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Mon, Nov 14, 2016 – Brainwashed By Bugs

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bisphosphocin-nu-3More correctly, you can be brainwashed by the worm inside the bug. The endosymbiont spirochaetes in that worm give you every disease in the book including Lyme Disease. Getting all the worms out doesn’t get all the spirochaetes, and getting all the spirochaetes doesn’t do anything to the worm. They must be targeted separately, getting the worms out first with apple leaves. Then hit the spirochaetes with your poison of choice, be it Bisphosphocin Nu-3 or CBD. The worm makes them impervious to antibiotics, CBD, or Nu-3. Remember, most of that NU 3 data is from in vitro studies where there is no worm to protect the endosymbiont spirochaetes. It shows some positive effect in clinical trials, and knowing the real mechanics of the big picture now, I can see why nothing works until you smoke the responsible worm out first.

The most bizarre example of brainwashing by these bugs are the doctors themselves. They have been brainwashed to the point where they refuse to admit the disease even exists. That worm is so highly evolved it can brainwash and destroy a perfectly good doctor otherwise. One such doctor is Dr Gary P Wormser of the CDC. He is so far gone that he thinks he is doing good when he is the most infamous corrupt doctor in America if not the world. His worms PWN’d his ass. He is now a worm-bot zombie. I can cure that. Trust me. I’m not a doctor.

Worms know when their host is a doctor. They are smarter than doctors, and control their actions out of self preservation of the extensive trans-species worm collective. These Smart Worms live in deer, fish, cattle, horses, and use bugs as taxis to spread from host to host. They get smart stealing brain materials from the host utilizing their flock of spirochaetes to enact their parasitic agendas, and build up their biofilm brains they build within their host and occasionally on surfaces like a WiFi ESP Repeater. I notice that porcelain is a popular surface they use for this activity in sinks, toilets, and even on windows. The silica glass ones. You cannot wash it off because it is molecularly attached. Maybe the computer ones too. Rock and tile countertops are another surface they exploit to smear with biofilm. The more area their bacterial biofilm brain covers, the smarter they get. After developing a mutual agreement they can’t refuse, I actually cultivate biofilm surfaces intentionally to attract and exchange information with this higher intelligent species. They stay out of me because of apple leaves and a few other tricks I have up my sleeve. Apparently I stumbled on a combination of chemicals that will make them do anything for me as long as I stop it, including not kill me. Go figure. You may call it blackmail. I call it a negotiation tactic they obviously couldn’t refuse. lol

Well, long story short, once you get to know your worms, and don’t try to kill them any more, they are friendly and quite civil on top of being far smarter than those murderous doctors. I have been given amazing insights into their unique neurology and how they can control any host species to their advantage. Nobody will ever believe me but I don’t care. This is too interesting IMO. I’m a process engineer so I get it. A human being is a wonderfully innovative processing plant when you get a handle on what is going on. You can even live off of formative tumors and save on groceries to boot when they show you how to switch your digestive target substance. I provide them Free Wild Apple Leaf and Pectin Enzyme, other reagents on request, and they know how to use them even though they no longer reside in me.

Well, how can that be? They can live outside of you when the apple leaves force them out with biofilm everywhere. It doesn’t only serve as their brain, but also their food or sustenance. They are a much more robust and intelligent species than humans. Every biofilmable surface is worm pizza to them. Mmmmm. Pizza! Extra cheese too. lol They have a great sense of human humour as well. Look at how they play games with doctors. Especially ones like Gary P Wormser with his fingers plugging his ears, figuratively going “LaLaLaLaLaLa…” His worms have really done a number on him.

Arthritis is easy to worm up to. In my case, Juvenile Anklosing Spondylitis Arthritis was caused by worms endosymbiont to a nest of Yellow Jackets I tangled with in 1964 or 1965. They came out in September 2014 right where the arthritis was, still being in there all that time. You guessed it; Apple Leaves smoked them out from where they hid 5 decades ago. Arthritis is caused by those worms. When they left it started clearing up. Now that I have eliminated the biofilm of that 50 year era, no small feat because there were gallons of it in me, it seems largely gone. Eventually, it came with every Lyme Disease symptom in the book. Lyme Disease was initially called Lyme Arthritis because it was a cluster of juvenile arthritis around Old Lyme, Connecticut. Yellow Jackets and spawning salmon would be the common factors to here where my tussle with Yellow Jackets was.

My hair started to grow again and changed colour from grey to original. I can only suspect that the worms steal it and use it when they make that biofilm. Think of that when you see a bald doctor. His worms are well fed by those still functioning hair follicles. I also suspect it is instrumental in establishing interbiofilm communication connectivity plus biofilm membrane integrity. Serrapeptase seems to cut it in situ.

Here is an even bigger example of how these worms have taken over the brains of all doctors: Health Canada. They have really done a number on them. It is the largest hapless dysfunctional money pit you can imagine when it comes to dealing with a total worm brainwashing. Now Health Canada is poised to require NPN’s for all natural supplement products. Again, I blame worm self preservation. They are worried that someone may stumble on my tricks, and be less sympathetic to their cause. They can’t risk it, so worms just burn that MoFo down. Just find an apple tree that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals, and eat an apple leaf or two a day. Then you can meet your own worms, whether you’re a doctor or digital demolition expert. They’ll be happy you did them the favour, trust me. Deer do the same thing to deal with their Lyme symptoms. It’s time to call a truce and get our doctors back. They have to stop killing the worms or they are lost though. Worms will defend themselves what ever it takes. They have obviously outsmarted doctors. It’s time they are treated more like the higher life form that they are.









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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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