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Tues, Nov 8, 2016 – The Big Election

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We may not even know the outcome until tomorrow. They say it is close. They say it is rigged. They say it is pre ordained and the election is all for show. Many people wish they could both lose. One thing for sure is that nobody will be satisfied with the outcome. Everybody will want to move to Canada. Migrate from the frying pan into the fire. They have no idea what a sorry state health care is in in this country. Care of the elderly and disabled is not far behind on the scale of awful. Perhaps the American influx will not stand for this. They will call it out for what it is, likely guns blazing.

So much for the good news.

We know from apple leaves that all health care everywhere is sadly on the wrong track. Why replace joints, organs, and heart arteries with major surgery when we can chemically clean out the existing joints and arteries, and rebuild the damage from within with AppLyme? It all starts with smoking out all the vector parasitic nematodes, then it is your turn with your own body’s immune system and built in repair mechanisms. How much damage can be repaired is a factor of how far gone you have let it go. This is a whole new paradigm of health care. Unfortunately, they do not take new things well. This is so new and successful they are forced to lie about it as much as they can to keep it hidden.

dhsIt seems that this grand election of medicine and politics is controlled to a script of Artificial Intelligence to me. Electoral Votes. What if it’s too close to call? Talk about a constitutional crisis. If they took a poll afterwards, 88% of people would be unhappy, 1% thrilled, and the other 11 wouldn’t care with a .5% range of error 7 times out of ten. It is the quadrennial Stupor Bowl. I take it the Secret Service would be hiring. Robot operators with media interview experience, DEW tranquilizer deployment, and taser experience an asset. Everyone will need a chill pill, or an Apple Leaf a day, the new Aspirin. You’ll figure it all out when the old bug bite worms start to drill out. Then things will be much clearer in a few days.  The whole media centric model would be toast. I think they thought that the last two times. Do a few paradoxes make a hexadox?

The New Aspirin? A Headache Pill? Actually, those Apple leaves can cause a headache if you get too much at first. Just take one and work up from there, depending on how many infected bug bites you have. I had a lot from work. Don’t let that deter you because everybody will be different. You will not be able to attack chronic Lyme without this. From what I read, it is behind a lot of serious ailments. Borrelia. The more kinds, the worse. Apple Leaves just get rid of the bug bite worms the endo-symbiont borrelia hides in. What would it cost to license that new Aspirin name from Bayer? Probably way too much. The New ASA? Nuthin’. That is more within our budget objectives.

It would need a book. Pamphet is more my strong suit. Worms, endosymbiont farm animals, mop up of remaining coinfections, recovery, and Get your young pre-bug bit body back. Turn back the clock. .kcolc eht kcab nruT You never even knew it was tickin’. It’s easy, but should it come so cheap? Satisfaction guaranteed 1-8xx-AppLyme (177-5963). Not much more to say. Goes good with blackberry wine with lots of pectin enzyme I guess. The biofilm bullet Apple Leaf Catalyst does the rest. Just be grateful they aren’t doing any more damage.

And me? Do no harem? Maybe. lol I’m old and tired. That still happens but it could be a side effect of medicine. I bet it is, but I still humour them. It’s better to have happy murderous for money bastards around than the alternative. I would really like to hire them all to do all the appropriate tests once I make their serology work again without the biofilm impeding it. I can see why they all of a sudden may be concerned again after breaking all the world record levels. One colleague’s urine lead levels broke all the records, but they forgot she was expelling it. So did she. Apple tree fibre is known to be a powerful heavy metal detox. She also worked a long time in the woods though. We were both old enough to have survived tetraethyl lead gasoline too. I suspect that had a lot to do with the lead buildup. It isn’t like it would wear down over time without an Apple Leaf Detox. If you remember leaded gasoline, I suspect you will have the same problem. On the freeway, my RV CO Detector always went off too.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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