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Sat, Dec 3, 2016 – Making The Case

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Taking down a Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organization so large it is more correctly described as an enterprise (RICO) is difficult at the best of times. This is made more difficult because the doctors we require to testify themselves are extorted and threatened with their right to practice medicine by one or more of the medical co defendants, the individual Provincial Medical Association “muscle” for for the horrifically corrupt disability insurance and Workmens Compensation “outfits.” Until we lock them up for 20 years for each infraction and refund all the dues they collected in their little “protection  racket,” or get them to turn snitch to explain their major criminal behaviour publicly,  it gets difficult to move forward. Another thing is the sheer size of the complaint. It is a multi trillion dollar criminal enterprise with millions of claimants. It will take an independent third party like me to complain. Luckily, Trust Me, I’m Not A Doctor!™, short of being an Amateur Gynecologist.

I looked at the episode of “Better Call Saul” on Netflix, particularly “Pimento.” They make the case for RICO against a retirement home chain ripping off clients and terrorizing them. Chuck convinces Jimmy to turn the  case over to HHM simply because the size of it is too large for just a couple lawyers to weather the stalling tactics of the defendants, Sandpiper Crossing enterprises. This one will get even uglier because the criminal insurance racket organizations are basically all lawyers looking to get out of paying all claims, and there are multiple defendants working in concert as a bona fide RICO Racket Influenced Criminal Outfit. It has to be done though in order to save health care in this country and unshackle our doctors to ethically practice without threat to their careers.

I am wondering what the first motion should be? Seize all assets and get a restraining order against the Professional Organizations? Then subpoenas by the case load to all the Workers Compensation Boards and disability “insurance” (Protection Racket) providers, with a motion to freeze the assets as proceeds of crime on top of being the judgement pool? Motion that stalling increases the size of the murder victim pool. As Sauls License plate says, “LWYRUP” would be a wise move. We have to argue that statute of limitations does not apply in cases of murder. People have been given the run around for decades with the clear objective of murdering them to clear the claim.

In Canada, we have the option of demonstrating TOC or Transnational Organized Crime where the violence is threat to doctors’ livelihood, forcing them to defer to international referral and outright lying about alleged geographical exclusion, and corruption is obvious. Each foreign referral is an offence to eliminate loss by the defendant. We have hours of public testimony video from the Ottawa Conference of May 17, 2016 with patients being instructed by doctors to cross international boundaries to seek treatment. This also has the scorched earth possibility of moving to international law, Air Analeffectively removing recognition of Canada as a country until the TOC Issue is resolved. Make the defendants sweat with an international asset freeze. We can also make a case that doctors are forced under threat to falsify records to aid and abet the criminal enterprise under threat. We have to make the Rudenko case that geographic exclusion zones are an outright lie and obstruction by the criminal enterprise. We’ll thrust them in the Lymelight. We’re gonna make ’em scream. If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport.

Insurance and Compensation would not be a Protection Racket if they paid up the backlog of legitimate claims, plus damages, but that won’t happen. We will have to build a new Alcatraz to house them all indefinitely. Doable. Boot them out of a Herc with a pup tent in Nunavut. Of course they’ll try to bargain down, but like they said at work, we have to “Go Big or Go Home!” There is no bargaining down from a RICO Indictment. I wonder how speedy lawyers can get when they’re billing themselves to save their own bacon? lol Better Call Saul. It can easily be proven that the defendants aggressively moved to establish a paradoxical situation for the defendants leaving ethics violation as the only avenue of escape with financially lucrative motivation of loss prevention for The Outfit. Pressing for TOC Indictment also thickens the plot with all European, International, and GB medicine being held accountable for similar transgressions. There is no Brexit from this puppy.

It is common with outfits to seize all assets of the defendants. All their houses and vehicles, yachts, offices, etc. can be demonstrated to “potentially” be proceeds of the criminal outfit. All you need is the demonstration of potential. The burden of proof is in their court. Think a drug dealers Lamborghini. S’all good, man. Then banksy-poodlethere is the ongoing suffering of patients, really victims, of the organized crime criminal behaviour of their extorted doctors. They need Cameron, Johnson Maloney stat and reimbursement immediately for the delay and permanent damage it caused. The criminal actions of the defendants by extortion of doctors using real threats means they should be incarcerated awaiting trial. Who knows what scheme they will hatch in the wild against potential witnesses when the shzt comes down?

Having two brothers that are lawyers is no way to presume I know if this will fly. I am just going by facts presented in the myriad links about TOC RICO, and note the similarity since there is obvious major livelihood threatening extortion on an unprecedented scale in history, legal or otherwise. The money at stake is enormous which I know from loss prevention strategies from work. I don’t know who did their risk management, but they left them wide open to the largest prosecution potential judgement in history. To say it will be something they don’t want on their resume when it is all said and done is a laughable understatement to say the least. Lawyers aren’t God either, and in fact when I pointed out to a related niece with medical training that medical error was the third leading cause of death, she said “Who are you going to believe? Google?” Even after I pointed out it was a Johns Hopkins peer reviewed paper that was found, suffice to say that the Legal talent is not genetic. I expect similar futile debate from the defendants with hard jail time slap downs by the tribunal for so coldly and flippantly presuming idiocy.

The first connection is evidence of harassment for treating Lyme Disease by the Provincial Medical Associations. That is public record, or ought to be with a court order. In each case, they become Racketeers instantly. The goon tactics common to Racketeers are all there. At that point, surveillance and wiretaps are required to suck down insurance into the swirl. The undue influence is asserted by the Provincial Medical Associations but at gunpoint, but simply with the threat of banning the doctor from practice which is at their sole discretion as a governing body. First defence tactic will be to say it was for some other reason, then we counter by saying they are stalling, and given the nature of their outfit, adding to the mass murder indictment. Then we move to retain them in custody citing the flippant nature with which they dismiss murder charges.

Know your Enemy. I presume they would lawyer up with one of the Seven Sisters. While they are mostly business law, and this is arguably the most criminal case ever, exceeding the take on Vladimir Putin, it narrows it down to Stikeman, but it is technically International Business too which is Blakes specialty. The highest profile criminal cases in Canadian history have been handled by Osler. The Prime Target is the Canadian Medical Association. That’s the nicest looking mugshot lineup EVAH, but don’t let it fool you. Ralph Hawkins MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary, makes the sketch case against them. His first degree was in Law. Due to their huge racketeering gains they will lawyer up big time. The first move is to seize that entire funding pool as proceeds of extortion. We want them living in a dumpster or jail with a public defender. We weren’t the ones who extorted our mandatory membership base. Then we hire the freed up law firm they hired to take advantage of their knowledge of any novel devised defense strategies. Of course there is attorney client privilege, but that was before the shoe wound up on the other foot. The key organized crime is the threat of the right of doctors to practice old and new medicine recently proven to save lives. Lyme disease is the tip of that iceberg, linked to all the top killer diseases like thursposter-alz-worms-final-trichrome-2. Apple leaves get the unknown underlying nematodes out that actually prove it.








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