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Tues, Nov 29, 2016 – Lyme or Reason

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There has to be a reason why doctors throw us on the garbage heap. They must know something we don’t. And they must know everything we do. People are riddled with worms from nature’s dirty needles, vectors. There is no escaping it because the vectors are too numerous in Canada. They can’t treat it because after years of treatment, a single bug bite can start it all over again. They know the Americans are in the same boat but just charge their patients cash to lighten their load. Canadian Doctors must somehow know it is better this way.

They ignore the best tests because they expose this truth. A test is useless. “OK, you’ve got this illness we can’t get rid of for love or money. We can tell it by your medical history. It makes us mad. At you, your family, your momma… Everything! So what are you gonna do about it? It’s a super bug, and we aren’t super doctors!” That seems reasonable.

Why waste their time? We know what they’re going to do. Let’s not double down on stupid. We see all those people who get antibiotics get better for a week or so, but next week they’re back to square one and their guts are destroyed with all their biotics dead. The whole medical West Denial Virus movement in Canada became so popular, Americans are imitating it. Doctors have admitted defeat. We’re not that smart. It stands to reason from the evidence.

Well, I’ll just stupidly slug on with the apple leaves. They “un-bit” all those bug bites from the bush. That is at least a start, it seems to work somewhat, and it gives me hope in a situation so hopeless that doctors have not only given up, they beat up on patients. CanLyme says to give up smoking and drinking. I tried that, but started both again because they both made me feel better with apple leaves. The smoking got rid of more worms faster, and the drinking was a vasodilator for the arthritis.

More reading between the lines. Permethrin doesn’t even work on these military grade  Canadian bugs and causes birth defects/hurts you, so they don’t sell it here except for cattle and hogs. This doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery. My apple leaves kill the bug and smoke out the worm right at the source. You find out in no uncertain terms why they call these bugs “Natures Dirty Needles.” They’re packin’ worms too for Chrisakes. On the success scale of evolution, they’re loaded with mycoplasma, spirochaetes, co0ties, and leptospires too with a high confidence. Knock yerself out doing a PhD if you want. I just count my lucky stars that the damn things are gone, and the doctor has given up. I know they are trying to put me out of my misery, but I’m not that miserable yet. A side effect of long term apple leaf use is that it makes hospitals and clinics about as inviting as melted down nuclear reactors. They’re worse in reality, but humour me here, using my Lepers Poetic Licence. I even take out an extra dollop of insurance to keep doctors away. I smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, and produce almost as much carbon dioxide as a Big Gulp, but nowhere near as much as a can of pop. I feel better the more I do it. I wish it would just hurry up and kill me like they say, but that is obviously all bullshit for me straight from the ultimate pack of bullshitters. I’m not surprised. It takes one to know one.

I see from all those Ottawa Conference videos that people are madder than Hell about the whole thing. The conference just threw ’em a frickin’ bone. Makes sense. Let ’em gnaw on that for a while. Everything there just confirms my theory that it is all reasonable when you analyse it and count where we are with it all. They can break every ethics rule in the book because we’re all dead in their eyes. The last thing they need is something so World Beating like Apple Leaves. It would make them look like total dumb asses. It already has to me for well over two years now. There has to be a reason, and I’ll take that one. They Mad, Bro. They Jelly.

We get it. We’re all allegedly insane, and you’re not. We go to you and call you on the bullshzt promise that you provide medical expertise and medicine that will help us. We make you look bad because we are bitten by bugs in Canada. You lock us up and pump us full of the latest greatest poison so we never come back. You tax the shzt out of relatively harmless cigarettes and alcohol because you don’t make enough money. You tax our sequestered solar energy, natural oil and gas, to add insult to energy. You incite natives to riot in North Dakota to protect your southern oil and gas producers from our buckets of oil feedstock. We get the memo. You’re all evil with a happy face and we’re supposed to be fine with that.

Is it just me though? I guess so. Apple leaves did it. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. They start breaking biofilm so there will be pain when you really lean into it with the pectin enzyme, serrapeptase, bromelaine, and others. There’s more than one way to skin that biofilm cat. Whatever way you want, the apple leaves get the ball rolling faster. This should be no surprise to chronic Lyme veterans. Those who don’t have chronic Lyme? They lied to you. It is always chronic from the worm. Apple leaves show you the worm is there the instant you get bit. It is what kills the bug when the bug dies from drinking or even tasting your apple leaf blood. The worm drills a hole the relative size of a basketball out of that bugs head presumably because it is easier to crap down the large hole it leaves in its relative haste.

Suffice to say no love there for the vector taxi. One thing I noticed is that there aren’t many guys who attended at that Ottawa Lyme Conference. I don’t know the reason, unless they figured out the reason. Perhaps their security budget was stretched thin. Maybe they were too sick or died waiting. Ladies first, you know. None of us are sure why it is beyond reason, but we have our suspicions. I don’t know why they just don’t say, hey you have been bitten by a bug and it causes neurological trouble. You are going to get bad arthritis and even MS. All your insurance will get cancelled and you will go bankrupt because we can’t treat it. Instead let’s treat you like a 5 year old and berate you as if you have done something wrong. Let’s play patty cake with it for decades. We’re so mentally frayed that it makes us feel good about ourselves for a change because this super bug has walloped us at every turn. Totally reasonable. YMMV.

There is no rhyme or reason. We need a Lyme Rhyme at least. “It was my tyme – I finally got Lyme –  I got bit by a bug – and the doctors gave up. My puppy was treated – for this disease that defeated – All the doctors so badly – They can’t treat me, sadly. All those years of Med School – and they still feel like damn fools. – It’s beyond their station – So they berate the patients.” It’s a lousy rhyme for an even lousier reason. “The nurses pile on – We are such morons – To even complain – While we writhe in our pain. There is nothing wrong – You’ve been here too long. – Most people just die – So why don’t you try?” Reasonable I guess. We’re sick and they’re not, obviously. Their BMI is through the roof anyway. It sure isn’t from eating the food they give patients.

57% tested positive for Lyme in BC using private lab tests when suspected they might have  it. That matches Apple Leaves testing positive by skunking out worms, but there are a lot more worms in people than that. There really are that many infested people up here. Worms from other bug bites are just waiting for that fateful bug bite to take advantage of their already constructed biofilm. I suspect both Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver caught Lyme Disease here. It only stands to reason, given the evidence of their lives and their high risk occupations as coastal mappers of Oregon, Washington State, British C0lumbia, and Alaska. That was well over two centuries ago in the late 1700’s. There’s no Lyme or reason to any of the cover up that is going on here.

Sometimes when searching for reason, a real gem crops up. “Canadian test kits for Lyme Disease are the Gold Standard!” Apparently, they are made by CDC Board members with likely insurance concern pressure to minimize infection diagnoses and prevent insurance losses. Some “Gold” standard, alright. The hilarity in Canada, where Lyme Disease is shown to be a huge epidemic by Apple Leaves from the worms drilling out, is that nobody ever tests positive. Moreover, it is impossible for anyone with ACA Herxheimer to be Lyme Negative, since it only occurs in late stage tertiary chronic Lyme Disease. Canada is the source of Powassan Virus, a Lyme strain that kills.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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