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Sat, Nov 26, 2016 – White Coat Disease

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What is it? A disease that is a higher life form than doctors. They are all infected by it and zombied. All of a sudden it makes sense why they don’t like apple leaves, and lash out that everybody is anti science when you confront them with their own peer reviewed scientific research. Physician, heal thyself kind of won’t work worth a shzt because they are no longer functioning from a neurological jamming by a vector nematode parasite. There is no argument that it is not a higher life form since it did that.

BiohazardWhen you think about it, they are in the highest risk profession. Every day, they go to work amidst thousands of similarly infected patients. Their entire health care system itself is also infected and infested. I can’t even get near it. You can feel it with the proximity effect around hospitals and clinics. Again, no wonder they don’t like apple leaves. It would expose this horrific infestation to them too. Everywhere they venture and work would have to go through a full apple leaf sweep to start to eliminate it. The trouble is pretty obvious when health care itself is the source of the pandemic. It isn’t white coat syndrome. It is White Coat Disease, AKA Lyme Disease, an insidious neurological nematodiasis. Yet is this navigated into Check or is it really a Checkmate? The only hope is apple leaves to get it from the inside out. You can lead a doctor to apple leaves, but you can’t make him eat. They will protest vehemently as all the thousands of worms they have acquired over their lifetime working in a critically infested Ground Zero start to drill out of their heads, bodies, and eyeballs.

Consider that this life form is billions of years more evolved than medical science. It has PWN’d all medical science, and in that respect it is anti science – Specifically anti Defective Human Science. It controls what doctors claim is their science. Worm science is far more advanced than they are, and is on a level they cannot even comprehend. It explains why they have held the Federal Framework Proceedings for 7 months before releasing it. How do you navigate out of Stalemate? You can’t move into Check no matter which direction you move with any piece. Luckily I have a plan from a new science I invented, Metaphysical Engineering. It is a class of metaphysical inventions I came up with called Karmic Weapons. Long story short, what would you call a backwards firing bullet that killed the shooter? I think I have another tweak for it that would be useful here. Apple Leaves themselves are a reverse medicine. They even have a licorice smoke switch to super activate them to take out a whole enemy army. You can’t make a doctor smoke though. That itself will make them  suffer more, and I have to admit it looks good on them.

Number One to get this ball rolling is to stop even seeing doctors. You must realize that they are all infected, and the treatments they use are lethal by design of their own disease using them to utilize every loophole in their own medical system to specifically marginalize themselves. Apple Leaves are a drug, and possibly the most powerful drug ever discovered. They have the power to wipe out medicine itself. In a case like this, thanks to the evil science of medicine for profit, they are exactly what is needed. Of course they will move to make apple leaves illegal. How is that war on drugs going for them? In case you haven’t got the memo, it is one one the hugest failures in all known history. That failure will be our Karmic Weapon Success. AppLyme™ gets rid of the biofilm destruction side effects and prevents “snotterboarding” when you dismantle the diseases snotty brain lining your blood vessels, lungs, intestines, various ducts, brain, and peritoneal cavity. What a lucky Fluke, eh? 😉 That is just one species of fluke that controls the hosts brain. ;Imagine how much more evolved vector nematode human parasites are, and you start to get the picture.

If you still have doubts that this is the case, you haven’t been listening to that Public Forum link above for 2 hours and 11 minutes or so where speaker after speaker describes a medical system so diseased that it has ceased to function, destroying every life it has touched, and as Dr Natasha Rudenko, Vector Parasitology, Czech Academy of Science, points out, is under an arthropod vector pressure so insidious that it is the largest and most diverse White Coat disease reservoir in the world. We even have infected biting midge vectors so small we call them “No See Ums.” You would literally have to be insane to deny that it doesn’t exist in Canada.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgI trademarked “Trust me- I’m not a Doctor!™” and I’ve been using it publicly for years here. Why not register it? It is a metaphysically engineered Karmic Weapon within a Karmic Weapon! Q.E.D. Likewise, I am a thoroughly unprofessional registered metaphysical engineer, and here is a picture of my MIT equivalent “Brass Rat” engineering ring. 😉 See how that works? OK… I’ll stop it before your head hurts. lol Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae! Dr² Mike1Baker, Delusions of Grandeur, Doctor of Doctors, except that they would have to be delusional to diagnose it. That’s what I call a real pickle. Doctor My Eyes no shzt. I always knew deep down this Black E would come in handy for something… None More Black so you can’t even see it. Hey Doctors. Here’s an apple leaf from the teacher to you. Say Hi to your worms for me as you send them to their next biofilm. lol

zhangI have answers for Dr Zhang, Johns Hopkins. 1. No. The nematode must be eliminated by being smoked out alive first by apple leaves because if you kill it, it will kill the patient. 2. The nematodes cause PTLDS when the spirochaetes become endosymbiont with the worm where medicines can’t affect them. They just wait it out inside the prophylactic worm and rebuild their biofilm brains when treatment stops. 3. The biomarkers are the physical evidence of the worms drilling out of your skin concurrently with AppLyme treatment. 4. You cannot culture nematodes, and thus no Viable But Non Culturable (VBNC) form of borrelia endosymbiont to it. YMMV. You can always just get bit by another bug, but the apple leaves get it right away. the nematodes are what Dr Burgdorfer could not see even though he found the filarial nematode eggs. No one can until apple leaves smoke them out from where they have been hiding for decades.





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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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