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Sun, Nov 20, 2016 – A Higher Life Form

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Living with a higher life form is interesting. I wonder if I can describe it to lower life forms like us? For starters, they have an ego. They like it being stroked. I try to let them know that since they are higher life forms, they have to take it easy on us mere idiots. Luckily we have internet and Google, a slower way for them to communicate their hopes and dreams and answer questions as to what the heck is going on. It is like Spock on Star Trek in that episode where they have to go to Vulcan so that Spock can get laid. Spock has trouble describing it to idiot earthling humans. On a side note, it is Season 2 episode 1 where Chekov makes his first appearance. Even realizing that the nematodes are a higher life form is like trying to describe how, when, where, and why Vulcans have to bump uglies periodically or die. Eventually, you get the picture. Spock simply had blue balls as we know it.

Spock meets a Vulcan Dr Ruth to mediate. I doubt we have that on Facebook. Back on topic here. Spock kills Kirk. I take it the nematodes made me cue up that Star Trek S2 E1 on Netflix. It is tricky. But there is obviously a trick way around it, coming to terms with a higher life form that has a mandate to kill or be killed. Our side had the help of doctors in that episode. This is trickier because in reality, we have zero help from our idiot species doctors. Apple leaves got me around that. They showed the nematodes the door of their own choosing by being a stink bomb in effect. They seem fine now, even though they are no longer in me. I guess in that respect, apple leaves have made me a slightly higher form of life than them now. I still keep some apple leaves around to occasionally show ’em who’s still boss here. New bug bites that try to infect me show their nematodes the door right away. They don’t know until they taste my blood.

I guess in the life form geology I am a slightly higher life form now – a human without nematodes due to stumbling on a way to safely part ways, let alone even discover these stealthy little worms living in me. I am a lot less sick now for it. I won’t lord it over you like a doctor. You know – “You’re sick and I’m not. Nyah nyah!” Of course that could all change if you’re going to be a douche about it. The worms are still much smarter than I am in other ways. The physics they have demonstrated to me is difficult to explain. It seems that everything that is a problem to our level of physics has been solved by them. Even dumbing it down, everything that is beyond our medicine has been solved and even taken advantage of by them. I am flattered they even honour requests. Imagine what you would do if your dog demanded a T-Bone about yay thick every day. Yet they have delivered – albeit figuratively – for me. They told me all about Lyme Disease and how to beat it step by step so even an idiot could do it.

Number One in that is the caveat that I make it widespread public knowledge. It is all right here. Number One, nematodes and apple leaves. Number Two, biofilm reduction with enzymes once apple leaves have broken it, and Number Three, get the contained pathogens. Don’t waste money getting it too far out of order. Hopefully if you don’t kill your nematodes, they will let you know when to do each part if you let them take control. If you do manage to kill them, you will be dead too, so don’t bother trying. It’s like when your dog thinks it is smarter than you, it attacks and gets euthanized. If you just let the worms do the equivalent of a Vulcan Mind Meld, like that Nomad episode, it will make things easier. It won’t go Hollywood and nuke itself like on Star Trek though. It will outlive you, quite a feat since you will outlive all the other “idiots” if you heed its message.

TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMSo move over mankind. Nematodes rule the roost as life forms go. They own you for starters even if you are a doctor or a dimwit. Even after the apple leaves smoke them out, treat them with respect and hopefully they will return the favour. When they do, you’ll be on a plane that even doctors are excluded from. The first thing they want to do is kill the higher life form. That’s a really bad strategy with any higher life form, and especially one that doesn’t need you to survive because they’ll kill you first.

There is another higher life form we are all more familiar with. The town drunk or lunatics. They’re the type of people who can’t accept the result of an election that won’t happen for another two years, and advertise that they are the losers, ad nauseum. This is different. One thing that is the same is their tendency to congregate opens them up to a similar stink bomb solution.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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