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Fri, Dec 2, 2016 – Canadas RICO Act

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BCTF.logoApple leaves have flipped over a whole new rock, and they are slithering in all directions. Our doctors are extorted, blackmailed, and threatened with insurance fraud by the providers if they treat Lyme Disease. There is clearly embezzlement by insurance providers denying coverage for workplace related injury they threaten doctors for diagnosing. We can clearly demonstrate that Canada has the worst infestation in the world of vector transmitted disease in general, and in fact is the source of most US infections not only with so-called Lyme Disease, but also heart disease, too many types of cancer to list, most types of pneumonia, and arthritic conditions. So many criminal activities are being committed against our doctors that it can only be described as Organized Crime at the root of it.

ihtfpIt is not easy to take down organizations that are so corrupt that they regularly commit every crime in the book to make things go their way. The Workers Compensation Boards of the Provinces are caught there in the white hot spotlight, but that is just part of it. The individual medical associations of the provinces are the instrument being used to threaten doctors. That alone should give them 3 hots and a cot for life, but in the US the sentence is 20 years with only a $25,0000 fine. Work must be done to identify the kingpins and book ’em Dano. Each infraction, one for each patient, should be served consecutively. Apple leaves can help there too since they won’t die in custody as long as they don’t get shanked in the shower. They could live 1,000 years in the crowbar hotel, but that wouldn’t come close to reimbursing the victims of their crimes.

LeafsCanada set their law up to prosecute Bike Gangs. Our target  gangs wear suits and ties largely, and the crimes are more heinous, especially mass murder. This is typical organized crime that they cover their tracks, and actually have a law so that they can’t autopsy all the patients they indirectly murder through their illicit activities of imposing a DNT (Do Not Treat) order. It is pretty clear they have moved to try and escape First Degree Murder charges by imposing their occupational law on the members who require their approval to practice in their jurisdictions. To this end, the organized criminal professional organization looks the other way when their own top three ethics violations are repeatedly committed to benefit their health insurance and workplace safety cronies. The amount of financial crime is staggering.

Air AnalWe are a criminal nation. We have to go to the Hague and use International Law to stop them. On top of that this is also Transnational Organized Crime where doctors are forced to tell patients to cross international boundaries to pay out of pocket for treatment that ought to be guaranteed by their domestic insurance. A wrinkle of this exposed by apple leaves is the creation of an otherwise perfect murder weapon. By NOT prosecuting and taking this OC enterprise down, the perfect murder weapon is freely available to all much like the US Constitution Second Amendment with an addition of no ballistics allowed.

Apple leaves are thus protected by RICO in the United States, but in Canada, more novel legal strategies need to be developed to protect the right of Canadians to utilize doctors to protect from the perfect murder weapon created by these myriad Insurance OC blocks to treatment. Worse yet, the United States is moving to adopt a Canadian like health care system complete with the near perfect murder weapon it creates.

me1Now the litmus test phase. Number of Claimants: Millions, actual figure unclear due to defendant meddling. Losses: Quality of life, life itself (Murder in the First Degree : Pre meditated), Intentional Injury. Proposal  for settlement: $4 Trillion  USD. Identified defendants: All Workmens Compensation Rackets, All disability Insurance Providers, and primarily, All medical associations extorting doctors with the clear crime of extortion. Venue of Judgement: Supreme Court, to eliminate stalling venues of appeal. Conflict in Interest of Judges potential: Sizeable due to ubiquitous effect of the Criminal Activity. All of these things and more must be taken into account. In effect, this is so large you can Blackmail the Justice System itself to do it all Pro Bono, since at stake is the future of the Justice System Itself, they self blackmailed themselves into it. 😉

A+OYou can make a solid case that by dragging their feet, the Legal System itself joins the defendants. Call it blackmail too just like I blackmailed my own nematodes. That is when they really started to flee the coop. lol And just where are you gonna get a lawyer?  Just sayin’… U R fuc+ bandechos! Engineers aren’t lawyers, but all those worms alive right now this very second inside them now own them all. You can always blackmail them against themselves using their own rules if you play it right. Checkmate. Ignore your own nematode infestation at the peril of your own existence now. I’ve got about 4 quadrillion nanomachines out there, and there is no escaping them in this bug and wildlife vector infested hell hole now.

Bacteriophages1I had a question about Phage Engineering. I employ the Apple Tree itself to manufacture the by phage introducing the tree to the pathogen to filter the natural phage from the soil. I discovered last year that the tree appears to sequester the appropriate phage, but with unexpected results. It also cured the tree of apple scab fungus by scamming the human immunity to that strain. The effect was not repeated this year though. It needs annual repetition. Viable bacterial serum production requires the serum source animal to consume apple leaves.

edwards-bev-lance-tipped-darner-f-od22-img_2363_2c-1-2016-why-test/Canada is a bug eat bug world. Here’s a picture of a Canadian Infant Northern Dragonfly that eats bugs. I’ve seen lots bigger than that. They weren’t winning either, regardless. Some species of spiders eat ticks.


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