them. We often forget that. Imagine the tough job God has to put that all together to deliver judgement. Perhaps our purpose is to give exactly that. Another point of view. A piece of providence.

Imagine seeing this whole new vector parasite thing from the point of view of a doctor. At some point, it would become obvious what all the trouble with medicine was. It is those damn parasitic worms. At some point, there is a moral decision. Change medicine to address that or quit. Instead I see an ostrich strategy, and they bury their head in the sand, as if not wanting to know will make it go away. All other disciplines have an obsolescence cycle now. Medicine on the contrary has obsolescence sequestration. It is simply not receptive to new technology that is paradigm shifting. This is that. The trouble is that medicine went down a slippery slope following the money into a pharmacentric system. There is too much money in keeping patients sick indefinitely. Now there is more money in just letting them die. That is the old norm. Something like apple leaves comes along and it is a problem to everybody but insurance companies if it is played right. In that case, there is potential to minimize all loss suffered by insurance providers, while keeping it away from doctors intentionally. Let them continue to propagate evil hell care they are comfortable with.

That will work in the old US system, but Affordable Care is the same thing that Canada got sucked into. It is a pharmaceutical license to print money. A closed shop. There is still emergency care to consider for broken bones, lacerations, and soft tissue injuries. No truly effective drugs will ever make it through that gauntlet.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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