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Thurs Nov 24, 2016 – The Farce Awakens

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Two things. Number One, Star Wars – The Force Awakens is up on Netflix. Number Two, the farce awakens, and that is Canada’s Action Plan on Lyme Disease after two and a half years of “Soon….” It was a conference from back last May, and there isn’t a single mention of anything worth anything there because uit is all so dated knowing what I know from apple leaves. Nothing there about that yet. Meanwhile, at that time, Alan MacDonald addressed the London Conference on his findings of Nematodes underlying this whole mess, with endosymbiont borrelia. Meanwhile, I slugged on with my AppLyme™ “There’s an App for that!” thing. Bugs bit me and died, then a lil’ worm came out of some of them. That has to wear you down over time. For an app, I’d give it 5 “EEEwwws!” Some of those worms were alive in there for decades. Over half a century for me, and I’m 60. 😦

The upside is that in another half century, we’ll have a framework for a plan for that up here. lol They’re a long way away from Dave DeBronkart, but at least they noticed that. I don’t think it’s going better anywhere else. The apple leaves might be greener anyway. Otherwise, it’s down to New Zealand and Tasmania for the next harvest. Thanksgiving is last chance for apple leaves in the lower 48 for example.

Well, I am watching Breakout Surveillance #29  now on YouTube. Nothing does that like apple leaves, but you can combine them with proxy animals like deer mice. Still, that is more time consuming than just eating them yourself and getting feedback from bugs virtually at the time they bite you. They’re also just stuck on ticks. Wait until they see all the other vectors that pack nematodes. Spiders. Yellow Jackets. Bees. All sorts of biting midges. There’s so much they don’t know that they could find out by eating apple leaves themselves. They are still hung up on geographic distribution while the migratory bird connection isn’t touched on. They still have a flawed concept of non endemic areas. “No Lyme here!” They are up on the vector borne terminology, but they have to recognize midges, horseflies, stable flies, and deer flies as serious vectors. There is no mention of the correlation to salmon spawning areas that I found. I wish I could have offered them my new Apple Leaf Nematodiasis test. Then at least they would have a stick to get in the game. It could take weeks to watch all those videos. Not much else to do but brace yourself for the pandemic.

They touch on the fact that veterinarians are ahead of medicine. If they only knew how far, such as Evans 1880 Surra, let alone Innes and Shoho 1952 Cerebrospinal Nematodiasis epizootic diseases.

It is tough to watch after seeing what I have seen for 2 and a half years now. One thing for sure is they will have group delerium when they finally try Apple Leaves. Been there, done that here. Decades of bug bites revisited as all the long term nematode parasites start to drill out like crazy. It’s not going to happen. “Comments for this video are Disabled!” The Public Forum video tells you why. These stories are common and endless. Looking at these people my veterinary eye tells me they still have a dozen or more pounds of worms to come out of their chests and thyroids for starters…


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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