Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Nov 10, 2016 – Proactive Insurance

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Being proactive is eliminating threats and lowering risk. Arthropod parasitic nematodes are a higher risk to health than I ever could have imagined. The US Military knows all too well, and the risks of using permethrin, with the possible birth defect risks it poses, are justified. The trouble is all medicine apparently knows nothing about these worms until recently. They finally got the memo from me, but it hasn’t been widely disseminated yet. All I can say is that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

The world prevalence of diabetes is a concern. Canada is 7.4% of the population having Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. My biofilm reduction converts the biofilm to sugar, so diabetics have to know that to monitor levels closely and maybe increase insulin commensurate with that. It could be overcome, but careful blood sugar monitoring would be key. I read that the US has a 20% prevalence of diabetes. What is the trouble there compared to Canada as well?

In a couple months, there will be a whole new health care model in the US. Turns out the solution isn’t kicking the hornet’s nest. That would be back to a vetted insurance model, but if they gravitate to a massive pharmacentric screw up like Canada, that will not be so good. We can’t even get good statistics out of these criminals. What criminals? There are so many you can’t put it on any one group. Think pie chart. They are all complicit.

I got behind on my calendar here. I fixed it. Nov 10 now. Preoccupied about how to start an insurance program with Apple Leaves. They say 100 people die of cigarettes in Canada a day. That would be a good start. Apple leaves and pectin enzyme can help them right away. Doctors can’t, and have in fact given up. The trouble is biofilm more than smoke.  It would start by cleaning up all that biofilm that plugs up their breathing. Once a few gallons of that are eliminated they’ll be much better off. Then the anti helmintic worm action is gravy on top of that. That should clear up any heart issues they have too. The way to really get going would be to accept smokers only. I can’t stress the pectin enzyme enough in that case though. How would you confirm they take it as prescribed though? Also how could you ensure that the apple leaves are smoking all their bug worms out? Still problems to resolve. One thing for sure. If they cheat they will die. Some people have a death wish too. That is more common than you would think. Supposedly sane people say they actually want to die. They won’t take apple leaves to smarten themselves up either. This is the paradox. You need people who want to live. Most have already given up and think there is no way around it.

The paradox of health insurance is that insurance companies don’t provide insurance they can’t get out of paying for. That is how they make money. The only thing I can do is write about it here, and you have to want it enough to try it for nothing but a little leg work to pick apple leaves, get pectin enzyme, stuff it in Size “0” capsules, and eat it. You have to want to live. Most people don’t. Surprised me. I always get that “I would rather die” line. Well, hurry up then. I am more like the late great Lee Iacocca; “Lead, Follow, or get outta the way!” I take it they can see me from hell, and get insult added to their death knowing that if they had listened, they wouldn’t be there yet. No matter how much church they have they will be in hell because they ignored the God given gift of life I told them about ad nauseum here. Like the Blues Brothers, I’m on a mission from God. Their mission is over, kaput, done like dinner. Just what they wanted. Except now.

How do you deal with a crackpot thing like that? Best I can do is to keep trying to get the news out. It can never be proven one way or the other. Apple leaves may be one way to live forever, but then is there another way? Everybody has been so brainwashed into all the medical lies they will never even find out about the one way I know of so far. How will you know without time travelling? That starts with apple leaves, so I guess they’ll never know. You can be all altruistic, but leading that sick horse to water won’t make it drink. I would be an even lousier insurance salesman shilling loopholes up the yin yang. From what I see they try to get out of paying every way they can. You’ll have a warm fuzzy until you try to make a claim. Apple leaves are proactive and they require effort on your part. They are not available anywhere but on an Apple Tree. Just do it and hope for the best as your disease and death causing worms flee the coop.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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