Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Nov 9, 2016 – Ten Meeellion Dollars

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Johns Hopkins is doubling down on stupid, uncommon for them. Lyme Disease1 was discovered more than 4 decades ago, but has been found in icy fossils from 5,300 years ago. That $10 million is for research on everything that does not work, and you can find out for virtually free with AppLyme. It’s a free $10 million dollar solution. If they want to  know the details, I take PayPal.

800px-Agave_fields_hillHow about that election? Apple Leaves told me the answer weeks ago. AI won. Moreover, once AI wins, it can never be defeated again. Think Deep Blue, and chess. CNN is in a tizzy, with 36% scared. Of themselves? AI Aikido turned them full force against themselves. Putin, a Judo expert amongst other things,  phoned immediately to congratulate Trump. Again, I take PayPal. I could use a pound of fresh Apple Tree Bark to make tea or apple bark tequila for starters. They said the peso tanked. We could make hay and work on chronic Lyme vector nematodes hiding in their bacterial biofilm while the sun shines. I use the same enzyme they break Agave polysaccharide down to sugar with. I am trying a fair cheap tequila Olmeca that seems to work even though it is pressed Agave. Hagar Reposado is my favorite as you know. Sorry, Paul Mitchell.

What about all this lame duck baggage for ten weeks? I don’t know about you, but it’s all water under the bridge for me. That includes the misdirected Johns Hopkins cash for Lyme Research that will yield nothing, and we know exactly why. It is a nematodiasis, and they are stuck picking fly shzt out of pepper, ignoring the main driver of the disease. A child could tell them that after apple leaves smoke out all those bug bite worms. What is the status quo at this moment, totally rejected at the only poll that counts? I know a thing or two about medicine, and AI, and guess what? Trump says he likes the Canadian Health Care system, but my AI says the Mexican health care system is set to explode to the upside. With legal drugs this time. Why? I may just buy in for pennies on the dollar and rebuild it, because all medicine everywhere is toast against Wild Apple Leaves. I know a lot of tricks with them too.

Make America Healthy again. I can do it and rescue them from a Breaking Bad hell. Canada are poor listeners. My nose looked like Clint Eastwood’s FB Death Hoax pic before apple leaves completely erased the suspected melanoma. Maybe that was just me, maybe not. The fact of the matter is that until now, there has been nothing on the properties of eating apple leaves, and I’ve got to tell you, it is nothing short of amazing. If you don’t try it, you will die. Spare the whine about how everybody dies. This is a way to change that and if you can’t figure out why and how they will make you live longer in 72 hours, join the obsolete death club. There’s nothing we can do about it… except this.

How would you set up an insurance company? Actuarial sciences. “Apple Leaf Insurance Ltd.”? You would have to do our drugs, but you would save money on the insurance. Submit worms caught in Scotch tape for refunds. Or maybe not. TypoTherapy there. They’d feed them to pigs and do that too. Their worms will flee like they do for the deer.Everybody tries to rip off the insurance so you need phalanxes of lawyers. Better call Saul Good, man. They would have to keep up a defensive anti helmintic stance level of apple leaves. Ask them when their eye floaters disappear if they wonder how it’s going.

In the northern hemisphere, Starboard is safety, port is danger. It is reversed in the southern hemisphere. It comes from maritime navigation and regards weather. Like insurance, you’ve gotta cover a lot of angles. The big one would be defence against small arthropod vectors like midges. Action plan. Less bug bite worms the better. Permethrin is a popular acaricide used in military uniforms. There is a high incidence of autism in military families though. There could be a link. Maybe that is why it isn’t available in Canada. Apple leaves are a safer way around that I would hope.









Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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