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Sat, Dec 31, 2016 – Grad School

This is medical Grad School by definition. Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae. It is New Year’s Day in New Zealand. No medicine knows anything about what we found out. Yet doctors still treat me like I am 5 years old. Just imagine what I think of them, and how humiliating their first marks will be. What makes me the arbiter of that? Any 5 year old on Wild Apple Leaves. “Gee, there was a worm parasite living in every third bug bite!!!” Now even you know how clueless doctors are, and it will save your life.

Of course, you can cling to your laurels and die miserably like everybody else. You should refuse any higher degree than Bachelor because it is all wrong from the get go. Drop all the salutations other than mister or missus or mizz. They aren’t worth the powder to blow them all to hell when you see what Wild Apple Leaves show you in no uncertain terms. You have been a parasite bztch nearly since birth.

Got a cold? Got the flu? Medicine can’t solve that. Watch what happens when wild apple leaves attack it in 48 hours. Keep it up and watch what happens to your mumps if you ever had them. They never left. They were still alive until then when they explode. RIP. Finally. Medicine 0%. Me 100%. Again. It is a whole new paradigm shift for ID or infectious disease. Hollywood has House, MD. This is a Warehouse with an adjoining Whorehouse! Please don’t tell my parents I am an engineer though. They think I play piano in that whorehouse.

If you have already found and are munching wild apple leaves in New Zealand, by now you can write your own ticket. YMMV, but after about ten days from the solstice there, you should have blasted out a load of intestinal parasites along with all the other worms drilling out of your skin. Like me, you must have swallowed a bug or two that had a worm in them inadvertently. Bet you never knew they were living in there for decades. Why would they come out? Three squares a day and all the brain you can eat. Always 98.6 F nice and warm too. They’re obviously accomplished at worm things and must be used to human traits by now too. They would know all your favourite TV shows. They know your friends. They know all your most intimate moments. They are your bathroom buddies whether you like it or not. They’ve been eavesdropping on everything.

Before you knee jerk to assume paranoid delusions, also consider they are real. You just saw them come out of your skin where they have been hiding for years. Welcome to Wild Apple Leaves 101. Unlike Hotel California, you can check out any time you like, and you can really leave. They will go nowhere though. It will take months to get rid of all of them. Take pectin enzyme with the  leaves because they hide inside a pectin bacterial biofilm house that they make inside you. They eat and defecate spirochaetes inside you. Who would want to interrupt that lovely thought? Your body will last through 72 years of that or so. Just imagine how long it will last without it.

House, MD, S4E7 “Ugly,” the elephant boy has Hollywood Lyme Disease. The erythema migrans rash was hiding under his hair. Not many people get the rash. I had one long ago on the right side of my torso, but can’t remember when or where I had it. It grew to basketball diameter, in a ring. I remember thinking what a funny rash it was making a perfect circle like that. It could have been more than ten years ago. The elephant boy also had juvenile arthritis, a dead give away to undiagnosed Lyme Disease. The two conditions are joined at the hip, or they were in my personal case. The TV show only mentioned it in passing like it was nothing. Only in Hollywood could they do that. They’re on their way to a RICO/TOC indictment in real life. Insurance fraud, racketeering, murder, and major theft.

High Cholesterol does not cause heart disease. I know what does. You guessed it. Simple answer is Worms. It is their borrelia laced poop, and their biofilm constructions plugging your arteries. How can medicine be so wrong for so long? They are anti science simply. They bend their observations to fit what they think, not what is really happening. In related news, everyone they make quit smoking dies. I know lots of former smokers but they’re all dead or suffering deadly incurable illnesses. One just had 3 feet of his colon cut out, and almost didn’t survive the surgery. Family history of coeliac and IBD. It never bothered him until he stopped smoking, then shortly afterwards they cut his guts out, likely from IBD flaring unchecked.

Things are a lot more complicated in the ID world than it seems. Wild Apple Leaves are extremely complicated, and I suspect it will never be resolved as to what they are doing, and how. Nearly two and a half years on, we are no closer to getting answers as to what is happening as we close out 2016. That isn’t as frustrating as the misplaced faith I obviously had in humanity, assuming they would welcome a miracle cure that clearly demonstrated all medicine was on the wrong track, and showed exactly why in terms a 5 year old could understand. Bugs have a lot more to do with all illness than ever suspected. Botched medicine has a lot more to do with death than ever suspected. What did they botch? They ignored what apple leaves show us all for nothing.





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Fri, Dec 30, 2016 – Man Bites Dog

poison-pharmaIt is said Dog Bites Man isn’t news. Now Man Bites Dog, that is news. This is like that. How could a science company willingly set back science with their own actions? In a simple answer, greed. In a less simple answer, idiocy. Donald Rumsfeld is more likely closer to the bulls eye when he states “We’re not that smart, and we’re not that stupid.” You can’t find one peer reviewed paper that actually confirms that fruit tree leaves are poisonous as claimed. On the contrary, there are papers that extol the virtues of the leaf and bark compounds for good health. What this tells me is that we are really on to something that the company wants to hide for itself at all costs, including their own reputation. It’s a super desperate Hail Mary shot to prevent total meltdown. They know what we found out that first day. This owns the Nobel Prize regardless. For Everything! They just haven’t discovered this fact yet like I did.

pound-o-wormsWe are all 10+% worms and worm poop. Wild Apple Leaves will show you. You’ll need a microscope because the worms are small. You’ll know they are gone because you can feel the load being lifted. All from eating Wild Apple Leaves untouched by Bayer and others. Of course the only way left to proceed would be to grow your own organic orchard, but for the leaves and not the fruit, and from the ground up. This will make the medicine ridiculously uneconomical, and set it back years. It’s hard to pull a wild orchard out of a hat.

One thing would be to call for peer reviewed papers demonstrating that fruit tree leaves are poison. We all know or ought to know that the pits and seeds contain cyanide, but not the tree foliage and bark. I’ll take any paper. Make sure to list any glaring conflicts of interest, such as “Written by Bayer Advanced Orchard, Orange Grove, and Vinyard Biocides.” I’m having trouble finding any papers that will pass muster. Maybe it’s just me.

House, M. D. is in pain. I went through about 50 years of that, but no medication for it until Celebrex about 10 years go. NSAIDs wouldn’t touch it. Bayer aspirin wasn’t that good. Tylenol Extra Strength not as good as Ibuprofen, which leads to depression with prolonged use. Then I discovered wild apple leaves. They are 10+ times as effective at relieving chronic arthritis pain, imparting a warming tingling soothing feeling that left affected areas actually cooler to the touch. Later, I found that wild apple tree bark alleviated the swelling from inflammatory cytokines. Didn’t seem very poison to me. Celebrex is, causing heart attacks and strokes.

True to form, watching House Season 3, I wonder when the cops will prevent wild apple leaves from ever gaining an alternative foothold? They make arthritis sufferers feel better, so the cops will want to torture us by making wild apple leaves illegal. That was where my thought process went a couple years ago. Bayer stepped up to the plate by offering us a huge lawsuit on a platter. They poisoned the whole crop, then claim all harmless apple leaves are all poison to cover their deadly allegedly “edible” poisoned fruit tracks. Of course, sufferers have their backs against the wall. There is no alternative pharmaceutical or otherwise that even comes close to Wild Apple Tree fibre for the number one chronic ailment of all time. It is the number one ailment because bugs are number one, and the worms in them cause it. The more that wild apple leaves smoke out, the better you will feel.

Ahh, what’s the use? I am getting as bitter as House. I’m pretty sure he ordered that latest spinal tap for shzts and giggles. People want useless painful procedures and deadly treatments like IV Antibiotics for years. I’m not sure how they get the idea it has to be miserable to work. The other one is that everybody has to die. That 10+% worms will ensure that, but they don’t want to know. All the more for us. They can all eat pretty Bayer fruits and vegetables while avoiding the ruined deadly Bayer leaves. By S3 E16 “Top Secret” an ex Marine presents with Gulf War syndrome AKA Lyme Disease “Doesn’t exist.” I can make it exist in no uncertain terms as pounds of sand fly worms drill out of you. Then all of a sudden it becomes the Mother of All Diseases. Hollywood had no answer, other than it wasn’t because of depleted uranium. It was supposedly because the patient had nosebleeds when he was a kid. Where were the 20 pounds of worms in all that? Crickets. No wonder the VA doesn’t know it all exists. Hollywood doctors are even stumped.

That’s a revelation because Hollywood doctors usually know the answer before they start filming. This time they knew bupkiss. I know something about Gulf War that they don’t. I know something about pretty much everything medical that they don’t. Obviously, because the next episode, House gets a plane ticket to Vancouver Island where Cook likely caught Lyme Disease in the latter 1600’s just before he died. Since House already has it, he’ll just get more lousy kinds of it like Duncanii and Myamotoi. Borrelia is additive not exclusive. The whole flight catches viral meningitis. House cures them, worms and all.


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Thurs, Dec 29, 2016 – Reverse Tap

If you have worms in the spinal fluid, as is the case with neurological diseases, they would be impossible to find. They will avoid spinal taps or lumbar punctures because they are intelligent worms. Apple Leaves are a way to make the worms perform the lumbar puncture all by themselves, access out of it, and all as relatively or less painfully than they got in there. Now that is a lot less invasive than a Spinal Tap/LP Procedure. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this is worth at least a thousand squared. One million words. Conservatively.

Nobody even knew there were worms in the spinal fluid until Dr MacDonald went looking in autopsies. Nobody even knew they were hiding anywhere under your skin. Worse yet, nobody knew they were alive and intelligent enough to remember the way out. They do when wild apple leaves make them come out of your spine alive. Both you and that cuddly little worm. Of course, if you would rather go get a lumbar puncture (LP) or autopsy of yourself to prove how smart you are/were, be my guest.

Worms have never been found in LP’s or else that would be the first thing doctors would know, and they would figure this all out. They know bupkiss. Apple leaves smarten the worm up to beyond doctor, and they perform their own LP, hoping for the best, or better if possible. I suspect better because they struggle to get out and be with their buddies, all the worms that used to be in you.

Pat Lanips™ is Spinal Tap spelled backwards, and it is also what worms do when they are alive like the hundreds that are in you right now. They just need a little Wild Apple Leaf impetus to abort themselves. The worms don’t die, so they can’t create a Herx in the brain or spinal fluid. The funny thing is Wild Apple Leaves are your ticket to a worm abortion. You’re on a mission of death undeniably since everybody dies, and Wild Apple Leaves are the abort button.

Worms are picky eaters, and the ones I saw didn’t like to eat much of anything on the way out. They went out the way they came in mostly unless blocked. A few were blocked by callus on my foot. Most were like “etib gub” or bug bite in reverse. They came out the way they came in. They remembered! Fascinating as Spock would say. Since then there is a logical deduction that they always were a higher life form than all humans, vector nematode parasites, until me. Nyah, nyah. lol

Back to the relentless Mission to Die. Only an idiot wouldn’t hit the abort button on that one given the choice. Now there is a choice. I had the guts to prove Wild Apple Leaves are not poison. That is providing they don’t have any stray pesticide products the manufacturer warns that they make deadly poison intentionally, and cover their tracks falsely claiming all fruit tree leaves are poison. You get more poisoned in the supermarket produce aisle actually eating the fruit of those poisoned trees. It is the closest you will ever get Bayer to admit their products are poison, while they look the other way to let us eat that poison knowingly. Instead they claim all leaves are poison. Better skip the lettuce and spinach then.

Enough reality. House Season 2 when he goes dumpster diving for a heart to transplant, and finds one. They do lumbar punctures every episode it seems. Only in Hollywood would they be so cavalier about it. S2E16 “Safe” has a girl with tick paralysis. It takes a whole episode for House to figure it out. He grasps the tick wrongly and yanks it off. No doctor has ever miraculously cured POW that way. Another Hollywood kill. On the upside, it is the world’s first introduction to POW, Powassan Virus, from Canada. POW was just the beginning of my troubles. Even alternate medicine Hollywood won’t admit they can’t cure a tibovirus. Even a House “Out of the Box Tick Yank” can’t touch it.

The Übermother™ trial continues since Dec 6. I test the components separately, not mixed. Wild Apple Leaf powder with pectin enzyme, vinegar, coffee, and sugar. There is another type of powder I tested in September, and that is Organic Apple Leaf powder. Wild Powder is much safer, but in extremely short supply. It may not solve House’s Pussy Tick Trouble, but then again it might. It may reverse live pussy tick illness and DTaP live vaccine caused deadly illness. Chances are they inject live worms and not just worm poop. DTaP causes autism if you believe the manufacturer. Worm outing is my department. Wait until you see how many are hiding in you.

Once you skunk out that boatload of worms, you tell me.





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Weds, Dec 28, 2016 – Occam’s Razor

The simplest answer is usually right. Hut, MD, simpler. Vector nematodes are the scourge of mankind. They cause everything from Alzheimer’s to autism, to spinal stenosis, to MS, to ALS. Them and Snot.  A marriage made in heaven, by inevitable evolution. Vectors may have the fastest evolution cycle in history if you don’t consider their endosymbiont worms.

Yes I had better fess up. I am @TheRealDr House. Except that is not my name. I am mike1baker gawdamnit! Any similarity to persons real or imagined won’t win you the lawyer lottery. I cut my teeth on trauma just in case. Lumberjack medic. Then Graze Anatomy for good measure. Chainsaws just a tool hazard, but when it goes south, I’ve seen better. lol The lumberjacks themselves size up the medics when we see who we’re forced to work with. Of course, I successfully blackmailed the pathogen. That was WAY easier than working with loggers.

It is the pathogen behind nearly all disease masquerading as a pathogen.  It kills everybody, so witnesses are in short supply. It is actually a nematode packing pathogens. It knows you’ll blame the pathogen and not the nematode behind the curtain. Pay no attention to the man or worm behind the curtain. Yeah, fat chance, skippy. We own your vector hopping azz, so the game is over.

House, M. D.,  has Lyme Disease, in case you didn’t get the memo yet. It is the mystery illness he suffers from himself that even he can’t get to the bottom of. Wild Apple Leaves are a Holistic Universal Treatment to eliminate baffling nematode caused conditions like Lyme Disease and arthritis, and all the top killer diseases. House has a typically awful bedside manner. If you ever had Lyme disease, you understand perfectly why. Nematode Lyme Disease is what kills mankind under 100 years old, short of major trauma, and I can prove it with Wild Apple Leaves. I have been writing about it here since October 14, 2014. It sharpens Occam’s Razor to a simplicity an idiot can understand. This is apparently too complicated for Bayer Advanced Goon Squad Doctors.

bayer-headlineThey sell the poison that coats all the produce in your supermarket. They spray all the leaves in the orchard with bug poison and fungicide. The best indicator as to whether a tree is wild is the presence of fungus and bug bitten leaves. Apple leaves are different because bayer-advancedthe bug eats a little and dies generally if it has a nematode in it. Apple leaves have procyanidins or PCs in them. How else do you think apple seeds, or cherry, plum,and peach pits get their cyanide? Wild trees haven’t had their procyanidins converted to cyanide by Bayer Advanced pesticides and fungicides yet. At any rate, Bayer should go down as the dumbest drug manufacturer in history, not exactly a resume bullet point to admire. I guess I will have to scratch “Baker Advanced” off the potential names list.

In the advancing over the cliff file, what are we going to do to get wild apple leaves that aren’t “advanced”? First doctor suggestion was to develop a process to isolate the active ingredient. I just found out you could no longer do that akin to synthetically recreating bee pollen or building a fly. Phage is like that. I did find that phloridzin is a great anti inflammatory though, but nowhere near as powerful as the whole natural leaf. Then I discovered the Smokers Paradox where it works even better for people who smoke. More worms come out faster. AppLyme was developed to alleviate and cure COPD and asthma as a kicker. There was previously no cure for COPD. Now you know why House tends to hate doctors. He is one himself, but looks for the underlying disease. I found it. Vector Nemtodiasis underlies everything. Wild Apple Leaves make it as clear as a jellyfish. You can see right through it all. Like House, you will also know “Everyone Lies!” from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

kryptoniteHouse also hates people because he is really a potential veterinarian. This puts him centuries ahead of modern medicine literally. Yet the Hollywood version hasn’t discovered the works of Dr Evans 1880 yet, discovering Surra, which is a large part of Hollywood House’s affliction. Oh the irony. The House character’s cranky Ego can’t let him get over the hump for himself. Not so with me. I am Dr Doghouse, MD (Mad Dog,) but you can call me mike1baker. Trust Me – I’m NOT A Doctor!™ That’s always been that way with me before the episode where they try to fire House, M. D., and kill his patient because they didn’t listen. lol Wild Apple Leaves address spinal meningitis symptoms that don’t test positive as well. I doubt they’ll want to know about my Supermother™ Synthetic Apple Cider Vinegar. Extra Mother. Kryptonite for Super Bug  Worms and multiple forms of vector nematodiasis.



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Tues, Dec 27, 2016 – Tween Days

bayer-headlineThese are the days between Christmas and New Years. Wassail your apple trees in the Northern Hemisphere if you want. Golf and pick apple leaves in New Zealand, but not in the same place. Golf courses are deadly chemical exposure zones by admission of the chemical suppliers, one of which is Bayer Advanced. The golf course won’t tell you that. Scenic death is what they sell to their genius customers. The customers are genius only because they golf. It explains why the world is so fzcked up.

You can golf in New Zealand. Nice golfing and apple leaf picking but beware. Golf courses are toxic brown fields, slathered with chemical poisons. Wild apple trees growing around golf courses may get some of those chemicals on them. Deer have a better sense of smell than a dog, and can tell when the leaves have been Bayered. Golf courses sell pretty chemical laced lawns with  the occasional divot. Premature chemical death is just a bonus kicker.

bayer-advancedAFAICT Deer vary their diet from apple leaves to daisies to hemp to chamomile. Marijuana growers hate deer for eating the crop. Deer like some of the noxious weeds that golfers and farmers hate. Monsanto is homeless on the range where the deer and the antelope play. Let’s hope Bayer stays away too. We can get those seldom heard discouraging words more seldom then. Until all this chemical madness stops, we will still cuss like lumberjacks on the range.

My Wild trees make this a rare find. I eat these leaves and the nematodes take a hike. Bayer must like all of their employees being a comfy worm home. They lie and say ALL apple leaves are poison after they poison them with their bug and fungus sprays. Wild Apple Leaves are not poison. They are the Greatest Pharmaceutical Discovery of All History, a Live Anthelmintic, outranking 2015 Nobel Prize Winners Artemesinin and Ivermectin. Wild Apple Leaves make cancer, brain, lung, and heart disease self explanatory when the worms come out. Just subtract worms to feel the mess they are making.

I want to make a batch of Half and Half AppLyme 1:1’s™. 1 part Wild Apple Leaf to 1 part Pectin Enzyme. The pectin enzyme alleviates snotterboarding, more likely from starchy human diets. A 4:1 is a snotterboard antidote of 4 parts pectin enzyme. It takes a while to blow out all that pectin biofilm guck the bug worms paint the inside of you with. Booting the worms stops them from depositing more. I could see how that will kill you if left unchecked.

How about Invecticide 1:1™? It gets rid of those worms that were in the vectors, but are 100 Capsules Apple Leafnow dragging you down. I only need 4:1’s these days for maintenance like a few a week. At the beginning, I used straight Wild Apple Leaf capsules. In other news, Donald Trump is Time’s Person of the Year. Bayer is All Time’s Most Ironic Self Defeating Too Big Company for  poisoning the entire crop of the Greatest Pharmaceutical Discovery in All History.

In the edutainment category, Netflix has House, MD up in Canada now. If you are familiar, House is a doctor who has had a stroke, and specializes in diagnosing infectious diseases that cause other doctors to be baffled. He is a mythical character that does not exist in Canadian health care. In the pilot episode 1, he finds a worm in a girls thigh that gives her baffling symptoms.

pillBy Episode 5, House treats a nun with a rash that keeps dying. He treats a Santa with inflammatory bowel by prescribing two cigarettes a day. When questioned House points out EVERY drug doctors prescribe is dangerous and addictive. By now you are starting to get the idea that House is quite a character, always threatened to be sued by doctors and patients alike, but always winning, making them all look like sophomoronic dumbasses in the process. It explains the exact problem with the number one disease that doesn’t even exist in most doctors’ eyes, so called borrelia, but really massive overriding filarial nematodiasis.

We are more like Hut, M.D. TMINAD™, with our AppLyme™ Holistic Universal Treatment Medical discovery. House hits a target nobody else can hit. I hit a target that nobody else can see with a Smart Bullet of my own design. Unlike Bayer, it doesn’t treat pain, but eliminates the underlying cause of all chronic disease by shocking out the dozens of pounds of parasitic vector nematodes and breaking down biofilm guck. True organic fruit tree foliage is hard to come by, since most organic orchards are concerned only with the fruit. Wild Apple Leaves solve that problem instantly by virtue of their name.


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Mon, Dec 26, 2016 – Boxing Day

A box hung on an adjustable strap is the best way to get those wild apple leaves. It’s the Wal-mart Protocol time. Get the new batteries. Good thing it lasts the whole week. It’s a day to “Wassail” the apple trees which means thumping on the trunk.  In New Zealand you can wassail them after the June 20 solstice on June 27. Follow  the deer to be sure.

Pyrus Malus powder is up on ebay or from Starwest Botanicals. They note that apples are the most heavily contaminated in the produce aisle. Contaminating apple trees is big business for Monsanto, Bayer, and others, so it won’t go away any time soon. Now apple leaves should be vetted for toxicology fungicides and pesticides, Potassium bicarbonate or kalcinite is generally regarded as safe (GRAS.) Wild apple leaves are an easy way to get around all that.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy S12E4 “Old Time Rock and Roll,” surgeons know the brain has  a half dozen pounds of jelly where your thinking and personality reside. That sounds very much like a biofilm. Dr Sapi knows the parasitic complexes of borrelia like to eat brain matter and cartilage. Just how much of our thinking is evolved from biofilm? It gives one pause for thought about our slimy biofilmy thought engine, and actually navel gazing using that slimy meat lump. It is maybe one of natures little mysteries explained a bit more. Wild apple leaf and powder goes so much further than that and can show you first hand in a few days. A lot of it is that massive vector nematode parasite load finally leaving and being lifted. Consider over 10% of your body weight is parasitic, amounting to worms and their brain, not yours.

I still have mine, brain that is. How do apple leaves parse your brain and the parasites biofilm brains? Good question, but they do. Dr Bonnie Bassler says that over 90% of our bodies are bacteria, and 99% of the DNA is bacterial in nature. There are Good bacteria and Bad bacteria, so wild apple leaves know the difference between the good and bad bacteria, and are actually probiotic I found. You have to admit that is pretty wild in its own right.

Alzheimer’s Disease is poised to wipe out health care. I can’t forget that, but Lymies get a sneak preview. Alzheimer’s is caused by neural larval migrans, or worms invading the neural lymphatic system, farming borrelia spirochaetes. Wild Apple Leaves seem to attack this mechanism first and fast in few days. Considering they didn’t even know there was a neural lymphatic system until June 2015, or that it even had worms in it until July 2016, they will never be able to prove or disprove that. You will die from it if you want proof other than just going ahead and getting rid of it with apple leaves. I cannot understand the prevailing mindset of everybody saying they’ll die first because they’re so much smarter. But then I told my dad “I’m smarter than I look.” He replied, “Lucky for you!” That was after I saved his life once. He wouldn’t let me double down on success. People are funny like that to me. When you’re disabled, or even just limping, they talk louder slowly as if you are deaf and stupid. You could have straight A’s but  if you can’t golf due to arthritis, you’re an idiot. Talk about misguided priorities or even sentience. lol

Yet this will be the lovely coming world. Beware the Medical Industrial Complex Ike would say. There is a Canadian Bill C233 being acted on now. Go to New Zealand and pick the Wild Apple Leaf cure now. Be careful organic orchards use organic methods to control scab, but we want foliage not fruit. Wild Apple Leaves will be safe. Back to the topic like a dog tugging with a towel. I can do something about Alzheimers. There is no cure or working treatment no matter what they claim. Apple leaves make that so very obvious. Unknown worms and germs – kaboom! Toast. I mean this is so stupid it is maddening! The bayer-advancedgovernment will take years to even answer that bill if the Lyme Bill was any indication. Then there is Bayer spreading disinformation, saying apple leaves are poison. Once Bayer sprays them they are, but the natural leaves aren’t.

Maddening. Bayer Advanced is setting medicine back by hundreds of years. They intentionally poison the holistic cure base. But we want pretty fruit don’t we? Wouldn’t you rather want that and to change Dad’s diapers? I know you’re smart because you golf . Let’s chain Pop to the toilet and go golfing! Remember when he golfed? Would he remember his score, as if that would be a change? I’d rather just wipe out the causative worms in 72 hours. In a century, they’ll look back at this and see how it all came true. People don’t handle new well and especially if it doesn’t come from Bayer Monsanto. Even when it predates them by 50 million years. Enjoy it – You want it.

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Sun, Dec 25, 2016 – Christmas Day

I know Apollo 8 is old. 48 years old to be exact. It was that first Giant Leap for mankind. On this day then, after they read from Genesis 1 the evening before, they fired their engine to head back to earth. It was a really big deal. Within 7 months later, they actually landed on the moon. You may say that is a long time ago but I have had worms come out from before the Mercury Program. Everybody has them, all their life. I don’t know where there wouldn’t be bugs with them in them.

I’ve been wondering what is worse? All these worms or all these foods Bayer Advanced says are bad? Definitely the worms I think. I’m not giving up chocolate, cherries, blueberries, ginko biloba, acai, wine, grapes, and apple leaves. They all have procyanidins, or PC’s, in them. Tea has them too. No big loss there for me. I drink coffee instead. I don’t feel a new year’s resolution urge coming on about it. The Real Reason Bayer Advanced has their panties all riding up is that they sell pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to spray all over apple trees. They likely want to cover up the fact that they poison apples, cherries, bayer-advancedpeaches, pears, plums, etc. down the entire produce aisle. I have always maintained that wild apple trees are better, but do know what particular Bayer Poison products the trees in the entire produce aisle are slathered with. It is said that apple trees are the most contaminated from spraying. Merry Christmas. Back to Wild or verified Organic Apple Leaves Only!

That is how they have poisoned the pharmaceutical crop. Apple leaves are a cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, among other deadly diseases, wiped out by Bayer and their competitors. This makes it much more difficult to solve what the CDC says is an epidemic poised to break the healthcare system. Just know Wild Apple Leaves and some Organic Apple Leaves are OK, but you may have to test them on lab animals first. This is the more likely reason doctors are leery of them, but we aren’t that stupid. Between the GMO’s and other poisons they are sprayed with, you’re playing with fire. Really useful, but don’t get burnt. I’m sure they didn’t intentionally destroy the supply, but your leaf supply has to be vetted by a toxicologist and ELISA toxicity tests. It could get very expensive. Blame Monsanto and Bayer, and even consider a lawsuit. People just don’t know though.

phageWorse yet, they have pissed on the phage base. As if it wasn’t enough to fight the discoveries of Felix d’Herelle for a century, now they add insult to injury. You see what is happening. By declaring all fruit tree leaves, bark, and roots are poison, Bayer is justified in poisoning them, in their own assessment. You know what we call that? Mens Rea and Actus Reus. Book ’em, Dano. The crime? Poisoning. The causality? For Money.

Now we know where all that is coming from, but it has just recently cropped up. I have maintained that they use pesticides, fungicides, and even herbicides extensively in orchards. I live bordering an old apple orchard that the forest has reclaimed. The apple trees, now reverted to wild, still stand in the forest. They have no “xxxxxx-cide” products on them, but there aren’t many of them left. Surely not enough to go around. You can always grow your own special pharmaceutical orchard from scratch. That sets the potential back immensely, but the silver lining is that my leaves are rare, and worth their weight in gold or more accurately, diamonds. Primarily, organic orchards still manage foliage and fruit scab or Venturia Inaequalis fungus. Ironically, the presence of apple scab on the foliage/leaves naturally indicates a higher proteolytic enzyme content, while being harmless to humans. What this shows is organic does not necessarily mean the foliage is organic. Try a google for more.

epipenNow here we go. This whole Bayer thing is like that, but we sure didn’t intend it. Bayer ensured that the greatest pharmaceutical discovery in history was poisoned albeit unintentionally plausibly. The best intentions pave the Road to Hell. Nobody here but us chickens… and a couple dozen pounds of worm goo. Naturally, fungicide and pesticide manufacturers don’t know, but they should. They say you can attract more pests with honey than vinegar. Apple leaves are the poison in the bait for bug worms, but NOT humans. Christmas pneumonia paranoia? Maybe. I know there is a Christmas take-more-than-2 “bug” going around.

Looking at Graze Anatomy S12E2 “Walking Tall” Bailey becomes chief surgeon. An epic netfilx graze. Trauma and drama. Medic things.  Like when they cut the rebar from the guy they could have done it under water to get rid of the sparks and  heat. Slip a slightly larger rubber hose over it, turn on a small bit of water, and cut thru the hose. Why didn’t they do that? Whatevah! It’s not like “Weeds” low budget… It’s HD with deeper colours it seems. Bailey’s Meat Mkt. 1 was interesting.

I opened a bit of the tequila Christmas Present. No driving for me now. I started drinking at midnight though… At the end and not the beginning of today… lol