Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Nov 12, 2016 – SuperDuperBugs

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The world knows that Superbugs are resistant to treatment because of biofilm. That isn’t the whole story though. Parasitic vector nematodes make it a SuperDuperbug. Apple leaves show that the second part is in fact a parasite animal species, nematodes, that make the bacterial biofilm and harvest it with contained endosymbiont pathogens for sustenance and mutual benefit. It has been found by Dr A B MacDonald that borrelia spirochaetes go endosymbiont to nematodes, trematodes, quadramatodes, pentamatodes, hexamatodes, etc. to evade antibiotics, most antimicrobials, and persist through all treatment. Borrelia becomes a doubly protected superbug through this process, or what I call a SuperDuperbug. Lyme disease is an example of a SuperDuperbug. Chronic arthritis, heart disease, cancer, pulmonary, cUTI, prostate, ALS, and MS by extension are in a class of SuperDuperbugs.

Well, not so fast there. Apple leaves smoke out all sorts of unknown nematodes. You can’t miss them when they leave evidence of fleeing the coop with a small pinhole exit wound at old bug bites and stings where they were hiding for decades. If that isn’t profound as Hell, I do not know what is. The main question is, can superdrugs like Bisphosphocin Nu-# penetrate the skin of the multiatodes? They would also have to be anti helmintic. At that point, you have lost all doctors, rendering them useless. The question would be moot with a two part solution, AppLyme™ and Bisphosphocin™ Nu-3™.

Nu-3 has been proven with a veterinary pedigree. That really is up my alley of interest, as that is how I discovered Apple Leaves and these myriad nematodes from bug/arthropod vectors in the first place. Through my metaphysics studies, I learned to eavesdrop on their bacterial biofilm Brains much like they eavesdrop on our meat brains. I can “feel” the presence of wildlife, particularly mammalian wildlife, somehow through what I suspect is that now mutual process. Deer use it to evade humans and other predators in their wide ranging travels over fences and around formidable obstacles. It is understandable they have difficulty with fast moving vehicle operators though when they cross highways. Their range is limited to twenty or thirty meters or so in my experience. They may range further with their antlers, but for different purposes like situational awareness and avoiding predators like cougars and bears.

I suspect that they can use biofilmed animals, including infected arthropod vectors, like radio repeaters to those ends. It afforded me a whole different perspective on them, including their love of apple leaves to smoke out those multiatodes. Yet that is only half the solution. The bacterial biofilm that remains is another matter. Bisphosphocins tout the fact that they are able to penetrate biofilm in situ to kill the contained bacteria. When you stop administering it, I suspect the worms will start it up again if you don’t get rid of them with an apple leaf sweep first. I have no source of bisphosphocin to try though. Still in clinical trials. That is moot unless you get rid of the nematodes first anyway. Presently available antibiotics and CBD are known to kill spirochaetes in vitro. Penetrating biofilm in vitro only solves half the problem of a superduperbug.

We need a whole new class of SuperDuperdrugs to get the worms out too. The best way is with pairs of drugs. I know a couple that work,. but would like to see Bisphosphocins to take over for CBD for quality control purposes and efficiency. I know it won’t work alone given their own data. I guess I’ll have to wait. Meanwhile, these diseases are misinterpreted as just being SuperBugs when in fact they are SuperDuperbugs. Apple leaves get the Duperbug part. Bisphosphocins can get the mycoplasm and piroplasm biofilm resident Superbug part. Those two comprise my ideal Superduper Drug of two different Superdrugs. The worm makes the whole thing twice as tough to eradicate but you can’t just use more of the same superdrug. You have to take out worm Command and Control with the biofilmed troops. Apple Leaves are the one and only superduper drug that exposed SuperDuperBugs.

LeafsThere has to be a better word for these things. Ultrabugs? Mere Superbugs have beaten doctors like a rented mule. SuperDuperbugs are whipping deceased equine. If you bet on Doctors in this Kentucky Derby, you would not only lose, but be left with a large bill for trucking to the glue factory. Überbugs has that international flair. Wonderbugs has me longing for a sandwich, but they are truly a wonder to both me and the worms. Maybe Chuckybugs because they can’t be killed. It will kill you too. Good thing I don’t kill them with Apple leaves. We just part ways in a pact of mutual respect. Good thing they are Intellibugs. Or Intelliworms. They sure PWN your butt, until now. That makes the Leafs, a metaphorical Stink Bomb to multimatodes, an Intellidrug.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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