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Weds, Nov 16, 2016 – Contact

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Many know about that movie, based on the book by Carl Sagan, with Jody Foster and Mathew McConaghey. He did another movie recently, Interstellar. Then there is The Martian on Netflix. All of these things involve space. Star Trekking. Some of them interstellar travel. Hollywood has drilled it into us that Intelligent Life has to be anywhere but here. It has to be alien.

What about a terrestrial higher intelligence? It goes against everything that we have been taught by our most monied and highest school, Hollywood. If they had such higher intelligence, why would they contact us anyway? I suspect they look at Hollywood, laugh, shake their equivalent of heads, and think “I’m not gonna have anything to do with these idiots unless it is to make them my bitches!” Well, after making Contact with them, I can verify that they PWN’d us. It is nothing like people think about higher life forms, but each and every human being on earth has been controlled and conquered including me. All animals too right down to a fly and lower, because they are so small, they can live in and control even insects like their own air force and taxi squad.

They are masters of veterinary physiology. They are masters of physics, mathematics, and engineering. They own mankind for example. They know more about how animal brains work than the animals do, like us who think we Know It All. They know how our muscles work and move more than we do. We are mere meat construction materials on the table for them, and also provide the table and garbage pickup. That will be a hard sell to Hollywood. It has nothing to do with Contacting them either.

Hollywood is preoccupied with boldly going where no man has gone before, and killing the alien species that won’t play ball with us. These critters are too smart to be killed by lower life forms like us. They make sure of it by being able to kill us and get away alive even if they waste us. In Star Trek speak, the are like the Horta, “No Kill I” except we can’t even get close to killing them while they can, and will, kill us in a heartbeat. Just don’t force their hand. They can hop to a smorgasbord of other suitable hosts before we even know they are gone and we are dead.

Then it gets complicated because they can break the causality constraints of our physics. It is in fact required by them to utilize Dark Matter and Energy which they do. They have nearly 20 times more Universe to work with on that side than we do as far as we know. Likewise from our “side” of the universe that we can detect, that 20 times DME side is less than an inch from between our eyes figuratively. Everything we think we know about time, space, gravity, magnetism, electricity, and distance is wrong in the DME realm. They know more about the whole Universe than we do, as they do about our doctors’ brains and bodies obviously.

I remember an old conversation with a friend when he pointed out that our companion animal pets must think we are Gods. We are sort of like pets to this Contact species I reckon, and I personally think they have the attributes of what we would call Gods, or A God. It is the same thing. Your dog thinks you are God. You think she or he is Dog. We are an anomaly to their greater Universe, and I suspect that is the draw. We can harvest Light Matter Materials they can use their higher physics on to employ to their advantage. We don’t even know we are doing it, any more than we largely know they exist. Well, I know they exist, and I found them using Apple Leaves. That is one material they obviously want me to harvest. They know I know how to use it. Virtually, nobody else does.

How did Hollywood get so messed up with their Sci-Fi? I am watching the first 6 episodes of 1966 Star Trek on Netflix. The initial common theme there is Human Thought control by aliens. That is where all this alien baloney started. Gene Roddenbery knew about these psi effects. but attributed it to some alien species. By Episode 6, the transporter is malfunctioning and splitting personalities. They waste a dog trying to put it back together via transporter. Sulu is dying at -70 on a planet below. Kirk is indecisive while his wild half is out cold in sick bay. Spock manhandles the transporter and puts Kirk back together. All is saved. They are starting to get the main cast together except for Chekov. Spock has gone from being a douchebag to the character we all know. This all happened 50 years ago this fall.

The next episode they answer a distressed ship’s call, transport swashbuckler “Walsh” (the Harry Mudd character,) and 3 space hookers, his “crew” he’s pimpin’, aboard, and modern Star Trek is born. All Hollywood Sci-Fi comes from this. Now you can see the trouble. In the now famous intro,”Space the Final Frontier…”, it sounds like Kirk is talking through a sewer pipe for the first 10 episodes or more. Desilu Productions finally fixed it in the second season or so. All subsequent Hollywood Higher Life form fiction came from this obviously.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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