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Sun, Nov 27, 2016 – Answers

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zhangOne of the first answers is that the medical community is spinning their wheels because the patients are working 24-7 on this while the the disease is working 24-7 to educate them whether they like it or not. The Ottawa Conference is a little more specific with the questions like Dr Zubek and Dr Bested. Apple Leaves give slam dunk answers to all of their “impossible” questions like they did for Dr Zhang.

gapsHere are the Zubek Bested questions for example. For starters, the disease itself is working 24-7 to be chronic from the get go, and as far as I have witnessed from apple leaves, that is as soon as the nematode is introduced by the vector encounter at the beginning, hatching on contact with human warm blood after introduction from the cold blooded vector, starting to manufacture its biofilm bacteria cocoon. It is moot to try and discover a static acute state, but when apple leaves boot the nematode out, the disease should respond to successful acute treatment if there hasn’t been any biofilm built. That is a huge “If” because apple leaves make it clear these nematodes are aggressive biofilm producers. There is a twofer answer for Case Definition and for the Pathophysiology. Lab tests for acute LD will and should never be developed because the nematode is by definition and its proven immediate and decades old historical presence from apple leaves, chronic. Biofilm also makes this impossible, so all the existing tests only work for acute phase or transitional phase. Apple leaves answer another twofer there as existing tests will work in conjunction with apple leaves after they get that pesky nematode out of there. As for enhanced Prevention and Education, apple leaves will educate the hell out of you as worms flee and vectors die immediately when they bite you. Three “twofers.” Do I get 200%? 😉

I get feedback on the subspace channels “He must think they are fzckin’ idiots!” No. They could be super geniuses in a week after apple leaves double their IQ, that’s all. You have to remember they are patients too of WCD – White Coat Disease, and as the apple leaves will show them, they have been very sick and did not even know it. They will never look at a bug bite the same way, that’s for sure. Once they find out that near invisible biting midge arthropod vectors pack nematodes too, they’ll be ready to go to the head of the class. All of these nematodes join the already existing biofilm party that has been there nearly since they were born. That is what nematodes eat and the spirochaetes are just their errand boys and girls. They farm the spirochaetes like ants farm aphids.

They have a map for ticks. lol I have had some of the toughest worms drill out from Prince Patrick Island. Maybe it hitched a ride in my luggage from Blueberry Mountain, Alberta, or Donnelly Corners – Fahler – Eaglesham as I had a Lyme incident there in 1973. Borrillia, borreeelia, or borrelia. Hell, those poor WCD infested bastards can’t even agree on how to pronounce it! Anyway, vector maps are also moot when arthropod vectors of military significance are known by the AFPMB to be worst EVAH! in Alaska. lol Then thanks to Apple Leaves, they found Borrelia Mayonii all over the Prairies, a whole new lethal variant that isn’t even mapped because the vectors aren’t even visible. NoSeeUms, a Native word no doubt.

I dunno. Some of those doctors have got to lose 20 pounds of worms first or more. That could take a while for the old codgers. Back to more answers. There are no Igenex False Positives. The disease just gets detected before it reaches quorum and explodes. Apple leaves make that obvious. “Oh, gee, I felt great packing 30 pounds of diseased parasites from bug dirty needles around with me all my life! Until Now!!!” See how many impossible tough questions apple leaves can answer for you. I bet you it will be all of them. The question isn’t “Who’s infected?” The $64,000 Question is “Who isn’t?”

The reason is swarms of vectors you had no idea about. They’re everywhere. I know because I’ve been there, and nearly all those places tagged me with a worm. It took me over a year to get rid of the bulk of them, and I still get tagged with new bites trying to take advantage of what they see as virgin turf, smooth as a baby’s azz. All of Health Canada would be bankrupted looking for “proof” of what apple leaves prove without a doubt nearly instantly as each infected vector of each type bites or stings. I’d like to buy tickets to watch some BVT victim eat apple leaves as all the nematodes struggle their way out. Bee Stings were among the last vector parasitic nematodes to come out of me after being in there 4, 5, or 6 decades. A couple weeks later the stinger started to come out. lol

Pet Disease Report IDEXX shows that even veterinarians are threatened west of the hundredth meridian. Vett Lloyd talks about the usefulness of canine Lyme Disease prevalence studies. Back to White Coat Disease, here is the Hominid Veterinary presentation of an actual sufferer, Dr Bowie. Note his hair has been eaten by nematode parasites, not to mention his brain. This poor fellow desperately needs my help but my hands are tied, and you know what their answer will be. The maddening thing is that he could be mentally back and firing on all cylinders within a week. Dr Hawkins describes the Western Canadian Disaster also giving answers, and can also be cured of WCD in less than a week, on the way to total recovery. I think he already got the memo from my underground Alberta network.

CerebrospinalBack to Graduate Grad School. I don’t care what the question or who the questioner is. The answer is Two Words.

Apple Leaves!

Then start questioning what in no uncertain terms they will show you. You’ll realize that nearly everything that was previously asked and answered in all medicine has to be totally rethought.

The whole Ottawa Lyme Symposium from May is a lot of drama hearing stories that are unbelievable but true. But then I can’t get that R Crumb Apple Leaf type cartoon out of my head where the worms are drilling out of the guys eyes. lol Unbite those bug bites. See what dirt was on Nature’s dirty needles.




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