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Tues, Nov 22, 2016 – Napolean

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Caduceus.svgNapolean said “History is written by the winners.” Oliver Stone quotes that, then goes on to present history written by the losers in his latest Netflix movie Untold History of the United States. In truth, his beloved Socialists have presided over the largest military escalations, largest mass murders of their own people, and bloodiest wars in history. It is akin to letting the KKK, actually the Democrat Party, rewrite the history of the US. Then it hit me. It is like letting nematodes take over medicine. They’re going to write the book, and you sure aren’t going to get anything that paints them in a bad light. Consequently, nematodes are linked to all the top causes of death, including medical error, yet medicine will never know anything about it.

Worms are a lot smarter about it than Oliver Stone. They brainwash the best and brightest while Stone obviously targets losers and idiots with his make believe time lines and injections of Hollywood movie snippets as fact. I’d give it A for entertainment and F– for objective accuracy. Medical science scores an A for entertainment and burning money while scoring F– on curing anything. They ignore the volumes of information on arthropod vectors and the nematode pathogen nurturing parasites they contain. They are busted by an apple tree, while Stone is busted by irrefutable actual history. Where are the winners writing the history of medicine? Medicine has none, including any from their own ranks, that’s all. Dead men write no history books. That is what happens when you put the losers in charge of health care. You get an Oliver Stone story full of holes and omissions.

What about me? I’ve only been aware of this for two and a half years. All medicine does not cure anything and only treats the symptoms. They are not interested in cures. Cures would financially ruin them. Nobody is watching though. Let Oliver Stone do his next history piece on them. His latest success story, the Hillary Clinton presidency, uniquely qualifies him for the job. He can sing the praises of them like nobody else can. lol

Let’s get back to Napolean who discovered that bugs kill more than bayonets and/or bullets. It is still that way, and modern armed forces are aware of it. Modern medicine is blissfully ignorant of it and has no plan to fight the infections and pathogens after the fact. More likely, they play patty cake with those diseases for money, playing coy and intentionally looking the other way. They genuinely ignore the over riding parasitic nemtodes that farm borrelia spirochaetes and multiple coinfections. The biofilm community the nematodes set up becomes impervious to assault with antibiotics. If apple leaves don’t get those nematodes out for you, you will be stuck trying medicines all of the remainder of your painful life. There are always new bugs waiting to try and re nematode you too, so you have to keep the apple leaves going. The upside is that there is finally a sustainable offensive strategy available against nematodes. Napolean is history. We won by virtue of not taking on Moscow, so we are left to research and write his history.

It remains to be seen if bisphosphocin antimicrobials can defeat the nematode prophylactic effect. They are reportedly effective against the spirochaetes, but they are just part of the parasitic nematode proxy. I was curious to see if Oliver Stone would hit on the fact that Soviet socialism was invented by banks to have a sure fire loser hedge trade to take the short side? He missed it and instead thumped the socialist tub, fanning the flames for Wall Street. After all, that’s bidness.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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