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Sun, Dec 4, 2016 – Defence Strategy

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We have the Medical Associations “Dead to rights” on RICO charges where their strategy will be to bargain or even claim Lyme Disease is not serious. Assuming they can’t use actual Mens Rea as a defence, in effect admitting their Criminal Thought leading to the easily provable Actus Reus, threatening doctors who treat Lyme Disease, we have them by the balls. Ideally, we want them to turn in the real perps forcing them to use their Medical Association power to extort doctors, 2014-ceoand that is the Insurance and Workers Compensation Outfits. “Gee, if only this doesn’t exist. Hey, I have an idea…”The Association Bylaws that all doctors are forced to abide by can also be dug up to use as evidence of Mens Rea by the Association. We want to get the money where it belongs. Health Care Goods, Services, and patients. Lawyers too, necessarily. While the picture just describes CEO compensation, you can imagine from that what the real money pit is worth,  and the loss they can prevent by using their bully pulpit to extort doctors to not treat certain instantly identifiable costly illness. There is also the game being played with high tech testing to exclude diagnosis of Lyme Disease, far more common than they are admitting. Mens Rea and Actus Reus again. Clearly, these are Rackets in the definition of the word. Specifically, where is the pass enacting them to conduct business as a Bona Fide Racket using extortion to commit major theft and undeniable injury/murder to the millions of plaintiffs?

Like most people, I thought that the doctors themselves were just being natural idiots. This is exactly what the Outfit wants us to think. They want the slaves to take the fall. Who can enslave doctors? Their Professional Associations, Insurance companies, and Lawyers. Cops are too chicken to touch that mess. That is exactly what the RICO Act and TOC Acts  were developed for. Criminal Organizations that operate with impunity above the Law. We can identify Actus Reus, Mens Rea, Causality, and Concurrence. We can identify financial gain by Racketeering to eliminate loss. It also is another bonus that apple leaves can make any idiot get these concepts by doubling their IQ in 3 Days. That spells disaster for lots of rackets like the Cancer Society and several non profit so called Charities. But we go for the big fish first when we’re looking to feed millions. Several loaves and fishes won’t do since we are not Jesus material, much to the protests of the perps, who will regularly cry “Jesus!” in our general direction, I surmise.

Where do we start? Round up plaintiffs? Organizations like CanLyme should already have a list. We need lawyers. Any lawyer defending himself has a fool for a client. The trouble is that we can demonstrate that virtually all the lawyers are clients with apple leaves. They will likely all have borrelia if they have ever been bitten by more than three arthropods. We’ll have to find the youngest lawyer possible to expediate an apple leaf, biofilm, and spirochaete sweep. Trust Me. I’m not a Doctor!™ so I am not beholden to the Outfit. I can engineer the nematodes packing the endosymbiont borrelia straight out of the nearest exits. I can dissolve the biofilm and whack the spirochaetes in situ. Of course, I will need you to agree to my lengthy legal boilerplate absolving me of any injury perceived or real from eating Apple Leaves. I haven’t had any, and in fact the opposite has happened, but that may be just me. Who knows? You could perceive I am actually an alien from Planet Claire wanting to kill you with apple leaves, go loopy, and jump off a speeding Plymouth Satellite on a bridge.

You may want to consider that while those vector injected worms drill out of you, those leaves will rebuild every single rebuild-able cell in your body. God only knows what that will do, but you may live forever or until you die in an accident. Don’t 2013-ceoblame me! Blame God, and see where that gets you. But I digress. The Crown tweaked the organized crime laws in Canada to deal with outlaw motorcycle gangs. I notice that some CEO’s of health insurance companies in the US made more compensation money after moving to the Canadian Organized Crime system. While that is by no means a metric to how corrupt this all is, it does show that they are in fact the biggest beneficiaries of alleged Affordable Care. Removing business also had the unintended consequence of removing any shred of prudent business law. These are the inherent checks and balances of a for profit system that kept it away from doing life in prison for racketeering. Because of that, this gets bigger than just the Great White North and extorted hoser doctors. The lure of White Coat Crime is lucrative to the max. The Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) component spreads as easily and fatally as the borrelia Lyme Disease back through worldwide channels. They just muscle the professional associations the same way. All the money gains are loss prevention not requiring any laundering.

You probably made the connection that borrelia itself is the pathogenic equivalent of organized crime. Spirochaetes are the thugs doing the dirty work reporting back to the nematode “kingpins” that have remained hidden for all history. All we see is fatal disease as the outcome for humans. Apple leaves slap the nematodes with a RICO indictment equivalent and they flee as all RICO perps do, becoming instant flight risks. Similarly, it almost makes no sense to catch them since the monetary gain they have booked is loss prevention, and all fire under the bridge, leaving us to clean up the biofilm mess of thugs they left. They have already ruined the doctors after decades of making them pull the wool over their own eyes, and some of the more idiotic will cling to the outdated criminal notions. They will have to be totally re educated. If they balk, let them rot in jail.

The more cash flow an insurance or workers compensation outfit has, the more potential loss prevention positive cash flow is available, obviously. The criminal idea is double negatives in the loss column. Expect more Mens Rea arguments from the defence, and be poised to take full advantage of them. Also point out that this squeaky clean money is the Holy Grail sought by Organized Crime. The Actus Reus is fraudulently obtained loss prevention, and doctors are easily extorted to provide buckets of it.

Our objective is to create an indefensible strategy. We have the Medical Associations threatening doctors for the benefit of the insurance outfits/rackets lessening their sizeable loss columns, creating laundered positive cash flow out of thin air. If that is not major $$$ crime, I don’t know what is. They use their power over doctors to do the equivalent of bank heists by extortion. Imagine a disease as deadly as cancer that drags on longer that insurance gets out of having to cover by getting doctors to stop treating or diagnosing it under threat of extorting their right to practice medicine. That is exactly what we have here.

The charges aren’t new, but the approach and Identified criminal acts are. The TOC Transnational Organized Crime angle is a doozy, but weak without money to be laundered. How do you link it across borders other than by the fact the same crime is being committed?





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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