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Weds, Nov 23, 2016 – A Plan

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I paint a pretty grim picture of nematodiasis here. There are multiple species of filarial nematodes in multiple common vectors packing a common agent of death, borrelia. The medical community has given up or is incurious about it, focussing all their effort in the wrong direction. Apple leaves are the plan, but they are an annual crop, not readily available in all locations. The fall harvest has passed here, but the southern hemisphere harvest won’t be optimal for months. Pyrus malus apple tree bark is in short supply but will also do in a pinch. It is better to treat inflammatory cytokines, but there is just not as much of it available.

The second part of that plan is dealing with the gallons of dissolved or partially dissolved biofilm. It starts to accumulate after your first nematode infection from bugs, so it gets worse as you get older without any apple leaf or bark mitigation measures. It is from nematodes taking advantage of the starch loophole in the human diet where starch is not seen as a foreign material, yet is the main component of bacterial biofilm. Eventually it plugs up arteries and organs to the point where they are impaired or simply cease to function. In situ conversion is our plan with enzymes to convert that starch to sugar.

bisphosphocin-nu-3The third part of that plan is to address the pathogens with antimicrobials. Antibiotics will just lead to the immune versions of the pathogens surviving so they are futile treatments. CBD and bisphosphocins show promise on that front. Lakewood Amedex from Sarasota Florida still has the Bisphosphocin Nu-3™ in clinical trials. The main attributes of it are biofilm penetration and the ability to treat several antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

On a side note, Star Trek Season 3 Episode 8 is the one where Bones has a year to live with an incurable illness, but then meets the Fabrini adrift in space from a malfunction of the spaceship built by their ancestors to save them when their sun went nova 10,000 years before. Ironically, their high priestess takes a fancy to McCoy, and Bones plans to stay behind on their doomed ship to get laid before he dies. It turns out their hidden saved medical knowledge can save him. He ditches her after Kirk and Spock fix their asteroid spaceship, promising to come back for more fun in 390 earth days when they get to their promised land. I can only wish my plan had a happy ending like that. Good ol’ Star Trek had been there, done that. The next episode, they get stuck in the Tholian Web though. The series gets cancelled that year. How do you plan for that?

Perhaps an additional plan could be for any nematodes and co infections that remain after apple leaves. Maybe then albendazole, ivermectin, DEC, and others could be employed but it would be shooting in the dark. As you can see from the link, an 8 week course of doxy is the current recommendation. Good luck finding a doctor in Canada though. Other than that, The Song Remains The Same. You have to work outside a medical system brainwashed by the nematodes themselves, rendering it worse than useless, and a danger to public health, declaring all bit by infected vectors insane requiring psychiatric evaluation. They irony is that they themselves are demonstrably insane with simple ingestion of apple leaves. Until they are incarcerated and possibly even executed for crimes against humanity, you have to ignore that they even exist unless it is to cram a tonne of apple leaves in their collective pie holes.

Maybe not. Star Trek is playing S3 E16 The Mark of Gideon. Nobody ever gets sick and dies on Gideon. They get too crowded so they transport Kirk there to give them the space dose so they can die. It’s the episode after the otherwise identical black and white guys in reverse that annihilate each other. Apple leaves may present a future like Gideon where nobody dies except for accidental death. It’s a tough call. Will mankind annihilate each other instead if they live long enough? The way things are going now everybody dies, and that’s a good thing because Star Trek says so, I guess. Apple leaves may provide a path to immortality, but in Canada, the way things are going with health care and government bureaucracy, that may be worse than death. That conference was last May, and they just published the rambling muddled mumbling videos of it with not one mention of the underlying nematodiasis.

The very next episode, an angel of death comes for Sulu, Kirk, McCoy, etc. It’s the same one where Scotty has to cram a tuning fork into the Matter Antimatter converter or the Enterprise blows itself to Kingdom Come. Might as well do apple leaves to see the ending. You never know what the hell is gonna happen next in either Hollywood or real life. Likewise, there could be another earthquake in Fukushima or something. Maybe in a century there will be another conference in Ottawa where they all get together for a group hug of bureaucrats that will break down to where they strangle each other. In short, there could be hope yet.

The Plan is still to smoke all the nematodes out first. While that is happening, spread the word about apple leaves and wait for the health care bureaucrats to kill each other off under tonnes of lard from all their endless free conference lunches.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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