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Tues, Nov 15, 2016 – Imaging The Invisible

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SpirocheteTalent hits a target nobody else can hit. Genius hits a target nobody else can see. You have to see it to hit it? Can’t we just cut out that whole “sight” process? I did that. It started at 1:00 PM July 31, 2014. I ate a cup of wild apple leaf salad to see what the Deer saw in them. It tasted a bit like apples and was actually tasty with a bit of a bitter taste from the chlorophyll and phloridzin. All these little bug sting and bite worms started to drill out of my skin slowly, because the bulk of them were hiding in biofilm. At first I thought it was the spirochaetes I had been reading about, but it was so much bigger than that, and in more ways than one. They were totally unknown except for one post by Eva Haughie of Empire State Lyme Disease Association. Dr Eva Sapi also mentioned nematodes in her biofilm video. Well, there has to be some sort of radiological stain so we can make these invisible things visible I thought. I thought wrong. Alan MacDonald had used FISH Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization DNA Stain for what turned out to be the endosymbiont borrelia, but at that time he was calling it “string of pearls” borrelia. It wasn’t until Jan 20 this year he hit on the nematode angle. Last fall, I tried to get a message to him through Richard Longland that “string of pearls” was worm endosymbiont borrelia. By that time, I had hundreds of these things come out of me apparently alive from the apple leaves.

Let’s back up. If there was a way to radiologically stain these worms instead, anybody could see for themselves that they too were riddled with these things from a simple x-ray image. Moreover, it would require the weakest setting on the x-ray since the worms were QuantumNematodein soft tissue, cutaneous and sometimes as deep as joints and organs. I went looking. Still bupkiss. It would be something like Barium to image on the x-ray. Perhaps it could be lead from leaded gasoline, but apple leaves cleaned that out too by scavenging that heavy metal from soft tissues. Leaded gas was phased out in the 80’s anyway. We want to make it so that the outer surface of the worm would show up in situ. FISH was only good for autopsy fluids and tissues, and to image endosymbiont borrelia. We want a live snapshot, and we do not want to cloud up the surrounding soft tissue. Until we find that, apple leaves are the only way to force the nematode hand. Perhaps apple leaves themselves would force imaging as they obviously get the worms’ attention.

mike1bakerFor now, apple leaves are the only way to image these things, and you see exactly where they were for decades. Don’t all you radiologists chime in at once… or maybe do. I’m still looking. I have the best imaging available to all science for this, but the side effect of the substance is the worm is gone from that image, leaving a temporary mark where it flees the coop. We have leapfrogged far above all medical imaging science too, but our imaging leaves an image you can’t forget. You can take a shot of it with your cell phone if you want. You’ll see where they were hiding after they flee from our apple leaf tear gas. It paints a picture of the invisible. I already un rang that bell.

Cercarial_dermatitis_lower_legs_SwimmersThe barbaric and now antiquated science of medicine, all medicine, works this way. Doctor, symptomatology, serology where applicable, imaging, analysis, surgery, recovery. Eating apple leaves reduces that to two steps: Read ’em and weep. It is a joyful weep as you feel better every day. Simply un bite that infected bug. Here’s someone’s image “selfie” of what Swimmer’s Itch will look like decades after the infection. A little nematode would come out from each one of those spots. Without apple leaves, they are still alive in all of you formerly itchy swimmers right now, living the comfy life of a stationary parasite farming borrelia. They may not itch anymore, but they are still alive in there. Lovely, eh? Many of your bug bites, same thing. They are live in you right now.

bugsHere is another lovely image of what nematodes do. They are eating you, and this is what it looks like. Need an x-ray to get the drift? I thought not. Medicine has no idea what causes it because they are so smart I have heard. Can you say fired? Better call Trump. He’s good at that I heard. It gets better. Apple leaves get rid of your eye floaters. Those little things you see when you look up at the blue sky in summer. They’re nematodes. They like the aqueous humour in your eyes. They’re all a giggle in there over it until apple leaves show them the door. If that isn’t imaging enough, I don’t know what is. Again, medicine has no clue. These things literally hide in plain view.

xray_specsBwahhhahaha. Do no harem? I can see everywhere I look now. Everybody is riddled head to toe with vector parasitic nematodes. It’s a far from pretty picture. Moreover, after apple leaves, you can feel it. Being in proximity to regular worm infested humans, you can faintly feel their nematode diseases. I guess there is something to this Reiki Master level anyway, and more so with Apple Leaves. They’re good at nematode imaging all by themselves, and you’ll be more disgusted with the image they produce than you are even this paragraph. They come from bugs and slugs.

There is still the serious nature of actually having scan data of these things all over your body that you can email around. “Wow. I guess he wasn’t kidding. I’ll never go camping again in Mosquito Hollow like I did in ’88.” Jeff Foxworthy points out that we are top of the food chain allegedly. Guess again. They’ve been eating you since before you were weaned. It is common wisdom like the food chain thing that is killing you. You’ll find out or you’ll die. How? You’ll figure it out when those nematodes leave, and therein lies the Catch 22. Your ignorance of this is certain death. Most people tell me they want the certainty of death. I know they really don’t, but they’re gonna show me how brave they are about it now. To them, that’s the smart thing. Guess again.





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