Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Nov 28, 2016 – Invisble Doctors

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Maybe that is what is needed to treat an alleged invisible illness. I know how to make them crop up. Give us their pay check. How would you do that? Prosecute for insurance fraud. Reparation judgement. Ignorance of the law, or their own alleged profession, is no excuse.

You can also make it the most visible illness ever. Apple leaves. Take all the bad bug bites over your life and reverse them. Get a court order for forced apple leaf education for these pretend doctors. Let them figure out what is happening themselves from their jail cells. Insurance fraud is major time in the crowbar hotel, even if it is just an accessory after the fact.

Perhaps they will become “anti science.” They already are when a hillbilly with a dial up knows more than they do about borrelia. It is bigger than just that though. Racketeering and organized crime. They’ll turn turkey when they try to cover their ass and take out the entire management structure. When they claim there are no infected bugs in Canada, threaten to air drop them in Wood Buffalo naked. They’ll sing like canaries. It is more than just major crime. It is the breakdown of civilization.

The Lyme Disease IQ of doctors is low double digit. In effect, there is no functioning medical system until doctors show up. When the only cure they offer is suicide, by their own actions, they’re not much of a functioning medical system. The salary should be commensurate with that skill set. Here is a professor of medicine assessing their response. It isn’t by their own admission. It is by their professor.

They need schoolin’. Baby I ain’t foolin’. Cut to the chase. Feed them 3 bowls of Apple Leaf gruel a day in jail. You would have a sudden awakening of the largest bunch of absolute medical geniuses to ever walk the planet. Of course, there is the alternative. The End of Canada. When a bug bite can take out anyone in a bug infested hell hole like this, they’re done. Imagine a significant percentage of arthropod bites you have had all your life has a live nematode parasite hiding in it. Now imagine those nematodes have endosymbiont borrelia spirochaetes and leptospires in them. Apple Leaves move this into the realm of reality. That is an education they will never forget. Some of them may not commit suicide out of shame. Better to have some doctors than none, if that is what it takes.

What sense is testing when you can treat it, the chronic nematodiasis part, with apple leaves cheaper? Once all the biofilm slop is cleaned up too, serology will start working again so you can test with their tests. This also happens after long term antibiotics. Seronegative patients all of a sudden had every test marker in the book.

If medical error is proven to be the third leading cause of death and you have a condition that is proven to always be diagnosed in medical error, what is that saying? I can fill in the blanks for you. Stay away from doctors if you have this. They are a cookie cutter death machine, breaking every ethics rule in the book gleefully while they do it.

Then there is the outdated notion that only ticks and certain kinds can transmit the disease. Many kinds of arthropod vectors can transmit the disease. I’ve seen spider webs full of ticks. There is a cumulative effect from all these different types of bites and stings. Apple leaves skunk out all sorts of nematodes from them. It becomes clear it is a bigger problem than just Lyme Disease as it affects all disease. Doctors can’t figure it out but anybody that sees what happens when you eat apple leaves can figure it out. If you say the sky is blue though, doctors will say they can’t take anecdotal evidence.

We’re all starving to death and they want to spend more money on bug surveillance in Canada. Here’s a hint. It would be cheaper to organize a snipe hunt for any place where there aren’t military grade arthropod vectors in Canada. They are everywhere. The disease has evolved to the point where any vector that can find a human host will do for it. Any idiot finds that out within a few days of taking apple leaves. What we have here is what has always been predicted. A super bug will defeat all medicine. The wrinkle is that any idiot can see it while all medicine moves too slow and is blind to it. They are invisible because they have devolved below the survival level of the super bug.

Doctors all look the other way while it slowly and painfully progresses to Multiple Sclerosis and ALS. If you press them, they just insult, berate, and commit you to psychiatric care. Don’t double down on stupid if they want to do any more tests. They can’t understand them anyway. They have all caught the Stupor Bug. That is all you can deduce from watching dozens of hours of videos at CanLyme from the Ottawa Framework Meeting last May.

Apple Leaves. Discover your worms!

Air dry them. Powder them in a blender. Pack them in Size “0” capsules. After crapping out the first wave of worms and their slop, keep it up till all the worms drill out of your skin. Use Pectin Enzyme Size 0 capsules to move the gallons of biofilm out concurrently. Fun for all ages, Doctor to dimwit. You’ll find out why deer eat the leaves and not the apples, that’s for sure. I just had a new one drill out of the nape of my neck after a new bite this morning. It gave me a headache but it’s gone now. A single 85 mg AppLyme got it. You’ll lose a lot of weight because 10+% of your weight is worms and biofilm before this.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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