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Fri Nov 25, 2016 – The Farce is With Us

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Like Han Solo says. “It’s all true!” before his son by Princess Leia goes all Dark Side and kills him with all the glee of a Canadian Doctor trashing another bug bite/Lyme victim. I’m still watching the Public Part of the Ottawa Conference of May 17. Somebody has to listen. Trust me – I’m not a doctor!™ Video 5B. Now you see why I am not impressed with Canada’s 4th world beads and rattles medical system as Spock would say to Bones. They deserve to have their egos stroked with a Cat O’ Nine Tails. I can see why they waited 7 months to post it. They want to hide somewhere and change their name first like Walter White when he hides in New Hampshire at the end of Breaking Bad.

If they aren’t treating borrelia, what is it that they treat here? Good question. Lacerations. Twists. Sprains. Torn ligaments. Broken bones. Burns. MRSA. Diabetes. Then there is mental illness. Everybody is nuckin’ futs so that one is a “gimme” in golf terms that they can understand. Punch the clock. Drive to the dealership to look at the latest Caddys. Can always amputate a few more diabetics for a Porsche until they find out about Bisphosphocin Nu-3™. Life is good.

If what I am getting from the videos is foretelling where this is all going, if people don’t start apple leaves stat, we’ll all be infected and have no idea what to do about it or where to go. I have been here every day trying to hammer this point home, but I now see that nematode endosymbiont borrelia is in fact a higher life form. It has already won by taking total brain control of our best and brightest, convincing them that their own death is not imminent. Somehow, I’m not surprised that a disease with a brain made out of frog shzt and snot is a higher life form than our medical system. They all call for better diagnostics and testing, and I have an absolute gem of one that will show them exactly what they don’t want to know. It’s bigger than they could ever imagine. It exposes the root cause of All Chronic Disease.

I can see doctors’ hands are tied. There is no treatment that can defeat nematode endosymbiont borrelia safely their way. I lucked out and found a way to get rid of the nematodiasis part. I know something they don’t and they don’t want to know. That’s where it stands. Wait until they find out for themselves what I already know from apple leaves. You see from those videos how famously rapid they can be. Give ’em a few centuries because we, the apple leaf gang, all know they are on a track so wrong they may never find out.

The Farce is of course the medical response to this pandemic. It is horrifically depressing. A child of three with a handful of apple leaves can find out more than all these folks in a matter of days, but unfortunately that reality is so far beneath them that they are the only idiots that can’t see it. Why collect ticks when you can just eat apple leaves and have a handful of worms drill out of your head, and not even one of them came from a tick? No wait. Leave ’em in there and keep your Lyme IQ in the bottom percentile. That way your job will be safe. It’s nuts but shrewd gubmint procedure.

Natasha Rudenko knows her stuff in the realm of vector parasitology. She is the star of the whole show as far as I am concerned because she fills in a lot of blanks about how certain things were happening that until now only apple leaves exposed for me. Borrelia jumps from cold blooded to warm blooded hosts using multiple tick and arthropod intermediate bridge vectors. There is the spawning salmon connection. “Absence of proof is not proof of absence” she also famously quotes. Nobody mentions nematodes but I have a suspicion that Rudenko is aware of them and the parallel transfer they enjoy in these processes they appear to share with borrelia too.

Zubek and Bested #23 step up next describing Bb defensive tactics. No mention of the nematodes they are so obviously endosymbiont to. What they do nail is that our medical diagnoses system is worse than the disease. Cameron, Johnson, Maloney is recommended treatment.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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